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FireFox v2.0 beta 1 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Jul 2006 1:58 User comments (20)

FireFox v2.0 beta 1 released Mozilla Foundation has released the much-anticipated new version of FireFox web browser.
The new version, FireFox v2.0 beta 1 is the first public beta of the "next generation" FireFox browser and provides massive amounts of changes over the 1.x version.

The most visible new features for end users include:
  • Inline spell checking for text areas
  • Microsummaries provide a way to create bookmarks that display information pulled from the site they refer to, updated automatically.
  • Tabbed browsing enhancements include adding close buttons to each tab, adjustments to how Firefox decides which tab to bring you to when you close the current tab, and simplified preferences for tabs.
  • Search engine manager lets you rearrange and remove search engines shown in the search bar.
  • Tabbed browsing enhancements include adding close buttons to each tab, adjustments to how Firefox decides which tab to bring you to when you close the current tab, and simplified preferences for tabs.
  • Autodetection of search engines allows search engines that offer plugins for the Firefox search bar to offer to install their plugins for you.
  • Search suggestions allow search engines to offer suggested search terms based on what you've typed so far in the search bar.
You can download the latest version of FireFox from here:

Download FireFox v2.0 beta 1

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20 user comments

113.7.2006 4:22

firefox just got better, its the best solid browser out there get it if u dont have it,.. =)

213.7.2006 5:31

I can't wait to get home and try this new release :)

313.7.2006 9:39

This update is great news and i am going to download it later today and see how things are with this new version.

413.7.2006 10:17

I posted this awhile ago.

20. March 2006 @ 09:36 New Version of Firefox is out, Firefox 2.0 alpha build. Go to this link to get the newest Version,

513.7.2006 10:54

yeap, old news ive been running it for about 3 weeks now.

613.7.2006 13:31

well in case you didn't notice, this is the beta, not the alpha build.

713.7.2006 16:33

for those of you interested, note that many of your extensions will not work b/c this is the beta version and they are not compatable with 2.0 yet. SO, if you use them often, then i'd wait for the official release which should be soon.

813.7.2006 18:23

I'll probably wait until the full version comes out to download it

913.7.2006 19:11

will be waiting for at least a v2 beta, but looks great from what im reading :)

1014.7.2006 8:28

Thank god for Firefox is all i can say! MUCH better than crappy IE which give viruses perfect route to your computer... Has anyone seen IE7 Beta??? Its a crap Microsoft remake of Firefox!!!

1114.7.2006 9:28


1214.7.2006 9:56

nice improvements but i would prefer to see an improvement in initial load time as i have found that for me the first boot for ff has become slower and slower with new releases which is a bit of a pain. but i will be trying this out when it is out of beta, cant be losing all my plugins just yet :D

1314.7.2006 14:12

awesome browser but its still a beta. i've had some problems with it, but its very solid. can anyone tell me why when i open fire fox beta 1 and close it, and try and open it again it says its open and will not open another window, but when i check windows task manager it doesnt show any signs of its running.

1414.7.2006 17:20

so are they going to add tabbed browsing enhancements like close buttons?? :P

1514.7.2006 20:16

i love Firefox, but I just started to use Opera 9. it's safe to say I'm hooked.

1616.7.2006 20:30
1717.7.2006 7:53

what does the pic of the rim have to do with this forum?

1817.7.2006 10:30

Nice way to stay on topic -TigraoZT-

1920.7.2006 9:09

reinventing the wheel. internet explorer.

2020.7.2006 9:28

Yes it's the best browser, but It will be good if web developers renew their old sites to best fit Firefox browser capabilities and features. I've downloaded the 2.0 yesterday - it becomes better )

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