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AC3Filter updates today

Written by James Delahunty @ 31 Jul 2006 8:33 User comments (3)

The very popular (over 600,000 downloads) AC3Filter software has been updated to v1.06a. In fact, in the last 24 hours or so, there have been three updates of AC3Filter added to the site, v1.04a, v1.05a and v1.06a. If unfamiliar with the software, you would install it to enable playing video files with AC3 audio in DirectShow based players like Windows Media Player.
Download AC3Filter from:

Here are the three changelogs (and who knows, maybe I'll have to edit the article later to add another...)

Changes from AC3Filter v1.05a to AC3Filter v1.06a
  • AGC fixed: overflow check did not work sometimes
Changes from AC3Filter v1.04a to AC3Filter v1.05a
  • Extended AC3 sainty checks disabled How it recognizes AC3 files produced with buggy encoder
Changes from AC3Filter v1.01a RC5 to AC3Filter v1.04a
  • Bugfix release, Valex thanks Alex for a great job with testing ;-)
  • SPDIF passthrough did not work with Program Stream (DVD)
  • SPDIF had jitter with DVD
  • Cannot enable SPDIF with some sound cards (found on HDSP 9632)
  • Uninstall now deletes pis folder

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3 user comments

11.8.2006 01:40

I dont even know what this filter does??

21.8.2006 04:18

This enables the playback of AC3 encoded audio in video files.

31.8.2006 11:51

Does anyone know if FFDShow 4.0.3 or higher incorporates the AC3 filter ? I did install the AC3Filter over a year ago...never updated it, but i do keep the FFDShow updated as it seems to work with everything i've come across.

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