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LimeWire sued by the RIAA

Written by Ben Reid @ 05 Aug 2006 12:49 User comments (64)

LimeWire sued by the RIAA The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed a lawsuit against Lime Group, LLC., LimeWire, LLC, Mark Gorton (CEO), and Greg Bildson (CTO). Lime Group is the umbrella company which owns the LimeWire development firm.
Back last September, LimeWire, along with other P2P developers, were the recipients of RIAA cease and desist letters. The letters instructed P2P developers to "...immediately cease-and-desist from enabling and inducing the infringement of RIAA member sound recordings. If you wish to discuss pre-litigation Resolution of these claims against you, please contact us immediately."

BearShare, eDonkey, and WinMX, all ceased operations as a result of the RIAA letter, however, LimeWire's operations continued.

At one stage, LimeWire was expected to introduce a "copyright filter" into it's software, but months have passed, and the filter has yet to materialize. The RIAA claims that by failing to implement a filter for unauthorized works and by profiting from an infringing business model, LimeWire actively induces copyright infringement

"Since the Supreme Court's unanimous Grokster decision last year, we have extended our hand to the major illegal file sharing networks and encouraged them to become legitimate players in the online music marketplace. We have been patient as a number of services WinMX, Bearshare, Grokster, i2hub, Kazaa have ultimately decided to close down or transform themselves into legal music services," the RIAA said in a statement.

"Despite numerous efforts to engage LimeWire, the site's corporate owners have shown insufficient interest in developing a legal business model that adequately respects copyrights. While other services have come productively to the table, LimeWire has sat back and continued to reap profits on the backs of the music community. That is unfortunate and has left us no choice but to file a lawsuit to protect the rights and livelihoods of artists, songwriters and record label employees, as well as those companies building legitimate businesses based on music."

The lawsuit, filed in New York's southern district, cites Mark Gorton and Greg Bildon as both exerting substantial influence over LimeWire development whilst making a handsome profit from the commercialized "LimeWire Pro."

"Defendant Mark Gorton is a principal and the Chief Executive Officer of defendant Lime Wire LLC. He is also a member and the Chief Executive Officer of defendant Lime Group LLC. Mr. Gorton is the dominant influence in Lime Group LLC, and, along with Defendant Greg Bildson, in Lime Wire LLC. Mr. Gorton has been personally and substantially involved in and profits greatly from the design, promotion, marketing and distribution of LimeWire."

In mounting their piracy case, the RIAA lawsuit also states that LimeWire encourages the distribution of illegal files, and punishes those who "freeload" (leech):

"Defendants have taken steps to ensure that LimeWire users "share" a large number of files on LimeWire, thereby maintaining the draw and reputation of LimeWire as a vast, unauthorized repository of commercial sound recordings...Indeed, Defendants further designed LimeWire to punish those users - called "freeloaders" by LimeWire - who do not "share" enough files with other LimeWire users."

LimeWire was also accused of more traditional "Contributory Copyright Infringement", "Vicarious Copyright Infringement", and also "Common Law Copyright Infringement." It is worth noting that no other P2P developer has been sued for common law copyright infringement.


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64 user comments

15.8.2006 13:18

funny figuring limewire is one of the top p2p out for music rite now anyways was wondering when they were going after limewire....oh well lets see what happens....i wont purchase music anymore anyways not trying to hurt the artists pocket which i'ma doing just the record labels just sux for the artist.....

25.8.2006 14:02

Limewire knew this was happening awhile ago hence why frostwire was created soo they just create something new. If all those companies keep trying to close one down another one will open up. It's a never ending cycle. Limewire started to have crappy files ages ago anyway.

35.8.2006 14:24

well, we lost another ally in the copyright war. Limewire, we salute you. Before you were filled withcrappy files and viruses, you were are best PAL. Soldier: limewire cause of death: killed in action by those damn riaa

45.8.2006 14:39

Frostwire is way better anyways.

55.8.2006 15:26

Woah they are really trying to get beatdown as many P2P networks as possible! There is always another though right around the corner. LimeWire is filled with viruses and crap now but people should be "happy to see it go" as it empowered the RIAA MPAA at any rate

65.8.2006 16:00

its so amusing that they try to close down all these p2p apps but theyll never get ahead, by the way whats frostwire like never heard of it? Go Bit-Torrent!

75.8.2006 16:22

JEEZ, how am I ever going to survive without my lime-wire, he says, as he snorts another line of his Coke-wire...Now that would be sharing

85.8.2006 19:46

frostwire rocks, sooooooooooooo much better, Limewire was good while it lasted.

95.8.2006 19:52

BTC's are hgreat and all but its tricky and soemtimes hellish to download a singel file off a batch downlaod.

106.8.2006 1:07

I really and truly despise the RIAA. F**k them and their lawsuits against copyrighted material! Where is their main base? I want an airplane.

116.8.2006 2:26

Im so sad, a POS P2P source is gone. Nothing like loging on and leaving with a gig of spyware:/ Come on folks, its time to move onto bigger and better things......newsgroups and bittorrent. BTW, frostwire isnt much better...atleast pro had filtering options.

126.8.2006 9:25

How is frostwire better when it is the same program as LimeWire and uses the same network? Its just an open-source version. The Gnutella P2P netork is horrible no matter what P2P app it is used with. About Frostwire... Ced

136.8.2006 11:26

so if limewire does get sued and losses, will all its users get sued too, and what are the chances of getting caught is you do not share files with frostwire.(looking for a percentage)

146.8.2006 11:48

Never used limewire myself, but this is still disheartening news.

156.8.2006 16:16

Yeah P2P is generally worthless for most things, save a quick song or video. I've used Limewire for about a year, Gnutella network is so full of malware nowadays it's sad. The malware is so obvious too, a video file that's 120kB's, and I see it on like 100 different users PC's! Never download software off Limewire, use warez sites or BitTorrent, much safer and reliable. Goodbye Limewire, I guess I'll have to settle for the zillion other P2P clients, BitTorrent, NewsGroups, IRC, or warez sites. Man the RIAA is killing P2P sharing. Sarcasm alert.

166.8.2006 16:59

Can someone explain to me what Newsgroups are?

176.8.2006 20:51

newsgroups: similiar to the old BBS prevalent before the rise of the net. Different newsgroups are created for specific content, i.e pics, discussion groups, software, music etc. Some of these groups contain media files (music, tv etc). There are tens and tens of thousands out there. You can access them through your ISP (if they maintain newsgroups) or you can purchase an account to a newsgroup site. There is most likely a newsgroup for every topic you could be interested in, and as noted in previous posts many people are going to there to get music, warez, even porn Most of these newsgroup sites limit your bandwidth based on your subscription, some allow anonymous access. With a little effort you could potentially set up an anonymous account paid for with an anonymous 'e-credit card' that was itself purchased with an anonymous e-card and through a network like TOR log on to your preferred group and significantly reduce your chances of getting tracked down. If you need more info a simple google on combinantions of terms: newsgroups, anonymous, online payment will turn up info. For some basic info on making anonymous payments (not to reccommend their service I have never used it, i just googled and there they were lol) sorry for all the info lol.

187.8.2006 1:56

if edonkey ceased operations as this article claims, then what is this site ? ( the "2000" makes no difference, it was always called that )

197.8.2006 3:55

90. Q. I am frustrated with slow bittorrent download speeds/inactive torrents, is there an alternative method of downloading PS2 games? A. Yes- Newsgroups: NewsGroups are generally faster than Torrents, you will often get your max download speeds, however most of the good ones cost money. Several ISP's offer free newsgroups, check and see if yours does. You'll need a client like GrabIt, similar to a torrent client, except for Newsgroups.

207.8.2006 5:45

thanks for the link to the newsgroup site, so it says something like top most downloaded files but its something like "alt.binaries.movies.divx" and thats it and its not clickable, how do we obtain these files, is there some sort of app needed?

217.8.2006 7:43

you can get a FREE 30 day TRIAL of Forte Agent from here: info at: d/l at: after 30 days it converts to 'Free Agent' which has less functionality. There are also many other news readers out there, including Outlook Express, however you will want one that supports Y-Encode (Agent does, express doesn't) then all you do is 'point' the reader to the newsgroup address (for instance: during setup or through the options when running and tell it to retrieve the newsgroups listings and you're off and running. Each program will have it's own options and way of getting stuff so google news readers and see what you like.

227.8.2006 11:08

I've been using [URL=]FileWire Networks[/url] to store and share files. There's a 25MB limit but it's still one of the easiest to use and no BS with download delays.

237.8.2006 11:09

I've been using to store and share files. There's a 25MB limit but it's still one of the easiest to use and no BS with download delays.

247.8.2006 20:50

Limewire sucks? Funny I still use it all of the time, works fine and still plenty of files.

257.8.2006 20:59

LOL, ask any P2P regular and they will tell you how bad Limewire is. If you are the least bit worried about privacy, spyware, malware, or anything else, I would stop using it ASAP. Bittorent, warez, and newsgroups are superior in every way.

267.8.2006 21:47

this doesn't suprise me one bit considering this i can understand the RIAA being p***ed off let me explain when you download the limewire client software the software asks you will you use limewire for copyright infringement if you answer yes your ip is reported to the fbi and if you answer no you can download the software now the RIAA wants a filter to be on all the time well by a little thing called the constitution of the united states of america you cannot force people to install a filter because it violates there human rights of freedom of speech and censorship so if they call for them to install this filter this will violate peoples rights now im not even done yet limewire should have been shut down months ago because limewire not only is distrbuting illegal music it is also distrubuting child porn on there servers and they may say we have no control over this this is bull $%^& every p2p software can install a filter but they need to do so in a way that doesn't allow any loop holes like the option to install these filters these filters should be installed automaticly and limewire says and i quote we shut down users who do not share files well tell that to the 115 thousand mac users that are downloading all there illegal software from the limewire site and havent been kicked off because they do not share files funny huh here is my final thought bye bye limewire im glad to see it go because im tired of worthless viruses and garbage files on top of that frostwire is the same d**n thing as limewire with the same viruses just a differrent name

277.8.2006 22:09

you will you use limewire for copyright infringement if you answer yes your ip is reported to the fbi
Thats pure bs!!! I have relied saying I will use limewre for copyright infringemnt multiple times, just to see what would happen, and the result has been being kicked from their server, nothing more. Prove that bs you said about being reported to the FBI, ot stop spouting nonsense. Making sh!t up like that is just ridiculous and ignorant.

287.8.2006 22:25

Wait, this article says bearshare decided to close down or transform itself into a legal music service," but bearshare still works fine as far as I know... Could someone clear this up for me?

298.8.2006 2:30

OUCH 10x!!

308.8.2006 8:08

@Stang LMAO I guess that's what passes for a Senior Member nowadays, my how times have changed... Gnutella network is full of malware, changing P2P clients for the same network will do you no good, there's just as much malware for Bearshare, Limewire, etc. If Frostwire uses Gnutella network as well, claims about it not being as susceptible to malware are completely false.

318.8.2006 12:57

I used to like limewire, long ago. I will now try frostwire

328.8.2006 13:03

johnodd4 you have kinda have a point,but the trouble with fitlers are they can be bypassed,so active child porn members or whatever can make simple abrivations to what they are shareing. much iek the rename game on the PSp and torrents nothign is as simple as you think it is.

3311.8.2006 13:21

I've used limewire for a while now and I think it rocks. Never had any problems with spyware, malware, viruses or anything like that. Then again, I have a Mac.

3411.8.2006 13:44

Mofomac macs have virus to,just becsue the Windose is more used and more hated is the rason why it has every virus you can think of :P

3511.8.2006 13:48

Really? I guess. I've never heard of a virus for mac, I know I haven't had one, but who know maybe?

3611.8.2006 13:54

Mofomac for what it dose a mac is great but everythign and then some is on windose *L*,if MAc was as popluar it would have as many assholes makeing virus for it ><

3711.8.2006 13:59

This is true. Don't get me wrong I was a windows user. But I switched. I'm lovin it. The new windows vista is a copy of OSX, I thought it funny.

3811.8.2006 14:41

BULLSHIT i've never shared with limewire ever and have never had my downloads reduced or speed and i'm a regular downloader for over a year,what! do they think some are stupid,it's the uploading that's illeagal and is how the RIAA can track you(that's right they have software that monitors sharers from P2P networks and they know ,who ,what, when and where it's how porn sharers get caught) ,and sharing files also lets others browse your folders,it maybe illeagal to download mp3's & mpg's if you don't already own them ,but downloading as it stands is not illeagal or we'd never be able to surf the net hence why uploaders are the only ones being dealt too when it comes to music

3911.8.2006 14:51

Thats a crock of crap if I ever heard it. Downloading is just as illegal as uploading, and you can get busted either way. If you are so confident, log onto a public tracker (thepiratebay, i dare ya), find the newest movie that hasnt even hit theaters yet, turn of peer guardian, and see if what you said holds true. I only use private trackers, and still see P2P agencies scanning my IP at times. You think just because you dont have a public share folder you are safe? I recall when Half Life 2 was released, the publisher created a torrent on a public tracker. Didnt matter if you just dl'd a small portion of it, were sedding...., fact is people got caught DOWNLOADING. Just because you havent got caught doesnt mean you wont. Keeping the mentality that only uploading or having a public share folder will get busted is wrong.

4011.8.2006 15:01

svtstang speaking of whitch I need to get p2garuain when I get dsl.*L*

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

4111.8.2006 15:10

@mofomac In regards to be a copy of OS ,you need to do a little more digging of both windows and OS ,a little hint to help you along, they copy each other and everyone else *winks*

4214.8.2006 17:03

are private torrent trackers like torrentleech safe, or is there a possiblility they will get busted too, and if they do, will you get taken down with them.

4314.8.2006 17:37

Private trackers are safer, but they dont gurantee anything. And im pretty sure if they get shut down your safe...just look at thepiratebay....never saw news that the users got busted with the host.

4414.8.2006 17:44

why, did the piratebay get busted? because i know torrentleech has members(so you must register)so that means they will probably take you down too

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4514.8.2006 17:54

solargame becsue the mafiaa suporting politions overlooked soem laws to to try and bust them.

4614.8.2006 19:06

Im a member at TL, and im pretty sure its not going to happen. Why are you so worried.......?

4714.8.2006 20:03

i dont know, with all this stuff going down, its just like a disaster waiting to happen, ive stopped using TL (sober 2 weeks by Downloaders Anonamous) and im waiting for a couple of more days so it will get delted for disconectivity.

4822.8.2006 11:59

Unless you are using an Private FTP, or a premium usenet provider to download; you can be tracked, and every thing you download can be logged. The reason you are not logged, caught etc, is becasue they done care about you, your a small fish in a huge pond. Private torrent trackers are safer but not immune. P2P programs are the worst. Heck, if you really want to download; drop all the P2P garbage, leave your stupid torrents, and learn how to use usenet; or get access to a private FTP.

4922.8.2006 13:16

I dont want to go back to the FTP days!!!dailup was hell then. :P plus with ISPs squahing the FTP ablities of the comment users finding such thigns is harder ><

5022.8.2006 13:33

Not really....if you want to be really dirty, you can FTP pharm....I dont condone that so I wont say anymore than that.

5122.8.2006 13:41

svtstang to bad I am in dailup vil >< *L*

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

5225.8.2006 14:24

Hi all, can I just ask, I've been using torrent programs for a good while now and all the protection I used was norton antivirus. I just saw peer guardian been mentioned here so I installed it on my pc. So I just checked some of the blocked history and Wow, it say's "time warner comunications" and "nec incorp" and a whole host of others blocked. I just want to know really when it says it's "blocked" and address? Whatever it's blocking, what is it actually trying to access from your pc and can these guys actually know for sure that your downloading film files ect? I never used peer guardian but now I have it installed and running at all times!! Sandisk

5325.8.2006 14:54

If you want to know the details about how ir works, visit Phoenix Lab's site and browse there forums. When the IP is blocked, its bascially showing dead to the IP scanner (Time Warner for you). Since your IP is not showing as valid, nothing to worry about. Recently, I had a block of, and I wasnt even dl'ing anything. Contacted Fox at Phoenix Labs, and he explained the process. I would ihgly recommend visiting the site also.

5425.8.2006 14:55

@sandisk What peer gurdian is trying to block or is blocking is your computers I.P address from all the co-operation that are trying to track down pirated material or things of that nature. Thats how peer gurdian works.

5525.8.2006 15:05

Thanks guys, I'll have a look at the forums on those sites now. Sandisk

5625.8.2006 15:06

svtstang THEY drag the net and have all kinds of stuff looking into free ports and such 0-o just only have net on and peergaurdain on and see soem of the IPs that tag you now and then 0-o

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

5725.8.2006 18:18

Peer Guardian is also misleading if you dont understand it. It only blocks known IP's, so you wont know you is scanning you untill you get busted one day. BTW, thats how PG takes all the reported IPs and adds them to the block list

5826.8.2006 13:09

now my friend used limewire then stoped will he get sued

5926.8.2006 14:40

highly doubt it

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6026.8.2006 16:33

Heck, if you really want to download; drop all the P2P garbage, leave your stupid torrents, and learn how to use usenet; or get access to a private FTP.
... this guy couldnt be more correct!! Long Live Usenet!!!

6128.8.2006 18:07

i agreee with you guys, FTP rocks, heres an awesome way to implement google as a safe quick FTP search.

6212.11.2006 16:17

well guys, downloading is illegal but we live in 2006 we use and live from internet services . thats why i believe all things in nowdays is legal and illegal . its the same thing. now i have a problem: i use limewire and frostwire and i cant download movies with greek subtitles. any suggestions? nek

6312.5.2007 16:18

im gonna miss limewire
Its starting to suck and itz hard to find my anime there anymore
I think i will stick with mIRC

6412.5.2007 17:50

Why don't they simply move their operation offshore to a nice, neutral country that couldn't give a sh!t about the RIAA or its paid for politicians.

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