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Toshiba delays HD-DVD recorder

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Jul 2006 5:59 User comments (13)

Toshiba delays HD-DVD recorder As previously reported by Afterdawn, HD-DVD pioneer Toshiba was supposed to have released their HD-DVD recorder on July 14th of this year. Unfortunately for Toshiba Corp., their launch doesn't seem to be going as smoothly as planned.
Toshiba has announced that it will delay the world's first HD-DVD recorder until at least the end of July. Reasons are sited as there isn't enough inventory to keep up with their launch quota.

There were no plans to bring the Toshiba RD-A1 oversees, even though it boasts impressive features such as 1 Terrabyte of storage space, thus enabling up to 130 hours of pure HD format recordings. At a price tag of 398,000 yen ($3,453), it may be prudent to say that their inventory speculation may be a bit high in the first place.


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13 user comments

113.7.2006 16:54

More likely than not, I believe it was probably delayed to implement some further copy protection/DRM schemes. At almost 3500 dollars U.S. who the hell could afford one anyway, other than maybe corporate customers who need the high storage capabilities.

213.7.2006 17:10

"there isn't enough inventory to keep up with their launch quota. " we dont have enough parts to build 5 working machines muc less the boss's launch quota.... it almsot reminds me of the PS3 we have enough parts to make 50 machines but wee need to make 5000 *L* why not ffset the frist gen of it and sell them at a grand a pop untill you have stock built up? *L*

313.7.2006 17:19

1TB HD-DVD? Huh?

413.7.2006 17:35

max777 its a DVR,Didgtal VIdeo recorder with 1TB of HD space. 1TB is 1000GB I think *L*

513.7.2006 17:40

Oh sign me up, send me 5 plus some hd dvd blank discs. Money just hit me in the a## and I want to spend it all on ignorance in the world. There quota is probably every movie star and professional athlete that can afford these products.

613.7.2006 20:55

It seems to me that it would be launched just in Japan... it never mentioned beng brought to america... even less to south america... here we always get technology when it is rather old... however, i wouldnt be able to afford a 3500 U$S HD-DVD player...

714.7.2006 19:06

zippyDSM you're right 1TB == 1000 GB come on guys/gals, new technologies are always expensive when they come out. But if it wasn't for companies trying to push the envelope of technology, then we'd still have Kay-Pros. Besides, who do you think is going to buy these, individuals, PLZ don't make me laugh. My company would be the first. We have 7 DB servers with 300GB hard drives in them. And every 4 months, we unload all the data on them to a RAID. The RAID we use costs $8000. Now, if we buy this, we're saving some serious $cha-ching (which means more $ for me) :) As far as not having enough...uh technologies change, usually for the better. So, what they thought they were going to put out this July, was obsolete (or just crappy) by the time july 1 rolled around. And, sorry ZIppyDSM, this really isn't the same as the PS3. Sony's had a while to start making those overpriced GPUs. Remember, the PS3 just reads discs. This one is having to actually burn them, successfully.

814.7.2006 19:19

The first DVD recorders that hit the Japanese market in 1999 were US$2500 to US$4000.

914.7.2006 19:20

kearney funny I thought the PS3 was haveing production issues with capaitors or soemthing :P deleys are deleys after all,altho in all I wonder them put it off 6 or so months and have a full less buggy system err wiat its diode's *L* my point being they cant make enouhg to fill thier qouta ,but they will in time cant wait to watch the launch drama ^^

1014.7.2006 20:10

ZIppyDSM OH, sorry, I didn't know what the problem was with the PS3. I've just been hearing that the PS3 has been having Blu-ray Disc problems, but I didn't know what the hold up was. never mind , I was wrong in my statement, you were right, it is the same thing. :) Guess I should start reading AfterDawn more LOL

1115.7.2006 11:35

actually 1 terabyte is 1024 gigabytes. just keeping you right lol.

1215.7.2006 16:49

kearney is cool ,with all the fanboys on each side better to flame frist god knows you dont want to be biten by one 0_o (if fanboys were like werewolfs only geekier) LOL backupguy and with NTSF or fat32 formatings you get a reduction of 10-20%? *L*

1315.7.2006 19:19

8 bit = 1 byte (each bit is either 1 or 0) 1024 bytes = 1 KB 1024 KB = 1 MB 1024 MB = 1GB 1024 GB = 1 TB 1024 TB = 1 PB (PETABYTE) 1024 PB = 1 EB (EXABYTE) 1024 EB = 1 ZB (ZETTABYTE) 1024 ZB = 1 YB (YOTTABYTE) actually there are both decimal and binary units, i mean 1000 MB is the same as 1 decimal GB. And there are also other less commonly used units based on bit instead of bytes... they would Kbit, Mbit... for example 8 Mbit = 1 MB Just some data for those interested... Having a couple of yottabytes sounds like quite a drive... maybe in a couple of years time we will be needing to add some new units bigger than this YB...

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