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New processors from AMD

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 23 May 2006 23:40 User comments (23)

New processors from AMD AMD announced two new dual-core processors, Athlon 64 FX-62 and Athlon 64 X2 5000+, both based on the AMD's new socket AM2. These two processors will be the flag bearers of the new AM2 socket which will replace the socket 939. This new AM2 platform will feature improvements in memory support for up to DDR2-800 and new AMD Virtualization, technology which allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single system.
The Athlon 64 X2 processor line will be available for socket AM2 as well as the mainstream Sempron processors, which will be converted from socket 754 to this new platform. AMD has also released Athlon 64 X2 4000+ to fill out the AM2 lineup. The new processors are not pin-compatible with the socket 939 or other Athlon 64 sockets and therefore require an AM2-compatible motherboard.

The processors are already listed in an online store, but the high-end technology has a high-end price, the Athlon 64 FX-62 is sold for $1,031 and the cheaper Athlon 64 5000+ for "only" $682.


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23 user comments

124.5.2006 1:22

wow the technology never stops its amazing the advancements in the last couple years .maybe the FX-60 939 socket will come down in price when they release the FX-62 and i can buy one!!!

224.5.2006 4:46

I've been waiting desperately for the Pacifica virtualization to come out... This is a really big thing, allows for multiple server instances for example, such as a dedicated DB and webserver, running completely independant, so can reboot one and not the other, and portable images of operating system images... Might not sound great, but this is huge.

324.5.2006 11:28

I feel my socket 939 is outdated already.

424.5.2006 12:06

Can you be more specific what does so can reboot one and not the other, and portable images of operating system images.

524.5.2006 12:06

Does anyone know the processor speed of this new board is it over 4ghtz

624.5.2006 12:14

The socket 939 is still a great buy. The 64X2 3800 dual core is very good and this new processor will be very expensive.

724.5.2006 14:26

"Can you be more specific what does so can reboot one and not the other, and portable images of operating system images." Virtualization is fantastic and now that processors are being optimized for it, it will open a new revolution of computing. I have been testing some of our servers using VMWare and it will be awesome when we implement it this summer. Basically we have servers dedicated to apps that do not necessarily run all the time, but for some reason they need to be run independant from other applications. So we are basically wasting server power. With Virtualization I can take one server and run 2,3, 4 or more servers on one box. That way you only have one physical server, but the virutal servers all run independant of each other so no conflicts. I can have a Windows Server and a Linux server on the same box running at the same time. This can be taken to the desktop level so you can run multiple operating systems on one computer at the same time. No need to reboot to a boot menu and choose.

824.5.2006 14:29

wolf123: Virtualization at the moment relies on either having a modified OS running on top of another OS (Xen), or having an unmodified OS running in a fully virtual environment (Virtual PC). Both suffer from different penalties, Xen requires a modified system which is out of the league of most and doesn't have support for Windows but has low processor penalties (doesn't have to translate commands, it is already done in the kernel). Virtual PC suffers from having to intercept everything going on and make sure the virtual system isn't aware that it is virtual. That means a bigger MHz overhead, but easier for the user. What on-chip virtualization does is allow the user to pretty much divide the CPU into as many different cores it has, and each can perform pretty much independently. Xen is apparently going to be the next huge thing here, as it means that there is no longer a need to create a custom OS, it'll run out of the box. Have a read on the net about Pacifica or Xen for more info.

924.5.2006 22:22

all right a new amd great

1024.5.2006 23:08

AMD 80% of the market share Intel 20% and losing ground everyday , i would say Intel is in trouble

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1124.5.2006 23:45
1225.5.2006 11:10

Woooo they stepping up tha game agian. nice AMD very nice. Now all i have to do is wait till i can afford it. Oh yeah by then they'll have even newer better stuff.

1325.5.2006 13:42

Well I always had intel until one day someone started talking to me about AMD. They are as good or better then intel and a little cheaper, so I got a ADM put in my puter and I'm glad to say that it works very very good and now I'm a ADM freak lmao. I don't think all ever go back to intel. :O)

1425.5.2006 20:10

Wow back when i bought my old computer all the pc's were usng intel and very few amd now when i go to the store i start seeing amd and my cpu i am using right now is using a amd prossesor go AMD

1525.5.2006 20:16

yes go AMD kick intels ass,... =) keep up the good work AMD

1625.5.2006 20:18

dell bought alienware so they can now branch into the AMD market we shall call it,.... delleinware --from maximum pc--

1726.5.2006 15:06

w00t! Lol, it had to be said. The AM2 is no contender for Intel's next move, but it's a nice boost to AMD's rep at any rate.

1827.5.2006 10:37

@wolf123 the fx-62 runs at 2.8GHz while the 5000+ runs at 2.6GHz. The 5000+ is almost the same as the fx-60 but has a smaller cache size. If anyone wants more details about it read it at,1697,1966027,00.asp

1928.5.2006 4:00

How will Intel's Conroe stack up against the FX-62 and X2 and the AM2 socket/platform?

2028.5.2006 14:07

Much though it pains me to say it, Conroe will slaughter AM2 because it's very little different to AM1 or 939. AM3 will be intel's real challenge, but by then they may have improved upon Conroe. I'm wondering how long it'll be before Woodcrest or a variant of it makes desktops. 4 cores, and some server boards support two of them. Eight cores. Given a 2.66Ghz Conroe is a match for a 2.6Ghz FX-60, CPU tech is starting to move again.

2130.5.2006 9:45

no comment its actually slowwer then i was thinking it would be

224.6.2006 6:49

I just bought an AMD socket 939 64X2 3800 Dual Core running at 2.1Ghz and it kicks the crap out of my Intel 3.6Ghz. So you cannot compare AMD and Intel using a Mhz comparison.

234.6.2006 7:05

No indeed you can't. The focus has drifted from actual mhz to structure efficiency. The AMD low frequency, high effiency route is what has given them the performance edge for the past 2 years or so.

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