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Send us your ideas how to improve AfterDawn -- win cash!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2006 4:50 User comments (34)

Send us your ideas how to improve AfterDawn -- win cash! As we have been working on for almost eight years now, it quite often happens that we become "blind" to the site's features, navigation, etc. And as the most people who we deal with on daily basis, are regular users of our site, they've managed to develop the same problem, making it impossible to find out how the site looks like and appears to Joe Sixpack who happens to visit the site for the very first time.
In an attempt to "think outside the box", we have set up a competition that asks all of our users to innovate how should work. This can be small things, like bugs that simply drive you crazy that should be fixed immediately which we haven't noticed. Or better yet, a whole new concept how the material on the site should be arranged and made available. Or even a new layout.

There are no rules on what you can suggest -- you can suggest a whole redesign of the layout, an idea for a new section, a fresh way to find content from the quite massive archive of knowledge that we have on our site to small things, like font colors, etc.

The idea can relate to any AfterDawn's section, whether "my", the main site, the forums, the software section, guides, FAQ, etc. Just be creative, don't just improve existing stuff, think a new way how things could be done!

To spice up the competition, we have decided to hand out an official "goodie bag", including our official T-shirt, coffee mug, etc to all the participants who have suggested something that we feel would bring more value to our site.

But, to make it more worthwhile, the best idea will be awarded with cold hard cash -- 1,500 euros to be exact. That's appx. 1,920 U.S. dollars. Whoever wins, will get that cash wired to his/her bank account.

Obviously all the ideas submitted to the contest can (and will) be used for AfterDawn Ltd's business development without royalty, trademark or patent claims.

To participate and read the specific rules for this contest, please visit:

The innovation contest ends 31st of December, 23:59 EST.

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34 user comments

122.8.2006 9:16

ahhh, i already have ideas....

222.8.2006 9:40

Let's get the brains racking! -Mike

322.8.2006 11:40

frist off fix the new comments where mods can esaily remove dumb posts and the repleys to it...sicne some of us cant keep our traps shut and have to comment on off topic thigns >> *raises hand* *L* Next fix the news commnet so you can edit it without haveing to go into the forms and find news,once you edit a commnet it remembers you and lets you edit any of your posts from then on 0-o. Mabye place news comments at the TOP with site news so its easier to find......mabye make a genral gamers board to let gamers bitch moan and whine about games from all systems or at elast bring back cube and other game forums sicne suxs....sicne no one goes there..... cant compalin about much esle...but if I can think of soemthign I'll let yu know :P

422.8.2006 12:14

I've got a feeling there will be many entries to this one :-)

522.8.2006 12:38

no kidding... a 2000 dollar prize!! now all i need is an idea.

622.8.2006 14:15

Now thats what i call a comp :) I'm lucky i have a day off today. I'll get right to it :)

722.8.2006 14:30

I've been thinking of a few things actually: Idea 1:The staff at afterdawn, right after finding the right logo for the site (mine hehe) should redesign the conceptual look for the site. Since there will be a new logo in place, I figure, why not redesign the site, and make it fit the logo. Idea 2: I find the blog section (a member's blog) of afterdawn hold's a lot of promise, and I find it limiting to be offered very few options, like just simply changing the colour scheme, or adding pictures, it should be more elaborate and open to a member's personal creativity. In essence, more tools to be offered to customize your own blog. Idea 3: when accessing the my account menu, I find it should be redesigned, making even more easy and clear to go about from one place to another. Idea 4: I think the colours regarding afterdawn should be more vivid and lively, making it much more similar, to what an afterdawn sighting would be, heh. Idea 5: I find it difficult to find out how I edit my posts, especially since I haven't the foggiest on how to do it. In addition to this, you should add a spellcheck, for member's like Zippydsm for example lol. Sorry Zips. Idea 6: Give afterdawn a fresh new look and feel to it, by reorganizing how things are placed such as articles, the menu, where things are placed, etc Idea 7: Apply a zero tolerance rule regarding insults, and make it clear to members, that only constructive criticisms is permitted, rather than personal attacks. Idea 8: Give members the chance to explore new options regarding posting. Maybe add some colour to the responses, italics, bold, perhaps even site integrated emoticons. Idea 9: Incite member participation on issues relating abuse of power by the RIAA, and other significant members, by taking afterdawn to the next level. Basically, make afterdawn a well known and respected, more so than it already is, by voicing a strong opinion on the public scene. Idea 10: Make being a member more exciting than it already is by coming up with ideas regarding member of the month, or categories awarding recognition and so forth based on various merits... Well, that's all I can think of for now...I will return. Hot_Ice

822.8.2006 14:31

a sugestion I have is to have clean content on user page and user sig.

922.8.2006 14:58

when i first joined here back a year ago i almost got banned for screaming for a new forum system but here is my chance

1022.8.2006 15:27

I think users could benifit from a spellchecker and a "preview" button right next to the "post" button. I would...

1122.8.2006 15:51

Guys I think your supposed to posts your ideas here:

1222.8.2006 18:43

we have coffee mugs?? why wasn't i told about the coffee mugs?!?!?!

1322.8.2006 18:51

darit I blame the catnip it always makes me confused.....but it also makes me alright wth the world.....otherwise I'd be like...crap poeple.......OMG TEH sun...and such things...... hehehehehe

1422.8.2006 20:37

Only thing i see that is needed, Add Tags:(BUTTONS)in our reply box.. for bold image atalicize underline strike through align left align center align right quote..

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1522.8.2006 21:50

the saftly valve could use some work. to many useless threads are started or threads that start trouble. i think before a new thread can be opened in the SV it should have to be ok(ed) by a mod or staff member od aD this would cause less problems.

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 23 Aug 2006 @ 10:07

1623.8.2006 8:11

ireland thats good idea but I thought mods couldn't post ideas???

1723.8.2006 10:03

21Q i wanted that for a very long time as thats why i posted my ideas others will know...

1823.8.2006 10:24

do you mind if I post it for you in the contest page??? but state it your idea and that I strongly agree with it???

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 23 Aug 2006 @ 10:54

1923.8.2006 11:17

21Q I already did before Ireland posted it.

2023.8.2006 11:37


2123.8.2006 14:45

Make A Chat of some sort..Like where the mods of all the diffrent category's can just chat to the perosn that needs help right there and then..So you don't have to keep coming back over a period of time to see if some one posted a post to your thread..A Chat where each main person in the forum ccategory's can sit in there room and then when someone needs instant help they can be right there ready to help..This way maybe more people can get quicker help.Like me :)

2223.8.2006 18:31

How about a steering wheel for navigating the pages and if you want to change the page honk the horn.

2323.8.2006 21:17

Chee5e , we have a chat room here

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2424.8.2006 0:16

How about instead of ending the contest on Dec 31st, we end it mid Nov and then take the 6 remaining weeks to implement the new ideas as a New Year's kickoff......

2524.8.2006 2:55

hehe zippyd thats a good idea thought december was a bit long for it to run for, you should submit it as an improvement.

2624.8.2006 4:05

zippyd: We're actually already implementing some of the ideas received from the contest. You might have noticed some of them, we'll shortly publish a news blurp about the various tweaks we've added to the site.

2724.8.2006 16:06

Hay all been awhile, but figured I'd Q in on this one just to a point! @ aabbccdd About the "i think before a new thread can be opened in the SV it should have to be ok(ed) by a mod or staff member" I somewhat disagree with this idea. When I first learned about afterdawn a couple years ago, I could post a question on forums, and get a response in about 20 min. I feel that unless the mods are monitouring 24/7 that feature will quickly disapear. I do believe though in possibly harsher penilties. Also sometimes a person may not be sure where to put a peticular post..... Alot of console games now are in DVD format. So lets say I have a modded XBOX and want to finger out how to "backup" a game, would I post it to the "XBOX forum" or should I use the DVD+/- forum? Ok maybe bad example......and before I get a whole bunch of answers..... I truly don't care but a true "newbie" might not know. But in conclusion(I think) the main reason I love afterdawn and refer it to everybody I know is because of the rapid response in the forums. I do have adea though..... What about........ ha like I'll tell yall so you can win the money and gifts. LD

2824.8.2006 17:54

You should give newbies, junior members, members, senior members, and afterdawn addicts different privalages. Like more customization on there profile page or something else

2925.8.2006 19:05

i haven't had a new idea in 20 years, but then again no one has put up cash for one--wow!!

3031.8.2006 17:09

You guys forgot edit post and spellcheck, that would be great directly on the post itself.

3131.8.2006 17:51

that would require brain remembering to hit the spell check button,brain doth not compute well.

besides no point in fixing my spelling when my grammar hurts :P
soemtiems better to not understand what the isnane say :P

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

3231.8.2006 21:19

While I don't have specific ideas for changing the site (I like it the way it is) I'd like to suggest if you do succumb to the urge to make changes that you do it slow and do it for good reason. People don't like change for the sake of change.

3315.1.2007 5:02

So what ideas won?

342.2.2007 13:04

I would like to know who won

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