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Microsoft confirms Toshiba will produce Zune

Written by Dave Horvath @ 25 Aug 2006 17:27 User comments (9)

Microsoft confirms Toshiba will produce Zune In a leaked filing with the FCC, its been uncovered that Japanese hardware giant, Toshiba will partner with Microsoft on the upcoming "iPod killer". In the filing, it was discovered that Microsoft will release a 30Gb Zune with wireless internet capabilities before the end of this year.
Analysts predict the Zune will be direct competition to the market leading iPod in the digital music market. Microsoft hopes to take away a good portion of the market from it's rival Apple. They've also stated that the Zune's success will hinge on whether or not the unit will allow you to download music from the built in wireless.

No price has been released yet for the Zune, but if Microsoft's track record for competing prices holds true, consumers can expect to pay close to the same amount as they would for Apple's product.


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9 user comments

125.8.2006 18:54

as much as I beleive that microsoft is a SOFTWARE company and should focus only on software, anything that is meant to hurt apple I'm 100% down for.

225.8.2006 19:22

I wish they'd make something thats easier on the average consumer's wallet. For example, a music player with 1gb of storage, with a SD slot/usb slot for expandibility later on if the consumer desires to do so. Keep costs down, more attractive price point. Then i'd buy one.

326.8.2006 0:33

I really want to see what it looks like to be honest, i dare say they've spend to much on flashy looks and GUI than use or battery.

426.8.2006 16:29

I found a screen shot with a little google search of "zune"

526.8.2006 16:38

I hope that isn't what it looks like. Not nearly enough buttons to be functional, and its just plain ugly.

627.8.2006 10:16

I have an old phone Nokia 1110 that no longer has its sim card - is there any way i can retrieve a duplicate sim card if i only know the ime1 number. I have tried using an old sim card that i had for another phone but because I couldnt recall the code i am now blocked. CAN ANYONE HELP. i DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE PHONE NUMBER WAS FOR THE NOKIA :o(

728.8.2006 21:29

Unless the Zune kicks some serious ass, I'm sticking with my Creative Zen V:M.

831.8.2006 18:02

Ipod is more fashion than a ture Gadget that improves as it ages....Creative and others just make a better product but then they dont have the DRM distro that comes with the market dominace...mmmmm.. I guess if MS really wants to fight apple they will have to improve the gadget quickly other wise it will be ignored by thos who want the fashion acc or thos that want a great device....

96.9.2006 3:23

I'm sick of hearing people who can't afford iPods say that they're just fashion statements or they hate Apple. Makes you sound like a real ass. My iPod video is wrapped in a black velcro case and covered in sweat from the gym. The iPod is superior to other players for a number of reasons. Which is why it has over 70% of the market share. I have a 1gb Creative cause I needed one that uses regular batteries for a climb. Great player. Nothing wrong with it at all. But to say it's better than an iPod is silly.

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