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Assembly '06 Coverage: Thursday

Written by Kaarlo Rih @ 03 Aug 2006 14:18 User comments (9)

Assembly '06 Coverage: Thursday This is Agent_007 reporting from Assembly '06 live. Keep checking out this report from Thusday as I keep updating it as things progress. You can also watch livestream from here.

People standing in a queue. One advice, keep you gear lite and small. Carrying that 21" CRT around ain't fun =)

Photo from inside the party hall, lights are still on.

Again from the party hall.

Because there are over 5 000 beverage addicts inside party hall there are also lot's of softdrinks, no alcohol inside.

More soft drinks.

Anti-virus and firewall company F-Secure.

On screen visitors can see real time virus threats around the globe.

You can also check out bluetooth devices that are near by.

IT tech ain't the only thing in Assembly. Nice RC car with LEDs.

Next stand is Microsofts. Ghost Recon PC version with Xbox 360 pad.

There were also nice beds for partiers to sleep. Microsoft also gave away Vista Beta 2 and Visual Studio Express Edition discs for free (Freebies +2).

EVTEK-polytechnic offers Apple Macintosh computers for people to use (not to keep or take =).

Samsung LCD display with 2 ms response time, game on background is King Kong for PC.

Opera stand.

Opening Ceremony, there were some problems with audio so we didn't really hear what organizers Pehu and Abyss had to say. There were also two lucky guys near the stand and they got free Radeon X1900 series videocards sponsored by ATI.

ATI stand (I am sorry about dark photo).

ATI bought Bitboys earlier this year, now they were showing some mobile prototypes.

They support naturally 3D hardware acceleration.

And videos also played out nicely.

Photo after lights are shut down (and real parties get started).

Gamelab is place for HC games. Gamelab is more silent and peaceful place.

Photo from one of the seminars, this was about 4k demo coding and code optimization for Linux.

Microsofts Xbox 360 camping trailer, I plan to visit there tomorrow and check it out.

One way to sleep around here =)

Shot from upstairs.

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9 user comments

13.8.2006 14:49

Sweet, wish I could be there.

23.8.2006 15:55

Woah looks pretty damn sweeet!! So what is this all about? Look like a big LAN party, bet there is some hardcore CS:S being played :) lol Looks like there is some interesting things on fest '06 lol Must be pretty bad having your computer there for 4 days; i'd be worried about it and spend all night there lol...probably meet some pretty cool people there...and wow all those monitors and computer i bet its bloody hot inside there :S

33.8.2006 16:52

all i can say is nice but u'd hate to see the electric bill on that event lol

43.8.2006 18:02

ofolion, it's actually pretty chilly here.

53.8.2006 18:39

lol @ b18bek9 I was thinking the same thing. Wow, This is the first time I ever heard of this event Thanks for the nice pics, I was reading into this event, and this place sounds like heaven to me, I will be making plans to go one year that is for sure. a computer festival with Raves Rave times are * Thu-Fri night: 04:00 - 10:00 * Fri-Sat night: 04:00 - 10:00 * Sat-Sun night: 01:30 - 10:00 Woo hoo Thats crazy

63.8.2006 18:41

Great work Agent_007. Props to you.

73.8.2006 19:06

> Must be pretty bad having your computer there for 4 > days; i'd be worried about it and spend all night there > lol... Well, most of those guys will be 24/7 there...

83.8.2006 23:11

Intresting different article lots of pics.

94.8.2006 6:03

Next time take me with you Agent_007! :)

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