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AACS LA chooses Macrovision to plug analog hole

Written by James Delahunty @ 27 May 2006 7:13 User comments (13)

AACS LA chooses Macrovision to plug analog hole The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) has chosen Macrovision's Analog Content Protection (ACP) technology to plug the analog hole on the next generation of optical disc including HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. This announcement expands Macrovision's leadership in content protection for entertainment content to next-generation, high-definition media formats. Macrovision's ACP will be included in the latest AACS LA protection specification release, the Advanced Access Content System (AACS).
"The goal of AACS LA is to develop, promote and license technology that will enhance the digital entertainment experience," said Michael B. Ayers, spokesperson for AACS LA. "Macrovision's ACP enables content providers, content aggregators, and device manufacturers to provide quality content for their consumers as next-generation technology such as HDTV gain market adoption." ACP is included on over 4.5 billion DVDs for Hollywood and other rights owners since the format's introduction.

"As next-generation optical disc formats enter the market, it is critical that that the industry be prepared to implement real-world technological strategies and standards that will create a better consumer experience while also addressing vital piracy issues," said Fred Amoroso, President & CEO of Macrovision. "We are committed to working with the AACS to help prepare the industry for the transition to next-generation optical discs, and are eager to contribute to the industry-wide conversation and collaboration to allow consumers, manufacturers and content providers to reap the benefits of these emerging formats."

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13 user comments

127.5.2006 08:22

Macrovision..LOL these guys bums..

227.5.2006 10:10

More dumb copyright protections that cost both the consumers and the Companies money, but will be beaten by the time these discs launch. Stupid companies will never learn, in my opinion they deserve what ever it costs them, but knowing them they will past most (if not all) of the cost onto the consumer.

327.5.2006 12:08

Macrovision lol, easily bypassed. Why bother.

427.5.2006 12:34

Ha,Ha,Ha.....Macro What? SlySoft is ready for whatever these guys & others can throw at them.

527.5.2006 13:22

Wouldn't it be funny if down the road we find out that Macrovision and Slysoft were all interconnected and they were getting the money on the front end and on the back end!

627.5.2006 14:21

At first I thought this must be some new technology, but this press release implies that it's just the same Macrovision that's already on DVDs. So whatever will filter it out now will still work on the new discs.

727.5.2006 14:23

Oh no! Not MACROVISION!!! Every time they develop a new technology, unauthorized copying completely halts forever! Yep, you heard me.

827.5.2006 14:40

Macrovision is nothing new, so at least there's one protection that's cracked before it comes out on the new formats ^_^

927.5.2006 15:57

Again, why bother, they should just call themselves heyigotacheckinthebankbutourcopyprotectionisalreadycompromised Inc. lol.

1028.5.2006 03:43

LOL and I bet someone from the company read that and is seriously thinking about bringing it to the Boss' attention haha.

1128.5.2006 10:35

I thought that they would forbit selling empty discs. But they will never know... Still burning money by making lawyers more rich and hitrch profets as well. The only genuine solution is: If there no space for profit the piracy will vanish. Keep lower prices and not shoot your pants. One way or the other the extra money you' re aiming to they will not gone to park in your pockets!

1229.5.2006 12:35

Macrovision HA!

1322.1.2007 14:46

lol, Macrovision is a joke! Why waste our time its bound to be cracked as soon as it releases or even before.

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