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Nintendo Wii could launch in US by October

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Jul 2006 17:21 User comments (29)

Nintendo Wii could launch in US by October Gaming Industry insiders and observers are saying they expect Nintendo's next generation Wii console to hit shelves in the U.S. by October, or possibly late September. According to an analyst's note from P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research on June 21st, Nintendo appears to be already manufacturing final retail versions of the console.
Last year, Microsoft only started manufacturing the Xbox 360 console 69 days before it launched on November 22nd. This late start caused a global shortage of the console, meeting nowhere near the consumer demand. If Nintendo were to get the console out in October, it would give it a head start over Sony's PS3 which has yet to begin production.

"October is a reasonable timeframe," wrote McNealy. Even if the console doesn't launch in October, the early start to production will help the company meet consumer demands. New console launches traditionally sell out quickly. Nintendo expects to ship 6 million units by March 2007.

While it lacks the graphics improvements that the Xbox 360 and PS3 tout, the console is aimed at mainstream consumers and ignores many of the traditional improvement expectations of next generation consoles. Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata also promised to keep the price of new games for the system lower than those for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course, at the core of Nintendo's promise to offer more fun at less costs is the innovative controller. Simply moving the controller in your hand prompts on screen movements, allowing the gamer to play more of an active role in the games. The high interest in the controller pushed Nintendo to steal the show at E3 this year.

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29 user comments

16.7.2006 17:28

with only standard RGB support Nintendo is outsetting us who have HDTV screens by offering lower resolution games? so no matter what they will look shitty on the screens now that dosent make much since to me!

26.7.2006 17:35

I think the system was geared toward the more affordable market. It's the cheapest system, with the cheapest requirements. That makes a whole lot of sense to me. "Together, Wii can do more".

36.7.2006 17:48

Hooray! The earlier it comes out the sooner we can mod and hack it!

47.7.2006 11:48

jwwolf So? Graphic dont mean shit if the game is not good,if you want the best ghrpics wise go spend 5G on a comp or 900 on a PS3 CABeach *dis laughing* so you an cpy the only good 10 games for it? *L* no bad...sorry sorry just makeing a joke on the Cube love the system but modding it is kinda dim still (not enough games to be worth it and the chips still like to fry the mobo now and then) when Zelda TTWP and Metroid Primne 3 come out I wil get one :3

57.7.2006 13:55

Hope for some news on a UK release date soon!!! October sounds early though i think...

67.7.2006 14:06

There is more to a game then graphics. Nintendo Wii will have a slightly better graphics than gamecube, but I have always thought that Nintendo had the best play control. Their games seem to move smoother with the controller than the other systems. Wii like its competitors is backwards compatible and the fact they will be offering the ability to download classic NES, SNES, Sega, etc.. games is a huge plus. Also jwwolf the Wii will have HD Component Video out so you will be able to utilize it on your HDTV. I am not sure of the max resolution as it may only be 480p. I know sony is gonna do 1080p, but I think that is more of a sales gimmick anyway. I have seen XBOX 360's graphics on a 1080 HDTV and to be honest they are nothing to get excited over. ITs all about the games and the games you like to play. And for $249 (which is what I think the Wii is supposed to sell for) my money will go to the nintendo first and then I may consider the others when the price comes down a little. Not all of us are made of money or have mommy and daddy to buy us these things.

77.7.2006 16:33

bobiroc I could get a 360 its jsut why would I,sicne I have a odd taste in games and not every Xbox game is supported there is little point in my to tag it,I will however get a Xbox since it finaly has enough games to make it a good purchase.

87.7.2006 19:48

Even if graphics is what you`re looking for,the cube got some of the best looking games(RE4-Metroid).Even better than a lot of xbox games wich was the most powerful system.

97.7.2006 20:01

neo1000 RE 4 was on the PS2 as well it took a few month tog et o it but it did. its even on the computer to 0-o *L*

107.7.2006 20:02

Nintendo doesn't really need to focus on graphics. They were the first to release a home video game system and they have the widest fan base. Plus they have several of the most popular games that the two other companies can't release. The Mario series is probably the biggest collection of video games. As long as Nintendo has some of thier classic games they don't need graphics to compete. I have a 360 but I plan to buy a Wii because of the Mario games(the adventure games). I bought a DS because of Mario 64, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Brothers. If it wasn't for Mario Halo, and Mortal Kombat I wouldn't have either system

118.7.2006 3:11

The ability to download NES, SNES and other legacy system games will mean nothing to the average user. Mom and Dad are going to buy the console for their kids and not give a hoot about the originals. Their kids, those of which this may be only their second or first gen console, are not going to care about the the nes games. The only people who are going to care about those games are the people who were a part of each generation (like myself, in their 20's) and half of those people probably won't care. The remaining die-hard Nintendo fans have already downloaded the complete collection of NES, SNES and N64 ROMS, have all the controllers modded for usb and some may even have an arcade cabinet with USB suppport and load all console games through their frontend. I'm still getting a Wii. With 2 little kids, and a mortgage, I can find lots of other more useful and practical things to do with $600. I was really amped about the ps3 until the pricetag was revealed. I can't even get a HD TV right now for fear my kids will destroy it :-(

128.7.2006 6:34

emugamer I emulation of old consle is 50/50 then half of that,it all realy depnds on how badly nintendo wants to amke a killing off it if 2 or 3 SNES games are 9$ or 1 n64 game is 9...its going to be a neat but ignored feature 0-o Kids ar evil and thinkfuly I dont date and am to old to want them or have them (only 30) :P nowif I culd live in a basement my life would be prefect :P

138.7.2006 20:40

i reckon that the n64 emulation isnt too bad

148.7.2006 20:49

dazila I ment palyign the old stuff will oly get them a 1/4th boost,if they go heavy handed with priceing it wont matter. N64 emluation is still fickle not as easy as say PSX emluation. altho I'll be happy to dig out my roms and try it again if someone can point me to a newer emluator or plugins for it ^^ has anyone made a good DS emluator yet? if not I plan on taging my friend one for Xmas ^^

159.7.2006 7:19

The emulation thing will be a big thing for people ages 22 through 30. The reasons I am getting a Wii are backwards compatibility with Gamecube (sold mine) and the older titles. In fact, I am now beginning to buy Gamecube games. I have NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation, PS2, & Xbox, and the games I play the most are SNES games. I rarely touch my PS2. I think the last time I played a games was over 1 year ago. Most games are really bad, just games like Metal Gear, and the Onimusha series are good for me. Xbox, I have put maybe 5 hours on it and I had the system since the smaller version came out (2002???).

169.7.2006 7:42

ZIppi what i meant is that just because the wii is not going to be as powerful as the other two doesn`t mean it can`t compete with them,and by the way my two kids (10 and 8) love super mario bros. 1&3.

179.7.2006 8:48

I know I now its jsut I dont see it directly helping the sales and if they overcharge for it....uhgg.... Bascily it wont intrest the "Casule" gamers most devs go after...but then nnteno never did go causle did they? *L* it was either the kids or the kids that enver grew up (IE Metrid prime,Zelda) BTW I have nearly forgot how bad sunshine was anyone want to dare me to paly it again? Star ox adventures couldnt hold my intrest I'm not a furry (love cat girls but not overly animal looking ones) and the extra watered downd game paly grades on my nerves *L*

1811.7.2006 12:51

Nintendo should make Wii games that are just as fun as Dreamcast games. Sega did a good job with DC. They utilized the DC graphics capability, and at the same time put out really fun games. I don't care if the games have high def graphics or use blue-ray technology. I just want to have fun. I want to see a next gen Crazy Taxi :-) Neo1000, I am all for showing the kids where it all got started! More power to you! I can't wait until my kids (1.5 and 3) are old enough to start showing them my NES! By that time I will have my ultimate gaming cabinet built :-) Right now I hide everything ...... EVERYTHING! (I recently built a separate office in my house with doors and locks for all of my expensive pc hardware soon after I came home one day and my wife showed me my 19" LCD monitors with black sharpie marker all over them and a piece of my pc case cracked off - yeah, no HD tv for me for a while)

1911.7.2006 19:37

@emugamer yea Sega did make great game for the DC i still play mine all the time,and they did utilize what they had at the time...i cant wait for the Wii to drop whenever it does just because i dont have the money to spend on the other systems at the moment..and lookin forward to the super smash bros. and Metroid 3, along with the new motion not really excited about all the roms for the old system's because i have a modded xbox with all of them on there so nothing new but the Wii will be great without a doubt.... @jaguargod 5 hours on the xbox,this was definately the best system made in the past 5 years,and now is the best time for it because of its capability after you mod it you can do whatever you want with it,from play games off the HD to Stream Video from your computer to your TV....and dont forget about Live...

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2012.7.2006 10:12

theridges Mmm if you have a PC and a PS2 that beats the Xbox right then and there *L* the Xbox is neat and once moded can do alot more stuff but at its core it still suffers beign a Xbox nd haveing its limited lineup of games.. still tho once you have a Cube and a PS2 a Xbox is soemthign good to fill ut yur collection.

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2112.7.2006 11:15

yea i have the other 2 systems but i dont even play them anymore i only use my just saying the xbox is a great system...

2212.7.2006 11:32

hehehe dosent that mean you dont use the comp for emulation or videos? :P *L* Anyway I know of a few games I want to get when I get a Xbox Ninja Gedain is a must,DOA beach vollyball becuse I am a prev,Jade empire becuse I like RPGs *L* from there I have 10 others that look worth getting *L* know any neat lil rpgs for it or any neat/interesting games at al? *L*

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2312.7.2006 19:02

im not really an RPG person at all, i like more fps i think the last game other than a fps i played was kingdom hearts 2....

2412.7.2006 19:19

theridges ooooo PGs and FPS's are my favs and action is next,what are the good Xbox fps's?

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2513.7.2006 3:58

Black,Battle Field 2 MC,Halo 2 (ofcourse) really any fps is just better on xbox for some reason...

2613.7.2006 4:36

theridges I dout Darkwatch is unless they took the time to give you full button mapping *L* what about thos mech assault games? thier fps right? Not a fan of modern or WW2 FPSs ,for soem strange reason Quake 4 and Perfect dark zero are the worest next gen seaqules yet (played Q4 o my comp and alittle on a 360 at a friends house,and well PDZ...was not very made Dues ex 2 look good...)

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2713.7.2006 4:47

i played darkwatch on my ps2, yea PDZ and Q4 arent that good very upsetting in a way, Mech Assualt are good games but im not a big fan a the robotic aircraft games.....

2813.7.2006 4:54

theridges and to think its going to get worse befor it gets better,at least thats the feeling I get devs and the coperations that own them dont care anymore about qauilty just look and hook once they sell that frist game since it cant be returned they win ;_;

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2913.7.2006 7:27

yea thats why im looking forward to the Wii because its something so different with the conrols,something new to learn and master not the same old boring stuff ya know...

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