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CBS adds primetime lineup to iTunes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2006 7:38 User comments (3)

CBS adds primetime lineup to iTunes CBS has added some of its primetime TV shows to the iTunes store. The new shows include Survivor, Numb3rs, NCIS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY and CSI: Miami. As usual with iTunes, shows will be available the day after they air for $1.99. The last seasons are also available. The entire season of survivor can be bought for $25.87, Numb3rs for $39.99 and CSI and CSI: NY for $44.99.
These latest additions bring the total number of TV series being offered by iTunes over the 100 mark. "iTunes has proven that people enjoy viewing shows on their computer or iPod, which provides an opportunity to reach new audiences with our hit shows and gives our existing viewers a chance to catch up on missed episodes," Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media, said in a statement.

Back in February, CBS added content from its Showtime channel to iTunes. This content included the first seasons of three TV series; Weeds, Sleeper Cell and Fat Actress. Later in March, Apple struck a deal with CBS Sports to offer NCAA basketball coverage through the iTunes.

Apple claims that iTunes has now sold over 30 million videos, quickly becoming the world's largest online video store.


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3 user comments

110.6.2006 18:01

yeah, finally about time.. I have been waiting for years for this. <----------all sarcasm! Seriously, I could care less, they are just looking for more ways to make money, and this is one of them. Entire seasons can be bought, honestly is anyone going to do this? I hope that I am not putting anyone down. I just personally don't see a point. I prefer watching TV on "TV". The only benefit I see to this is if perhaps you are in an airport or waiting for something for a long time, but you would need to be by yourself, if you were sitting next to me waiting for something and watching your ipod then I would seriously be very angry. That is all.

210.6.2006 22:38

Well I for one am ALL FOR a Video on Demand Download/Purchase service.... unfortunately one riddled with DRM, Compression and being sold at the same price or MORE as the actual DVD's of the same shows.... IS NOT IT! I mean come one people... $44.05 for a season of CSI NY which sells on Amazon for about $5 more. And I can take the origional DVD's and watch them on laptops, or do my own compression and watch them on an iPOd or competitor.. as well as maintaing the origional DVD for home enjoyment and better quality all around! Of course I guess unlike most of the Sheep and Cattle that pay for this iTunes CRAP I actually possess the ABILITY TO THINK! They should be offering the 'season pass' from iTunes and then when the Season DVDs release GIVE THEM TO THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBED FOR FREE! This Eliminates those sharers who settle for crappy quality and rewards the paying customer by eventually replacing the crappy download with the actual DVD set. Of course this will never happen as long as there is $$ to bleed the consumer of.

312.6.2006 7:15

I'll just keep on setting my DVD recorder to record my favorite programs. It works great and there are no problems!!!

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