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SanDisk fights tough with Sansa c200

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Sep 2006 20:18 User comments (9)

SanDisk fights tough with Sansa c200 SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of flash data storage card products has taunted market leader Apple with the price of its latest MP3 player. The flash-based Sansa c200 series MP3 player comes in two capacities; 1GB and 2GB. The 1GB model has a suggested retail price of $79.99 and the 2GB model has a suggested retail price of $99.99. Compare those to the iPod Nano prices of $149 (1GB) and $199 (2GB).
The player has everything you would come to expect; support for the WMA, MP3 and the protected WMA DRM formats (supports subscription services through Microsoft's PlaysForSure), photo displaying abilities with its bright LCD screen, 15 hours playback from the user replaceable lithium-ion battery, a voice recorder and an FM tuner/recorder with presets for 20 channels.

Additionally, if you fill the player with music, you can also use a SanDisk microSD™ card, which currently is available in capacities of from 256 megabytes (MB) to 2GB for extra storage. The player is 1.3" x 3.1" x .6" and weighs about 1.51 ounces with battery. The SanDisk c200 is expected to be available from retailers in the U.S. and Europe in October, with other regions following later.

The device was shown at IFA, the world's largest consumer electronics show, where SanDisk is exhibiting at Booth 103, in Hall 2.1 of Messe Berlin, through Sept. 6. "The c200 has some of the characteristics of SanDisk's award-winning e200 series, including a small and sleek design and a microSD memory card slot that allows for expansion opportunities," said Keith Washo, SanDisk retail product marketing manager for the c200. "We believe that the c200, with its great price point, will give consumers an attractive set of features normally found in players costing much more."

SanDisk (Press Release)

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9 user comments

11.9.2006 20:54

I love it! Our choices as consumers gets better and better. I sold My Ipod a while ago and am now using a 15$ 256mb Sandisk player I bought from and it works great. Im much happier now that I dont have my Ipod, it was too pricey and I was much to frightened to drop the dumb thing.

22.9.2006 7:23

Looks pretty good, but like i always way with MP3 players, people have no reason to switch if they are currently happy with their iPods or whatever

32.9.2006 12:40

Yeah, of course everyone already has one of those, so why buy this??? (looks around)

42.9.2006 13:47

This is a good nano alternative. I myself have a 20gb iPod and dont take it to school because out of fear of it being stolen. But something with this sizeand expandability options at this price i could afford to take one to school and not worry as much? Cant wait till they hit stores :~)

52.9.2006 17:12

If you don't want it to be stolen...keep it in your pockets and stay in sight of people! That, and be fit, if your obese or something, you're f***ed. P.S. I would rather have this instead of a Nano but Nano comes with style, which I think is a strong selling point!! P.S. #2 When there is a new series of nano's such as 6 Gb's, this one will simply be upgradeable! 2 gb plus a 6 GB microSD card! Of course, they dont exist as of right now but when there is a new nano many things will come and many things that are now in their prime will be cheaper (such as a 2 GB microSD card!)

62.9.2006 19:04

About stuff being stolen. I had a handheld pc I was using and locked it in my gym locker, needless to say it was stolen and the school obviously doesnt have cameras in the locker rooms so nothing ever happened really. Best I could figure, someone in a school sport at that time had seen me using it somewere and brought a pair of lock cutters in his duffel bag. They found my lock in the garbage and it had been cut and since it happened in the fall it was someone on the football team.

"Some people have no damn sense." - Nephilim, March 27 2007 @ 18:08

73.9.2006 14:17

if they make it play ogg music files,i'll buy a bunch of them lol, go sandisk kick apples A**

84.9.2006 1:53

I like sandisk. I have a 1g flash drive. And its the best. I would have to wait and see this for myself b4 i would go out and buy this cause i would really still perfer the Ipod.

95.9.2006 9:06

Did you need to see your iPod prior to purchase, one should always check out what they are buying prior to purchase or be prepared to throw your monies away. I really like the iPods however they are not worth the price you pay and THIS is a prime example why. It's about time someone makes a unit that can except external media, way to go SanDisk, RIO, Creative, and Archos pay attention. That is one reason I've always used my PDA but it is bigger/bulky and now that memory comes in small form factors this is the way to go. Worth looking at...

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