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Omisys releases WiFi DVD player

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Jun 2006 9:05 User comments (17)

Omisys releases WiFi DVD player Looking to set the DVD player market on it's ear, manufacturer Omisys just released one of the most versatile DVD players on the market today.
Forget about HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, next-gen and all those other buzzwords. What Omisys wants to do is make the way you currently use digital media a whole lot easier. With the release of the PN-210V WiFi DVD player, they take multimedia to another level.

Not just content with bringing consumers a DVD player that plays DVD, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, CD, MP3, WMA and Ogg, they have also included an 802.11b/g wireless card inside the DVD player to interact with your home network so media files can be imported directly onto the drive and played on your television of choice. Additional features include Ethernet ports and a port for accessing USB mass storage devices to ease your media delivery.

That's just the tip of the iceberg however as this player also supports full 1080p resolution with decoding capabilities for WMV9 and MPEG videos. Round off the package with DVI, component, coaxial, optical digital audio outputs and throw in the ability for online radio, news and search for good measure. This player seems it might just about have everything a mediaphile might need to get their home entertainment network sorted out.

No price released just yet.


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17 user comments

113.6.2006 9:12

Thats really cool. The only problem is with a xbox you can do almost all of thoughs things. With exception to all the different kindas of outputs that dvd player offers.

213.6.2006 9:37

That is great, fantastic and more, however I will only ask 1 question. Where is the price to this wonder, as it wasn't mentioned. Hmmmm.

313.6.2006 11:38

im sure this will cost alot plus it will still not play dvd's at 1080p. maybe upscaling but thats not as good.

413.6.2006 11:40

it also seems like a ps3 sans the bluray and gaming and inter-system connectivity for webcam and chat

513.6.2006 13:00

LOL. Where the hell have you guys been. There have been other players out for years that do the exact same thing. IOData, Snazio, Dlink just to name a few. Way to keep up with the times. lol

613.6.2006 13:14

Seems cool, whatever the price, I WILL BUY IT!

713.6.2006 13:51

yeah my xbox does most if not more.

813.6.2006 15:48 319 euros ,216 pounds,around 400 once you add shiping and and such its a good idea to bad the mainstream hardware devs are more worried about DRM and locking content and gettign roylistes.....

915.6.2006 3:29

yeah my xbox does most if not more.
oh, i didn't realize xbox can connect wirelessly to tv's, play divx/xvid, and can receive online radio. You xbox homers are retarded.

1015.6.2006 10:24

tetrakis with all the modding crap and Aplication Programs(play mp3s,divix,XviD,ect,ect,ect) Xbox has it can do most of it but netradio,TV and wireless,plus it has great emluation programs and you can run Neo geo,SNES and other stuff on it.So it can do most of it.

1115.6.2006 16:12

ZIppyDSM You can get online Radio with your xbox and also the wireless network adapter is there too. tetrakis The dvd doesn't say you can connect wirelessly to you T.V. It says it can connect to your wireless network. I think even if you add in the cost to get your Xbox to do thoughs things this DVD player can do. Its still way cheaper to do it the xbox way. Not to mention ZippyDSM's points you still have all the roms and a xbox all in one device.

1216.6.2006 18:28

h5c4k1r I am not fully up to date on what the Xbox can do just yet *L*

1316.6.2006 19:03

ZIppyDSM Thats alright we all have are areas of interest my are in the xbox and everything that goes with it.

1417.6.2006 14:07

So now there's ANOTHER device that re-broadcasts copyrighted content without paying royalties to RIAA or MPAA... Hmmm... I wonder how many more seconds it will take for this manufacturer to get sued. If they DON'T get sued, why would I get sued for uploading movies, music, or games to an unregulated unsecure (i.e., public) network???

1517.6.2006 14:14

Steve83 the diffreance is public and private.

1618.6.2006 5:15

This technonlgy is old hat, iv seen players like this for must be over a year now. One here for only 132, one above is well over priced.

1719.6.2006 13:02

tetrakis my friend, you r a fool. xbox's can do all that stuff, they rock so much. The possibilities with xbox's r endless, all the time there is better software coming out for them, they r a complete all in one entertainment center, playing ANY video format (with the right codecs installed), emulating most classic game machines flawlessly, great games to play, a web browser (making it your online radio), dvd player, music station, and to get the outputs all ya need is a good scart/svhs lead with digital optical out. All my games play fantastic thru the DTS amp, so much fun gunning someone down when it makes the floor rumble. :-) OH, and if u r lucky enough to own a NTSC xbox they have HD output anyway. Cheers Bill

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