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Panasonic to release record breaking TV

Written by Dave Horvath @ 10 Jul 2006 7:58 User comments (14)

Panasonic to release record breaking TV Have you ever looked at your 60" HDTV and thought, thats just not big enough? Do you often wish your neighbors at the end of your street could see what's playing on your screen in perfect clarity? Has the urge to watch your television from the comfort of your grocery store ever come to mind? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Matsushita has the answer for you!
At a recent trade show, Matsushita, maker of television sets for Panasonic announced its largest plasma screen to date. Their new plasma television is 103" in overall design. Measuring an astounding 2.4 metres (7.8 feet) by 1.4 (4.6 feet) meters and weighing in at a scant 215 kg (474 lbs) its clear that this television is not for the faint at heart. Girth is nothing without performance however and this set does not disappoint. With true 1920x1080 resolution and full HDTV compliance.

Panasonic has yet to release a price for this monstrosity, however if the price point for their closest cabinet, the 65" plasma selling at $7500 USD is any measure, expect not to see these popping in living rooms around the globe.

Matsushita has already claimed that this television is geared towards the business market and is set to release 5000 units per year.


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14 user comments

110.7.2006 8:41

Amazing! The 7500$ price tag seems pretty reasonable for a monstrosity for this size...However, you can take buy two 51 inch televisions, for about 1000$ a piece, and it would amount to the same thing more or less. However, if you want a truly mind blowing experience, I guess 7500 is somewhat reasonable..

210.7.2006 9:11

The $7500 price tag belongs to a 65" plasma, meaning the 103" plasma is going to be quite pricey (over $10k), which is why they're gearing it towards business and not consumers in general.

310.7.2006 9:27

Thats a pretty amazing TV, less then 500 pounds and only about five feet wide. Pretty crazy what they can do with technology these days isn't it? It won't be too bad, considering its 103" (Or ~8.58 feet diagonally, which is how screens are measured) its not only hard to justify the price (as hot_ice said, over 10k, probably close to 15k) Its coming out around Christmas (err... the holiday season to be politically correct) Here is a picture of it.

410.7.2006 9:27

Oh, I misread, my sister was talking to me, and when that happens, after she nags of course, its impossible for me to stay focused!!! Therefore, the 103 inches would maybe be around twice the price...but its still huge!!!

510.7.2006 15:02

This would be awsome too hook up a video game system too I remember back in the early 80's when a rich friend had a front projection tv and we played atari on it well now days it would be plasma and xbox 360 of coarse I don't know if he is still rich.

610.7.2006 18:11

For $1500 you can get a quality projector and get a 30 foot picture with the same results. and its only the size of a shoebox. If you haven't tried it you should. Life size gaming characters and movie scenes is awsome.

710.7.2006 18:48

i agree with skinnymon, if this thing was maybe like 75 pounds or something, i could see it getting a market, but you can get a projector for that sort of viewing for much cheaper, much lighter, and much more portable. I dont have a place for a projector, so theres no way most people are going to have a place for this. and dont get me started about either finding something to support this weight or building an entire room around this... and yeah, playing as a life size master chief is one of the coolest experiences ever.

810.7.2006 21:52

Would love to hook up a PS2 to that

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911.7.2006 8:53

Holy....woah... mean seriously i dont think many people will want a 103" TV as i dont think many people have a room that big but still...that massive! I heard LG made some pretty amazing TVs also...foldable TV or something like that :S

1011.7.2006 10:15

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1114.7.2006 2:03

Thats amazing and considering the size, the price is reasonable. Man I wish I was rich...

1214.7.2006 3:08

Does that beautiful young lady come with the purchase?

1315.7.2006 7:36

Hmmmnnn well that is a big TV much to big for my front room. But i do have to say one thing..... "i agree with skinnymon, if this thing was maybe like 75 pounds or something, i could see it getting a market" - Cheezy_p WHAT?!!!@!! You`d better be talking about weight or air pressure cos if you aint thats some serious stuff you been smoking. Whilst I do advocate the price not being quite so high as 10K i`m astounded by the suggestion that folk would/should only buy one of these sets if the price were 75, which is of course cheaper than the price for a 21" CRT set. No I cant afford one, but there are many people in this world who can and not everyone has a room the correct shape and darkness for a projector set either. Yes it`s expensive, no not everyone will either want or be able to have one and yes there are cheaper alternatives but its a "fair" price when compared directly to the price/size ratio of currently available plasmas

1415.7.2006 10:39

I will buy this some day or Il just get a HD projectioner and screen

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