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PS3 to be free online... maybe

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Jun 2006 7:01 User comments (71)

PS3 to be free online... maybe A recent interview with Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi alludes to the fact that Sony will not charge users for connecting to the PS3 online service. He stated that Sony's current business model will rely on downloadable content as the bread and butter while basic service should remain free.
"You can't charge money for network matching and other basic services. These things are just taken for granted on the PC." Mr. Kutaragi was noted for saying, while reaffirming that Sony' online presence will be a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike Microsoft with their Xbox Live yearly subscription, Sony feels that people should pay for what they want and not be forced to pay a fee, just to connect.

Sony also hinted at the ability to use it's Cell processor in a multi-tiered environment thereby using the collective processing power of all the PS3s connected to their server as the power behind their conceived cyber-world.

According to Kutaragi, Sony will have network services available from launch day and has stated that digital storage and streaming will be a product to come. He hopes this move may eventually get rid of the need for optical drives, allowing the user to store content on an off-site server farm, gaining access whenever they connect. "If you have all the data on servers, you probably no longer need disk drives... But to do this, the server is crucial. It's a difficult problem," said Kutaragi.

An interesting alternative to these claims, however, comes from Sony's Public Relations department in which they were quoted in saying that Sony has yet to release a pricing scheme for online services.


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71 user comments

113.6.2006 7:08

Mmmm... Sounds like something that will enhance my chances of buying this piece of trash. Take away the DRM and you got yourselves a deal!

213.6.2006 7:39

Lies, all LIES! Sony is not going to just pass up the chance to make money. This is all propaganda so people will be hesitant to purchase a 360, rather wait until the PS3 come out. Then get the rude awakening of "OH, now our business model suggests we will require a "service fee" to maintain and build a better service. They are behind the 8-ball on this topic vs. Microsoft and will say/do anything the opposite of Microsoft....then they will follow suit when it comes to brass tacks. Remember when Microsoft was "confusing" the public releasing two versions of the 360? Sony said directly they would not do this....but what is the real truth! Sony = Con Artists

313.6.2006 7:40

If it can go online for free, I'll buy it.

413.6.2006 7:56

its free to play ps2 online so they would have a cheek to charge for ps3 to play online

513.6.2006 8:18

There is no way i would pay for any online service after paying 600+ for the damn system.

613.6.2006 9:28

lets just wait and see until opening day.

713.6.2006 9:34

I assume that it would be a bad part on Sony's move to expect people to pay for there online service after purchasing there system for $600. Mind you, even if they do decide to charge a fee like Microsoft I still think they PS3 will sell ridiculously.

Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint,Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice :P

813.6.2006 11:09

yeah, having to pay for basic online service would be a bad thing on Sony's part. What if they decided to do that whole game licensing thing where you buy the game but don't have the ability to sell it back or trade with your friends, or worse, even lock it into the first PS3 console it plays? Pay 600 bucks, pay a monthly online fee, pay 60-70( or so) dollars for a game you can't sell back, not have the ability to buy cheaper games secondhand...these are the things that will kill the PS3.

913.6.2006 12:40

yeah right who do they thing there are kidding? Sony might not charge,All I know is final fantasy people are going to want to charge.along with some other game makers. I dont think I will get one till there done with the last model, It took 12-13 differnt models till they got the Ps2 right. You no there going to rush things towards the end for the x-max season they allways do. In_chains said I still think they PS3 will sell ridiculously. Yeah it will just like everything else No matter if its good or Bad people buy anything.(If they have alot of money) Most of the people that will be geting this dont deserve it!! I hope it crashes on all the little silver spoon feed kids. I work on 200,000+ doller homes(concrete work) you should see the crap the parents buy there kids just to shut them up. It must be nice, most these people got there homes buy sueing people. Theres so many/to many people in the world sony will make money no matter what.

1013.6.2006 12:56

I beleive sony made a annocement that they will have "Free" and Paid for online servicies,altho I have not heard anythign more than that,it will be more or less like with the 360 altho at the price of the PS3 you better damn well get your frist year of premium free ><

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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1113.6.2006 14:36

Screw online play. Id rather play a game with a friend of mine next to me than some foul mouthed 12 year old who thinks street fighter 2 sucks. I hope the ps3 flops. i hope its the next 3do. How dare sony force a silly format war and charge $600 for a friggin' video game system. Thats insane.

1213.6.2006 14:36

<img></img> i love this ps3 controller, notice anything?

1313.6.2006 14:38

1413.6.2006 14:54

That's funny!

1513.6.2006 15:40

limelight you do konw the PS2 was 500 when it came out? punx777 that its a rumbleless PS2 pad with a dimly thought out mostion scensor? I understand the swooped/longer beta PS3 pad the longer sides ment it could do rumble and do mostion scenceing.

1613.6.2006 15:53

ummm... testing, 1,2,3... ive posted replies to two news articles and neither have shown up, or showed up but then disappeared... as i stated... i dont care if online is free, its still not worth the 600 for the system.

1713.6.2006 15:58

kaosX and the 360 is worth 400? bah!

1813.6.2006 17:08

totally. i think its a sweet system... when some more titles come out, well worth the 400.

1913.6.2006 19:11

Sony is full of crap just like microsoft. All you sony fanboys better buy a big bottle of lube so when you get screwed it won't hurt so bad. Learn from the Xbox Fanboys.

2013.6.2006 20:00

It better be free, hell the thing should also cook and clean for 600 dollars.

2113.6.2006 20:08

ZIppyDSM you do konw the PS2 was 500 when it came out? I think you got well and truly ripped off when you bought your PS2 then. The PS2 launchprice was $299.99.

2213.6.2006 20:30

I was wondering when someone was going to respond to that one. LOL.... My ps2 was $299.99 also when the system was first released. Possibly he was meaning in another currency besides US dollars. As most can tell you, I am a ps supporter from past post but i do still like to keep it real. I think the least sony can do is have free online with that $599 price. I honestly would love to get a ps3. The price really is not a problem financial wise. I just think its better not to jump in the waters first before sony can show me it is not shark infested. I am sure ps3 will still have a solid lineup of games as in past systems but still there is some doubt. I am not too proud to admit to being wrong if the xbox 360 happens to blow the ps3 out of the water with graphics and games. Anything is possible so lets keep an open mind. Just gonna wait till the ps3 proves itself to see if the hype is gonna be lived up to by sony and the ps3. Kinda like when nonbelievers said Carmello anthony was a better player than Lebron James and Lebron was just overhyped. Lebron proved to the world he is the better of the two ball players. I just hope that sony and the ps3 can do the same again this time around

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2313.6.2006 20:37

"you do konw the PS2 was 500 when it came out? I think you got well and truly ripped off when you bought your PS2 then. The PS2 launchprice was $299.99." not sure if he meant it this way or not, but he maybe partially right. figure 300 bucks back in 2000, and what would that equate to today??? kinda like $100k so many years ago would equal say $500k today.

2413.6.2006 21:41

Ok this has always been a Sony strong point, except for the FF games theres been some stupid little 50 cent fee that someone will pay for if you let them send you junk e-mail (just create an e-mail for that)... Ok now for some math... The average life of a console is about 5-7 years right? If not more. so $50 (the xbox live cost) times 5 (we'll make it not seem sooo bad)...thats $250 Hey look boys and well boys, we have $650 for that 360 (dont tell me you wont play online, the flagship HALO thrives on online play). Now I've seen nice things on the 360, and im not trying to down it at all (I plan to buy one soon), but PS3 is just dropping that combination of jabs to knock the 360 out. I like the whole idea of outside servers, but thats a dream for now, theres simply not enough memory YET. Just so all the 360 Fanboys dont attack me, here are the criticisms of PS3....TALK About thiefs!!! Sony has stolen all of Nintendo Wii's concepts, those evil evil people... ok thats enough of that... For those big time critics, You're only mad because (a) You cant afford a PS3, perfectly fine reason to be mad, but be patient, eventually you can grab one at the local Pancho's Giveaway or (b) You're a complete 360fanboy and wont deal with the idea that the 360 will be in second place for another generation of consoles. Bottom Line, why not buy all three,can't afford it? Buy the one you want, if it will make you happy, thats what matters, not that you were screwed out of a system, doesn't affect you unless you buy it.

2513.6.2006 22:13

Ankoku Uummmm the mostion secening thign has been around for years ,Sony didnt even try to rip it off the Wii they ripped it off the Game Boy (tilt and paly anyone?) *L* The price of the PS3 is insane and keeping me from buyign ti,but I can say the same aobut the 360 so meh ,the 360 is still wonky with games I dont ahve intrest in,the P3s has a 50/50 chance of doing right but I am more inrested in its lauch and the months after it than the games at this point 0-o

2614.6.2006 4:50

@ Ankoku 1. I really dont see the sense in people saying one company stole anothers idea. Is not that what a patent and copywrights are for????????? 2. Most people will find a way to get a $599 video game system if that is what they want. Kids are going to nag the hell out of parents and some adults will work longer hours if neccessary. I myself can work a few hours of overtime and pay for all 3 systems in one weeks paycheck if that is what i wanted to spend my money on that is. The point is not everyone wants to buy all 3 systems. To me if a system actually has enough elite games and series, those that everyone agrees are top of the line, you really dont have time to play them all for each system. That is unless each console only releases 2 or 3 great games at a time. PS has always had so may great series and titles that i could always find something to play without being bored. Halo series was the big talk for xbox and i played it for a entire day and it didnot appeal to me so i didnot have a reason to buy a xbox. Check out this link for some opinions on great games for the ps2. It is really about what games appeal most to an idividual and which system has them and which system doesnot have them.

2714.6.2006 7:35

LOL zippydsm and lxhotboy, you guys crack me up, I meant that more as sarcasm than anything else, although I do think Sony is trying to bundle everything up, I agree lxhotboy that people will go with games they are accustomed to and that they will enjoy, I myself am working overtime over the next few months to put the money together to buy all 3 systems plus the hd tv, but yea, people get crazy over this stuff, all three companies will sell well and we'll continue to have next generation consoles, I just hope Nintendo can hang,they have the funnest games (being that females like my girlfriend will actually play Mario party and mario kart) Anyways, I applaude Sony for really attempting to offer the most for the money, Nintendo for going with a brand new concept and Microsoft for just being brave enough to jump out into the market first.

2814.6.2006 9:04

Free cost = Worse online Even though you pay for 360's online you get better online... you get what you pay for, if sony's online service is going to be free how are they going to get the money to make online more enjoyable than 360's, its only going to be more enjoyable for your pocket...

2914.6.2006 10:45

Ankoku :P

3014.6.2006 11:12

Rixter V6, I agree that Sony PS2 online isn't exactly the best thing avaiable, and no where near Xbox Live capabilities, but the rumors that have been spreading about the PS3 online network show some promise, as well as the fact that good ol Kutaragi seems gungho about catching up with XBOX live so I think we might get a quality online network with PS3, maybe not as good as xbox live, but definitely way better than the past. As far as cost, well you are paying $600 for the darn thing, plus Sony is probably getting a slightly larger cut of profits from games that will use online play, I know some people will be pessimistic, but Im a little hopeful, I think the biggest problem most people have is the price, but hey, you have to think that you're already paying upwards of $1500 for the hd tv to fully utilize the 360 or the PS3 (Yay go Nintendo for sticking back with the old, I like that) so you might as well throw a little in for the system you want.

3114.6.2006 12:10

<quote>NINVIN21</> I live in florida, 200,000+ are the least expensive homes here :(

3214.6.2006 13:14

lol Munx, you have a good point, I think a little house (2bed 1 bath) costs something like 300,000-400,000 and thats in the suburbs here in Los Angeles, luckily, my family has had our house for quite a while, although I am dreading the point when I have to move out (Im 19 so I plan to do that soon)

3314.6.2006 13:38

Let's talk about facts here: -Sony's console is over 600$ with tax. Personally, the price is very unappealing, and it's safe to assume, that they are targeting Sony's fanboys, and middle class and up for this range of pricing. -There are no guarantees that the Sony PS3 will meet all expectations, be fully functional, and not be returned for faulty hardware. -Why should there be a fee for network gaming much like Xbox360 or PS3. Unless it's World of Warcraft we are talking about, I don't understand why they should charge a fee. -I don't like the controller's, I don't like what the Sony looks like, and I don't like their prices either. In conclusion, Sony has much to offer, unfortunately for a high price and they seem somewhat disorganized, or rushing for the release of their product. Ever get a haircut when a hairdresser rushes, it falls short of any of your expectations. The same goes for Sony no less.

3414.6.2006 13:51

Well Hot-Ice, I can see where you are coming from, because all new technology will have bugs, no matter what, but thats the chance you take...obviously sony is aiming for the middle to upper class, lower income people shouldn't really be worrying about high definition tvs or video game consoles...Im guessing that you are the practical person who uses their computer for gaming as well, being that the 360 controller is very much like the playstation controller, I still think the PS3 will impress upon its release, just like Fight Night impressed with its release on the 360.

3514.6.2006 14:04

Very good points hot_ice. I have a feeling that sony is only talking about a free service like xbox live sliver. I am sure that they will charge for game play. It takes a lot of servers and man power to run a gaming service. I am going to wait on the PS3. I have all the current gen systems and I got the 360 but $600 for just a system is alot. After 1 game and extra controller we're talking over $750.00.(i included sales tax) For that you could get a 360 and a WII with games!!!!

3614.6.2006 14:37

As the old saying get what you pay for. Don't expect to much from Sony for free on this one. You can believe the premium services will NOT be free. Personally, I could care less about online game play... free or not, but that is just my opinion. Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one.

3714.6.2006 15:01

RixterV6 I totally agree with you. You get what you pay for. That's exactly why I'm gonna wait for the PS3. Obivously PS3 has more to offer, therefore it'll cost more. Just remember PS3 will come preinstalled with Linux , BRD, and the Cell. Imagine in 3 to 5 years from now, games exceeds to 40 or 50 gigs(maybe instance 3D gaming), what will 360 do than? Sony's future looks bright, while 360 will be playing catch up again.

3814.6.2006 15:36

in 3-5 years there will be new systems the xbox was first released in november of 2001 and x-box 360 was released 4 years later in november of 2005. the companies are going to create newer and better systems through the years. another thing, while the motion sensing is not copyrited, nintendo did have the idea out before sony plus its based on nintendos new system

3914.6.2006 15:45

ps3 is kinda expensive but if u got money, its all good. the ps2 was 500 when it came out cause my friend bought two of them. however, a week after releasing it, they put the price down to 300 bucks. hopefully it will be the same with ps3. i think the best thing to do is buy two of them with your parents' money. sell the second on ebay and pay your parents back. hey, you might even have some money left over for yourself. anyways, im sure sony is making the internet for a good reason. that reason is competition. more people will use the ps3. hopefully i can connect my cable modem to the ps3 and have super fast internet.

4014.6.2006 16:50

lol yes, i remember my ps3 being 300 but not 500, whered ya see that at? mine was the one in a gta box

4114.6.2006 17:38

You get what you pay for.

4214.6.2006 19:20

@firewind Don't be so sure that a new console will pop up so quick. Lately the trend has always been computer technology that video game technology has been trying to catch up to. Now with the advent of the new generation vg tech is catching up to where computing tech is today. There's also the fact that there has been a slow down in the comp tech industry. We're not seeing the leaps and bounds we used to see from the 90s on. The life expectantcy of the PS3 might be have to be a lot longer if Sony threw all their eggs into one basket. If it works out like the PS1 then they have nothing to worry about. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 or 360 had a shelf life like 6-8 years instead of the usual 4-5. That is of course we find some awesome alien technology from Roswell or some other crap like that.

4314.6.2006 19:50

If everybody's smart they will wait until the "Fanboys" have had a chance to give the new system a good workout and find all the problems then, when they get fixed, consider buying the system. This one I'll hold off on for a while.

4414.6.2006 19:53

If everybody's smart they will wait until the "Fanboys" have had a chance to give the new system a good workout and find all the problems then, when they get fixed, consider buying the system. This one I'll hold off on for a while.

4514.6.2006 19:55

Sorry for the double post-damn laptop!!!

4614.6.2006 20:12

flyingv Ya let the fanboys have thier wet way with it LOL but turely this is a monster if you cant handle a loss of a grand then dont bother with it ^^ I built my frist PS2 for 300,it could read RW dices,but after it got knocked on the floor it ddnt want to work broke down and bouth a rebuilt V7 for 150,I have enough parts to fix it,also fixed a friends PS2 the lens couldnt read DVDs so I ploped one of my extras in it think it was a new one *L* right now tho the PS3 is a mosnter and soemthign to eep an eye on but I dun want to fool with it I'd rather go after a Xbox (not 360)

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4714.6.2006 20:58

Everyone saying that the ps3 is more expensive than the xbox... It's 599 with the blu ray player. If you have an xbox, you are going to have to pay at least another 200 for an HD-DVD drive. That means your paying a hundred more than the PS3...if...they only charge 200 for the drive. P.S. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Unreal Tournament, and Final Fantasy. (to name a few)

4814.6.2006 21:41

Will this thread only be complete when every last Xbox fanboy chimes in with "you get what you pay for" and calls those who will buy the PS3 "fanboys?" Come on, get cracking, Xbox fanboys, there are still one or two of you out there who haven't said "you get what you pay for."

4914.6.2006 22:35

deedeebee I am not a 360 fan but you do get everythign you pay for in a sence its a desently built system with good online paly however the games are simpley not there yet for me.... hot_ice Uumm the PS2 pad is the best game pad made yet ,even the Xbox took its basic layout and sued it for the 360. The PS3 pad is the normal PS2 pad with a simple motion sensor replaceing the Rumble feature,its a sad atemped to catch up......

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Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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5015.6.2006 1:38

LOL... man we got some confused ones here. If people are going to keep saying the ps2 launched at $500 at least tell what country and currency you are talking about. If someone payed $500 here in the US then you got screwed and they didnot even bother to use a lubricant while doing it. As for the ps2 pad. Why redesign the entire pad? Most people love the ps2 controller so why make a entire new pad just b.c you have a new system. I was always told if it aint broke then dont fix it.

5115.6.2006 2:57

well my friend bought his for 500 the day it was released. the next day it went down to i believe 300 bucks. and i am talking about US currency and that was purchased from toysrus. i dont really care thought cause i bought the second one off of him a month later for like 150. hahaha

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5215.6.2006 7:53

Well it sounds like you got a deal but your friend got really screwed!!! Listen to ZIppyDSM, he's been around and knows what he's talking about.

"...Just another brick in the wall" -Pink Floyd.
Please, don't become another "Brick!!!"
You have a brain, use it!!!

5315.6.2006 10:10

saadfozi "well my friend bought his for 500 the day it was released. the next day it went down to i believe 300 bucks" You're mate is either lying to you or he's managed to get himself so ripped off it's laughable. The PS2 was $299.99 on release day, it wasn't $500. No company in their right mind would release something for $500 one day then the nextday drop the price by $200. It would be PR suicide. Oh, and if you're mate is still around tell him i've got a SNES I can sell him for $1000, it's a bargain I tell you.

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5415.6.2006 10:42

lxhotboy the trouble with that they didnt redesign the PS3 pad they hacked soemthign togather *L* flyingv dun hold me to my word I have been knowen to be wrong :P saadfozi sony did try to relase that DVR version fo the PSX or was it PS2 for 800? *L* 0_o ---------- This was buging me so I did some more reasearch I guess your right it started at 299 then went down to 250 and stayed there for a year or so then down to 200 and stayed there for another year or so. Mmm it seems the Xbox was 300 as well but why do I remember it at 350? 0-o maby it was with a game bundle? 0-o ah well my brain is crusty >< LOL I guess I was rright to go with my gut...the price stinks and theres no getting around that they have bitten off more than they can chew and I dout the fan boys will come to there resuce perfetly,that siad I dont see it dropping more than 100 by next Xmas....oh well all we poor gamers cna do is watch and complain :P To this date I have spent about 400 od PS2 aprts and such and thats jsut tog et the damn thign working *L*you can add another 200 just for games and accserries alone L*

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5515.6.2006 11:42

Well anyways, I don't like this new trend of paying over 500$ for a gaming console, and then, slowly getting more revenue with online gameplay and etc. Therefore, it's much more than 500-600-700$, and they've already snared Sony Fanboys with their pricing scheme...

5615.6.2006 13:16

lmfao, but he says he already got an snes ;) anyways it turns out it was a bundle pack. i forgot to mention that.

5715.6.2006 18:02

I don't care if it will be free or not. I'm in to buy one!

5815.6.2006 18:35

My local game shop (eb-games) Is not takeing any more Thats crazy most the people are poor were I live, well just wanted to say you better put your order in cause there going fast.

5915.6.2006 21:11

@ZIppyDSM Oh i wasnot saying they redesigned the ps3 controller. Some people are complaing b.c it is basically the same pad again. I dont want them to change the controller basic design at all. Like it the way it is.

6016.6.2006 18:32

lxhotboy I look at the beta design and could it as being complete,forget the vibrator jokes,the new PS3 pad its a sad tilt and paly clone of its former self in most ways .... 0_o

6117.6.2006 5:07

lol... i know this may sound stupid but is the new ps3 controller the one in the picture next to the ps3? if it is i dont really mind it because it is just like the old controller and that was pretty comfortable

6217.6.2006 5:17

saadfozi the New PS3 pad is liek your avrage PS2 pad but without the rumble feautre they put the tilt and paly thing in *basic mosion senceing*

6317.6.2006 5:31

Unlike Microsoft with their Xbox Live yearly subscription, Sony feels that people should pay for what they want and not be forced to pay a fee, just to connect.
I toatlly agree with this statment. Noe if only PC services would be like that.

6417.6.2006 5:51

o man that is pretty lame. i always loved the rumbling feature in the ps2 controller but im sure the motion sensor isnt gonna be all that bad. the only reason i liked the rumble was because it got me into the game and motion sensors bring the intensity of the game to the next level

6517.6.2006 7:44

The problem with this whole PS3 online thing is that Sony are being as vague as possible when releasing news about it. For me, if it was going to be totally free then they'd be out there making a big deal about it and telling everyone. As it would be a big selling point for the PS3. But instead they're making the odd vague comment but not really telling us anything. For my money it'll turn out the same as Xbox Live. There'll be the basic level which will be free but you'll not be able to do much. Then there'll be the premium service which you pay for that lets you play games, etc. Sony seem to be trying to see how badly they can make the launch of the PS3. You've got the ridiculous price, the non-information about the online service, the hyped graphics being no better than stuff on the 360, the piss poor Wii motion sensor ripoff, head people in the company basically saying that PS fans are sheep who'll buy anything with the PS name. It just baffles me that a company with so much riding on this console seem to be making such a hash of things.

6617.6.2006 7:47

SanStarko as greedy as sony is? no way in hell its going to be free,thier goign to have basic and premium like the 360. THe PS3 has missed on so many points Price Motion senceing 2 oddly hashed togather versions It almsot makes the Hardware issues of the 360 look like nothing. the frist year for the PS3 is going to be imporant its then and only then will they start dealing with any and all issues that come up.....until then only god knows and hes to beusy playing a Wii 0-o LOL

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6717.6.2006 8:07

ZIppyDSM said: "SanStarko as greedy as sony is? no way in hell its going to be free,thier goign to have basic and premium like the 360" Erm...that's what I said. :)

6817.6.2006 12:11

Pff the PS3, now they are around the 1000$ dollars range, when did that happen? Now, they will charge us for online play! Pff! Funnnyyyyyyy....

6917.6.2006 13:08

SanStarko said The problem with this whole PS3 online thing is that Sony are being as vague as possible when releasing news about it. Yeah thats because there scared x-box is going to sue them. PS3 online is going to be just like x-box live Except x-box wants 50$ a year for the service. Sony Bites Microsoft Juan Castro Thu Jun 1, 8:00 PM Microsoft's Chris Lewis believes Sony has ripped off Microsoft's Xbox Live service, according to a recent interview on Eurogamer. This comes after Sony's E3 press conference, where Sony bigwigs stated their upcoming online strategy would be essential to the PS3. "I'm flattered that they've followed our clear direction," Lewis told UK site Eurogamer. "Plagiarism is a good thing - that in itself isn't such a problem, it's what the market wants. But we've known that's what the market wanted all along." According to Sony, its online service will be free of charge to consumers, where as Microsoft charges 50 dollars for a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live. Still, Microsoft isn't sold on Sony's promise. Interestingly, Lewis admits he doesn't really know what Sony's online service will offer consumers. "I think the service is still hazy in my view in terms of how it's really going to work for the consumer," he said. "How the pricing is going to work still to me seems very unclear." Look for Sony to release more information on its online service in coming months.

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7017.6.2006 14:04

NINVIN21 I wouldnt call it a rip off unless they manage to caputre the esscnse of Live,like I dont call the motion senceing a rip off of the Wii its more a rip off of the Game boys tilt and paly.....LOL

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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7119.6.2006 3:41

Unless microsoft put a patent on their online services i dont think sony is worrying about a law suit.

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