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Assembly '06 Coverage: Saturday

Written by Kaarlo Rih @ 05 Aug 2006 11:41 User comments (2)

Assembly '06 Coverage: Saturday This is Agent_007 reporting from Assembly '06 live. Keep checking out this report from Saturday as I keep updating it as things progress. You can also watch livestream from here.

Robotwars part IV heavyweights (xvid, 33 sec, 1.14 MB)
Robotwars part V heavyweights (xvid, 41 sec, 1.44 MB)
Robotwars part VI heavyweights (xvid, 2min 57 sec, 8.56 MB)
Robotwars part VII heavyweights (xvid, 31 sec, 1.06 MB)
Robotwars part VIII heavyweights (xvid, 28 sec, 0.92 MB)
Dancing part III (xvid, 52 sec, 2.16 MB)
Mikrobittis computer build contest (xvid, 10 min 34 sec, 34.3 MB)
Robotwars part IX heavyweights (xvid, 52 sec, 2.16 MB)
Robotwars part X heavyweights (xvid, 3 min 6 sec, 9.23 MB)
Robotwars part XI heavyweights (xvid, 1 min 53 sec, 5.07 MB)
Robotwars part XII heavyweights (xvid, 1 min 19 sec, 3.22 MB)
Robotwars part XIII heavyweights (xvid, 59 sec, 2.22 MB)
Robotwars part XIV heavyweights (xvid, 39 sec, 1.02 MB)
Robotwars part XV heavyweights (xvid, 2 min 35 sec, 7.25 MB)
AMD corner (xvid, 1 min 1 sec, 2.93 MB, sorry about dark video)
Browserdemo (xvid, 1 min 2 sec, 3.08 MB)
Fun part I (xvid, 28 sec, 1.46 MB)
Fun part II (xvid, 11 sec, 0.60 MB)
Fun part III (xvid, 1 min 20 sec, 3.92 MB)
Star Wreck guys before short movie contest (xvid, 1 min 9 sec, 3.37 MB)
Desert Planet concert (xvid, 1 min 5 sec, 3.63 MB)

More Robotwars, 6 and 12 kg robots

ATIs stand on good use.

Who can build computer fastest.

Todays seminars were about game development (again bad photo, sorry).

Screen light.

Sure way to get people near the stage =)

First award ceremony.

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2 user comments

15.8.2006 15:28

Looks pretty awesome again, who can build a computer the fastest god i have seen some pretty fast builds the last day :X better be good one :P

26.8.2006 6:19

There won't be any stuff from Sunday, I had to leave early. Sunday is mostly award ceremonys only, so nothing really intresting anyway =)

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