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Problems with, MP3Lizard and software downloads solved (updated)

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Jul 2006 1:33 User comments (4)

Problems with, MP3Lizard and software downloads solved (updated) Due to a problem with one of our servers the administration frontends of both and had problems with file uploads.
The problems were caused by a failed hard-disk drive, and have now been temporarily solved. There will be a short downtime when the failed drive is replaced within the next couple of days.

We're sorry about any inconvenience caused by the problem. If you tried to upload files within the past 24 hours, and the uploads have failed, please try again.

UPDATE - It seems that we also had problems with about 10 or more software items that were uploaded on July 28th on both and Attempting to download the software ultimately lead you to a 404 error page. All downloads should work now.

UPDATE 2 - The failed disk has been replaced, and everything is back to normal. There was no need to bring down the server for maintenance, so no services were interrupted.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience caused, and be sure to report any further problems you might find. staff

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4 user comments

129.7.2006 1:53

Thanks for the update. I did try to post something earlier and it did not work but will try again noe. Thanxs I hope it all works out.

229.7.2006 2:25

I just added something to my profile and it worked well thanks for the temp job and again i hope everything goes well.

329.7.2006 6:24

Yeah, I noticed this too. Uhhh... Thanks for the quick fix guys.

429.7.2006 7:39

no need to apologize, guys. this was beyond your control; besides, AD is a privilege, not a right for all us members. thanks for moving as quickly as you do to get things done.

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