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3 Dimensional home television on the horizon

Written by Dave Horvath @ 22 Aug 2006 7:10 User comments (13)

3 Dimensional home television on the horizon It seems like the people over at Philips have been hard at work at trying to 1-up the HDTV market by unveiling a working prototype of a 3-D television set. The WOWvx uses some rather unique technology to accomplish a three dimensional environment without the need of dorky polorized glasses.
Their 42" LCD screen improves upon an old movie trick of sending slightly different images to each eye to seem like our own stereoscopic view of life. But, instead of placing special glasses over the viewers eye to block out images not intended for left/right side, Philips simply places a lens over each one of the many sub pixels that make up the red/green/blue of LCD and plasma screens. These lenses cause light to be refracted at any one of nine angles, thus giving a realistic 3-D effect to the viewer.

The key to this technology is the many points of view. Earlier adaptations of this technology used only two points of view but were hampered by the viewer losing the effect if sitting at an angle to the television. With nine points of view, the viewer can by just about anywhere and still receive the desired effect, with only minimal transition effects.

As of right now, this technology is geared towards the commercial market such as casinos and advertisers at shopping malls. Philips admits that the technology isn't perfected enough to the level that would be expected by the consumer market.

This leaves the possibility of a future of gaming. 3 dimensional games are processed in a 3-D environment, then flattened for the 2-D displays most homes have. What happens if technology such as this is to blossom and 3-D graphics become truly 3-D? Could you deal with Master Chief literally standing beside you in your peripheral vision?


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13 user comments

122.8.2006 8:17

play video games like that would be ace, cant see it in the next 20 years though. still be good is this technology was used in mainstream cinemas

222.8.2006 9:08

would be nice, don't see it in homes anytime in the near future.

322.8.2006 9:35

yeah, watching a movie in the cinema in 3-d would be sweet. would make it worth buying the ticket, but then saying that they'd probably increase the price of the ticket a stupid amount just to watch a movie in 3-D!! Can't Win

422.8.2006 9:56

Great just another reason to smoke pot whe going to the movies lol

522.8.2006 13:05

pot? ....If this would catch on and go to theaters i would have LUCY escort me to the movies and demand they reshow Fear and Lotheing in Los Vegas lmao. Ya thats the ticket

622.8.2006 15:17

If this technology does not hit the consumer market in the next few years it will be because the "content industry" (hollywad) is banking on 3D to get people back into theatres. They may artificially hold back releasing 3D movie content to the consumer market. As the article said, video games are already rendered in 3D so maybe the movie industry will get dragged into home 3D sooner than later whether they like it or not. IMHO it will be available sooner than some of the other posters seem to think. Just my 2 cents.

722.8.2006 17:29

Yeah ! Future of porn in 3D is promising ! :)

822.8.2006 18:10

Hey what about the FIFA world cup in an 80 inch set.

922.8.2006 18:17

I agree with GrayArea, I really think his will be out sooner then later. I can see Hollywood trying to mess with the release of it. I think if HDMI, BlueRay, HDDVD and all there crazyness don't work out, then these TVs will come out sooner. Gaming Grosses more money then Hollywood, correct? By the time these TVs are near perfect the Gaming industry will push for a commercial release. More so games would get better from less $$$$ overhead. They'd probably save tons of money being able to keep the images in 3D.

1023.8.2006 2:22

It would be awesome.Think, the possibilities are endless with this both in movies with cinematic effects like explosions and in games. And the babes!!!!!!!!!!!.....oh sorry I got carried away lol. But it's not gonna happen most likely.Does anyone remember scratch and sniff tv? It's crazy because it was seriously considered for tv's but now I can hardly find a link to it lol.

pc games with gamepad support by tycobb.

1123.8.2006 5:10

What ever happened to the idea of wearing a pair of glasses that span around both sides of your head (for peripheral vision)...and a laser beam that "paints" the image on your eye ? The image is suppose to be about 10 feet infront of you..... almost like a virtual reality headset.

1223.8.2006 8:04

Smell-o-vision? No, the market's not ready. 3-d must come first, then we can talk about smell-o-vision. I must say, however, it will likely be "censored" in many cases. ;)

1324.8.2006 3:03

I don't like the sound of this it seems crazy and just really bad...I mean i like 3D cinema films i've been to see (pretty amazing accutally) but seriously i don't even like surround sound. But this won't get into homes and the highstreet electrical stores for a while i doubt

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