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Assembly '06 Coverage: Friday

Written by Kaarlo Rih @ 04 Aug 2006 13:19 User comments (1)

Assembly '06 Coverage: Friday This is Agent_007 reporting from Assembly '06 live. Keep checking out this report from Friday as I keep updating it as things progress. You can also watch livestream from here.
Asus, part I (xvid, 1 min 6 sec, 3.57 MB)
Asus, part II (xvid, 21 sec, 1.01 MB)
Asus, part III (xvid, 20 sec, 1.09 MB)
Asus, part IV (xvid, 1 min 10 sec, 3.97 MB)
Microsofts Xbox 360 camping trailer (xvid, 37 sec, 1.52 MB, no audio)
Robotwars part I light weights (xvid, 28 sec, 1.41 MB)
Robotwars part II light weights (xvid, 38 sec, 1.88 MB)
Robotwars part III light weights (xvid, 17 sec, 0.90 MB)
Basketball (xvid, 33 sec, 1.53 MB, no audio)
ATI part I mobile graphics (xvid, 31 sec, 1.64 MB)
Dancing part I (xvid, 39 sec, 1.66 MB)
Dancing part II (xvid, 32 sec, 1.42 MB)
Gamelab darkness (xvid, 53 sec, 2.52 MB, no audio)

Friday started (at least for me =) with Microsofts XNA and Direct3D 10 seminar.

Unfortunately there weren't any DX 10 compatible hardware, so we only saw some screenshots.

Another DX 10 shot.

Microsofts Xbox 360 camping trailer.

Creatives seminar about game audio, everyone in seminar got their free Battlefield 2142 beta codes.

Main seminar was about Star Wreck the movie, people behind it and about their next project (sorry about bad photo).

Robotwars, light weights.

That spinning thing made some nasty work...

Scissors didn't help this time...

Fixing the robot.

Developer of PspLink told about PSP Homebrew development.

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1 user comment

15.8.2006 1:37

Robot wars!!! Used to be a program here on the TV called that were robots would fight it out...was pretty good to watch for a while. Looks like Microsoft is just a load of camper...n00bs :P

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