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Asia excluded from new iTunes movie service

Written by Ben Reid @ 14 Sep 2006 14:54 User comments (6)

Asia excluded from new iTunes movie service In the wake of the recent upgrade to its iTunes Store, Apple Computer has said its new movie service will not be available in much of Asia anytime soon.
The company launched the latest addition to its market-leading Music Store service in the United States on Tuesday, adding scores of Disney movies to its vast online library.

But due to problems with rife piracy, and a failure to agree licensing arrangements with record and movie companies, Asia, the world's fastest growing digital market, has been shut out.

"We cannot comment on the specifics but it is true that iTunes is not available in Asia," said Tony Li, Apple's marketing director for Asia. That goes for music and movies."

In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and Australia are the only countries with access to the iTunes Store. Some labels have even refused to allow their songs into the Japanese service, in spite of the fact that it's now the world's second largest consumer of music after the United States.


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6 user comments

114.9.2006 20:51

Prudent move. But would it really help?

215.9.2006 15:47

It's like putting a "DETOUR" sign in the path of a flood.

315.9.2006 16:26

Detour sign - that's funny.

415.9.2006 18:59

retarded itunes. That is why almost everyone diwnloads music illegally. Because they have to put up with S^&t like that from you guys.

516.9.2006 14:48

Man this Itunes thing is a load of crapp. I only have installed it cause i have to use it too transfer the mp3's i have got on to the ipod. Otherwise i would have just dragged and dropped if that choice was available. If we dont have access to the new download movie section. It will just mean we have to find it somewhere else.

618.9.2006 6:04

thes is rialy a god news for iTunes

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