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FairUse4WM successfully strips Windows Media DRM

Written by Dave Horvath @ 25 Aug 2006 11:06 User comments (53)

FairUse4WM successfully strips Windows Media DRM A fairly new application called FairUse4WM has been generating buzz lately as it can single handedly and quite easily strip the DRM placed on Windows Media content for WM 10 and 11.
DRM encryption, as we all know is placed on certain files that prohibits its use on other devices and/or sharing the media file amongst others. Up until now, several applications have come and gone claiming they can successfully strip the DRM standard and allow subscription based videos for Windows Media to be used on several devices. Several websites, including yours truly, have tested the FairUse4WM application and found that it does in fact, very easily strip the DRM and allow said video to be transferred to another device.


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53 user comments

125.8.2006 11:14

Thats a relief

225.8.2006 11:28


325.8.2006 11:41

The game of ping pong continues . . .

525.8.2006 12:12


625.8.2006 12:16

finally an easier way to put my wal-mart downloaded songs to my ipod without having to burn and rerip HURRAYYY!!!!!

725.8.2006 15:01

This is great news. finally the nut has been cracked. :D

825.8.2006 15:04

Nice!! Wonder if Microsoft wil respond with new encyption. But still great victory!!

925.8.2006 15:18

Nice, now if someone can do something with Itunes!

1025.8.2006 15:52

TuneBite should take out the rest of the copy-protection needs. Note that I haven't used this proggy so I don't know what it does.

1125.8.2006 18:12
1225.8.2006 19:12

Too Bad Jhym will not work with the new Itunes :(

1325.8.2006 22:15

Any one else try this yet? Are you getting it to work? I tried it on a song and I am still getting a message that it's still encrypted and can't be converted?

1426.8.2006 6:44

hmmm, seems to work ok, lets try another

1527.8.2006 1:08

Works as described. Just signed up for Napster To Go free trial, downloaded a whole bunch of songs, used this program, transferred to Sansa 2Gb without Napster's software(sync). Good stuff!

1627.8.2006 1:16

Boys Oh Boys! This is WAY COOL NEWS!!! Maybe ol' Willy Gates should temporarily hold off on his Early Retirement plans. :-) Looks like it might be time for MS to come up with a Noo-&-"Improoved" WMP Ver. 13 or 13-B, or 14-Beta alpha or something else equally foolish. (Big bizzness never seems to learn that DRM is an ultimate waste of time). Of course, Microsoft will indeed be scrambling now to offset this newest crack. But in the meantime, I think I'll just download a couple of those 30-day-only .wma restricted-license thingees to see how this new thing works! (Strictly for "educational purposes" you understand). Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!! :-) (No, just kidding). I would never download a crack like this, <ahem> because I are a perfect law-abiding Angel. (And handsome too). ;-)

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1727.8.2006 4:44

are you converting them to another format becaue if I try it says that it is still protected?

1827.8.2006 12:37

it works fine. able to backup my terminator 2 WMV HD no problems, very easy

1927.8.2006 13:01

Have no tried it on Movies, but it's worked great on every song I have tried...

2027.8.2006 15:32

damn ! all the sites i download music and wmv files from are protected with DRM 9 and it can't crack that !

2127.8.2006 19:05

damn ! all the sites i download music and wmv files from are protected with DRM 9 and it can't crack that !
I am guessing that's why the song that I have won't let me convert ??

2227.8.2006 19:18

This is a quote from a memeber at by the name of -LPDad-

This works like a charm...(I tried it out a few days ago..just to see if it works).....Just a heads up for all of you: In order to work you must have at least one DRM enabled file on your computer for which you have the "Key"... This proggy then looks at that valid key, and then uses the info to decrypt the other DRM enabled files for which you do NOT have the key...or for which you want to Un-DRM. The easiest thing to do is to go to a DRM site and download a SAMPLE (for which they supply the key) then you can use that with FairUse4WM). Follow the links in the INFO or google for the DRM-enabled sample. Once you have a valid key then the program works like a charm. ADDENDUM: You can Download a SAMPLE of a DRM-enabled file at Just pick a sample, download it, open Windows Media player and it will tell you that you need a license. Let MediaPlayer get the free license then you are in business. FairUse4WM will then use this to decode the other DRM files. Of Note: This DOES NOT WORK on WindowsDRM-9 files. It WILL WORK on WindowsDRM-10 and DRM-11 files. QUOTE: So far as the yet very quiet forums are claiming, a new app called FairUse4WM can be used to strip Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 (i.e. PlaysForSure, but not WM DRM 9). Have fun.
Just thought I would pass this info on.

2328.8.2006 8:34

Quickshare seems to be dead for this now but you can try this instead: ""

2428.8.2006 13:22

So how does this work for wmv files with DRM on them? I have a movie file on my computer now that I can watch because I have the license but how do I strip it using this program? I don't get where to locate the key.

2529.8.2006 7:39,1895,2009515,00.asp Ouch! Better download everything you can now!

2629.8.2006 21:33

Same old, same old!!! About time someone cracked the shell open and allowed everyone else to reap the benefits!!!

2730.8.2006 15:11

never fear, as it will be recracked when its "FIXED"

2830.8.2006 16:24

i need to give immense praise to "viodentia" for creating this stripper app.

2930.8.2006 18:34

I agree.. I give him Big UP Props too.. and my IPOD thanks him too :)

"Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... Blood screaming inside you to work its will. *I* may be love's bitch, but at least *I'm* man enough to admit it."

301.9.2006 10:04

The URL given doesn't show Fairuse4WM....what am I missing on your URL?

311.9.2006 20:59

The power of the so called "Darknet" is evolving.

321.9.2006 23:28

I've been sort of reading the dark net forems for quite sometime. And also been chatting with a few good men. I can tell you that the moment MS comes up with a fix that it will be cracked. Tunebite for an example does not depend on any black box whatever. It was used way before this little app was invented. Its way slower, but still works with no loss that I can see or hear. So billy boy can just sit and cry. And so can Steve Jobs because this same app cracks iTunes too. Again its a little slower than fairuse4wm. DRM is a Joke and even MS knows it. It was a matter of time. This may be off topic but remember when I posted an idea about Ads Enforcement management (AEM)? Well looks like has taken my idea and ran with it. And even some readers of Slyck and thought it would not work. Well in the month of Dec we'll see how well it will work and with this new cracking tool yoou'll be able to crack the DRM but not the AEM. So the entertainment industry and maybe some of you users can thank Voodoohippie for such a great idea that was copied and no royalties were given to me by the way. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace) Haven't used that in a while.

332.9.2006 8:10

Micro$not will just patch it ..... and it'll b hacked again. And so ... the FIGHT CONTINUES .... :)

344.9.2006 14:36

I was forced today to upgrade the programm with which I can lent digitally music from a library. And it was no surprise to me that FairUse4Wm didn't work any longer with the newly downloaded files. So the library must have used the Microsoft patch to kill FairUse4WM. I'm curious when the next patch to get rid of DRM will appear ....

354.9.2006 15:00

So far so Good, with the service I'm using...

364.9.2006 19:38

@wong99 Did you get the update to fairuse4wm? its now at 1.2. and yes it works still on two services I have files from and even video. So again they lost. becides Tunebite will always crack both the audio and video for months to come. Because it does not depend on the IBX method like fairuse4wm. So even if and that is a BIG if they were to be able to stop fairuse4wm they still have a long way to go to stop Tunebite. So dream on DRM kings dream on DRM IS A JOKE and the laugh is on them. Oh yea how can they depend on M$ when they can't even come up with an operating system that has no bugs in the source code and how long has Windows been out? I rest my case. Laugh My A$$ Off.

374.9.2006 20:50

Hey vudoo, you're right. I did use 1.1. My service still works with 1.2. Thanks for drawing my attention to version 1.2. :)

384.9.2006 21:05

If the people can put a stop to Vietnam, the people can put a stop to DRM.

395.9.2006 22:22

Damn straight. I've told many people when this crap first started in 2003 that they need to join EFF and fight to the bitter end against anti fair use. And becides you can use AEM (Ads Enforcement) to pay the artists. And well finally copied my idea and made it available to the public. The entertainment industry will see that there is $$ to be made via this type of service. So much that I bet most people will shy away from Limewire, Ares, Kazaa (crap most smart people don't use that anymore) and go the legal route (although they'll use fairuse4wm 1.2 or higher) and get their content from a virus free service. At first many people made fun of me. Now its time we can all stand firm. Thanks to the creator of fairuse4wm and I know his code name but won't give it out here. I hope of he's reading this that he'll continue posting the updates and keep using anonymous proxies that change like a gatling gun.

4010.9.2006 9:47

Hi i am wondering if anyone can help me, i have the T2 HD DVD since last christmas and i have been unable to play it die the the fact of DRM technology and i live in Ireland, it tells me coz i dont live in the US i cant have a license to play it. i noticed you said you backed urs up, do you know of anyway i could play my dvd using this software, or even any other way to play it. Many Thanks Dom

4115.9.2006 11:25

Can anyone direct me to a link to download this software that is current.

4223.9.2006 8:38

Is this still working for every one? I recently had to reinstall windows and now it's not working.

4323.9.2006 9:53

It's working fine for me on the serice I use.. I have NOT done any updates to windows in the past month though.. so I'm guessing your ok if you dont do a windows update...

I'm behind a firewall and linux box firewall so it's all good...

"Love isn't brains, children, it's blood... Blood screaming inside you to work its will. *I* may be love's bitch, but at least *I'm* man enough to admit it."

4415.10.2006 7:40

Using WM 10, and tried to use FairUse4WM 1.3(?) got an error of IBX components not found. Any suggestions?

4516.10.2006 20:39

I'm using 1.3 with WMP 10 and it works great. If your trying to crack WMP 11 I think your gonna find it harder. I believe that there will be newer updates to Fairuse4WM soon. @ Dom If you want to play DvD's anywhere in the world without a Region code you'll need to use AnyDVD to crack the CSS code and to take any Prohibitions in user operations. This is why I dissagree with any sort of copy protection because it is not compatible with all devices in every situation.

4619.10.2006 15:26


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4710.4.2007 21:26

i download industrial.wmv from then i use`with fairuse4wmv
but it not work,,is it my window media player must be 11?
pls`reply me..

4822.12.2007 1:59

I've yet to see an update to the 1.3 app. I read that there was a sort of patch for it, but then the person tried to write their own version of fairuse4wm since the program seemed to be a closed source piece of software. Till then just use Tunebite. It works really well and I've been able to back my purchased video Downloads with it. It works very will with purchased tunes from iTunes, Yahoo, Napster, Urge and more.

Or you could just go to a russian site to buy your movies and music. One like for movies and work very well. Of course the MPAA and RIAA are crying foul because they believe their not getting enough royalties from these Russian sites. Truth is that the Russian court proved that since the Russians are paying royalties for Movies and Music that come in from the US it is not outside of the law. is going ad supported soon (an idea I've posed about in many forums). Yes you can Download and copy all you want, but their going to enforce some sort of AEM (Ads Enforcement Management) like the type I've mentioned. Too bad I didn't patent this idea. I could have become a very Rich man by now.

4922.12.2007 10:52

Originally posted by helpppp:
i download industrial.wmv from then i use`with fairuse4wmv
but it not work,,is it my window media player must be 11?
pls`reply me..
Still looking for info ?

Read all about what you need to make fairuse4wmv work right

If you can't find it PM me

5030.12.2007 11:15

Hmmm...running Vista with all latest updates and this doesn't work. I've read elsewhere (, that a Windows patch stopped Fairuse4wm working. Does anyone know which update I need to remove to get this working?

I'm running WMP 11 (11.0.6000.6344).


5130.12.2007 13:14

Look at my post just before yours. You are probably going to need two things now

FairUse4WM 1.3 Fix-2 and Mirakagi

If you can't find PM me

5230.12.2007 15:14

I'd already checked and yes, I'm using both tools (should have made that clear).

Have PM'ed you, so hope you get my message.


5330.12.2007 16:48

Still doesn't work, even with WMP 11.0.6000.6324.

I get the "provide interoperability for Windows Media Files has stopped working" message.

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