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Plextor announces worlds smallest DVD writer

Written by Dave Horvath @ 25 Aug 2006 10:13 User comments (12)

Plextor announces worlds smallest DVD writer Hardware manufacturer Plextor announced that it will release the world's smallest external DVD Writer, labelled the PX-608CU. In most of the digital manufacturers focusing on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, it had seemed that the faithful DVD writer had fallen to the wayside.
Plextor comes out with their new drive to show that they still have some love left for DVDs. The drive measures a scant 1.6cm (just over 1/2 inch) and weighs a miniscule 250g (1/2 lb) but is feature packed to handle all the usual media, including dual layer, that consumers expect from such devices. Aimed at the laptop market and powered by a USB 2.0 interface, the device does not require it's own power source since it runs off the bus, thus making portability it's top priority.

Plextor has not disclosed pricing on this mini-burner but says expect it to hit their dealer floors by October.

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12 user comments

125.8.2006 10:29

Lol sounds small! Don't really understand how it can burn a dvd larger than its physical size up never mind. Would love to see a picture...

325.8.2006 11:15


425.8.2006 22:10

hey it even supports dvd-ram i might want to get one of these

526.8.2006 2:39

damn if i ever wanted a external DVD burner, id have to have one of those. looks like a portble CD player

626.8.2006 2:57

Damm very small and compact but it only do 8x i need 16x.

726.8.2006 3:27

true alot slower for burning but still it looks like a good burner. might as well get a plextor 18x burner

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827.8.2006 8:30

Will this be expensive? What do you guys think? If it isnt expensive then I would consider buying this! :) (not that I need

928.8.2006 15:02

DamonDash, You burn your movies at 16X?How many coasters did that produce?You can look anywhere on afterdawn,and they will all say never at 16X. 4X all the way and still only takes 8 minutes to burn. Too many burn lines at 16X.

1030.8.2006 4:47

Why Plextor???? Why??? Don't you have a North American dealer? How long do we have to wait for this to hit my side of the world?

1130.8.2006 13:54

It looks pretty, but it doesn't look noticeably smaller than normal burners.

121.9.2006 13:59

I think they mean 1/2" thick...

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