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Sony launches PSP Wi-Fi hotspots in EU

Written by Dave Horvath @ 27 Jul 2006 6:28 User comments (13)

Sony launches PSP Wi-Fi hotspots in EU Tomorrow marks the day that console manufacturer, Sony will go live with over 300 Wi-Fi hotspots for the PSP, dubbed Playstation Spot around Europe and Australia. Only 11 hotspots have been confirmed in the UK area, however Sony states that when they go live, their plan to cover all the PAL regions. The 300 total hotspots will offer PSP users the ability to access a wireless network in which they can update their PSP, download content or play multiplayer games.
While Sony has stated that there will not be a fee to access the wireless networks, there has been on confirmation on what users can expect to pay for downloadable content. They have offered up that some content will be free.

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13 user comments

127.7.2006 7:40

Yeah... a force firmware update to use it. No thankyou

228.7.2006 0:25

There is no reason why they should have a new firmware for this...but they probably will, god knows why are they doing this? Could you use it and exploit it as free broadband?? Will you only be able to access the PSP site for it or something? and maybe pay if you want to use it as normal broadband?

328.7.2006 5:24

i've already updated my psp 2 2.80, but havn't went to the virgin magastore yet to use the psp spot

428.7.2006 13:54

Does any one know any psp hot spots in canada(toronto,ontario)

529.7.2006 9:00

some people don't use security encryption on their home wireless networks and you can connect to their networks with a wireless laptop from a parkred car, can you connect to somebodys home network with a PSP..??

629.7.2006 9:34

yes if they dont have security on it

729.7.2006 10:19

yeah, my neighbour doesn't have the security on, pitty its a bad signal (15m range) :-(, but i have my security on (300m signal)

830.7.2006 6:09

wait, where are these hot spots? is it like some wirless network but a huge one? will you be able to acess it anywhere in engand lllsmall places busy places?

930.7.2006 6:52

it will be like a "special" acceess point ( like the 1 in ur house ), but u will only be able to access sertain material, and they will be around places like HMV, Virgin magastores, Game and places of that sort. i'm not 2 sure about the "range", i think it will be in the store and maybe across the road.

1030.7.2006 17:47

I wish that Sony launched PSP Wi-Fi hotspots in Usa EVERYWARE so that we can go on the internet anywhere.

1130.7.2006 19:21

you don't have to update the firmware.. its just a place u go to for free wi-fi... kinda like a starbucks but instead its free.. (in case you don't know you can access wireless internet in most starbucks with your laptops and network adapters.)

1231.7.2006 5:21

dosent it say above ^^ that you have to pay a small fee? and it wouuld be good if the wi fi has a really big range

131.8.2006 2:16

i got a new psp & i dont no how 2 use this,& i dont no how to use this website eather,will sum1 help me.plz

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