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Wii in December 8 in Europe

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 15 Sep 2006 13:51 User comments (16)

Wii in December 8 in Europe Nintendo Wii's launch dates in November 19th in US and December 2nd in Japan will be accompanied with European launch in December 8th. With the delayed launch of PlayStation 3, because of Sony's internal delay in Blu-ray-components, Wii will be the only debuting console to hit the Christmas sales in Europe.
The package will be identical compared to the US and Japanese version of the console. It will include one remote controller, one nunchuck controller and the sports game collection Wii Sports. The recommended retails price for the console is £179/249 euros ($334/$315).

The Australian launch date was also revealed, in December 7 Wii will be sold for AU$399.95 ($301/238€/£160). Additional controler can be bought for a price of £29 (39 euros) for a remote, £14 (19 euros) for a nunchuck, and £14 (19 euros) for the classic controller.


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16 user comments

115.9.2006 15:19

I like what the WII has to offer and might pick up one in February !

215.9.2006 15:53

wow this must be nice for nintendo to get 3 month headstart in europe on sony

315.9.2006 23:17

already heard about this, might get one after christmas maybe...

415.9.2006 23:21

ofolion I want to get one ASAP bu I have Xmas stuff to get and it takes 3 months to get stuff so I cant get it this year I also want to wait till Metroid prime 3 is out and get it and Zelda TWP at the same time :3

516.9.2006 4:31

wil defintaly get one of these, either before or after christmas!! for that price!!! i think i may be able to persuade my little bro to ask for one for christmas. hehehe

616.9.2006 14:52

The Australian launch date was also revealed, in December 7 Wii will be sold for AU$399.95 ($301/238€/£160). Additional controler can be bought for a price of £29 (39 euros) for a remote, £14 (19 euros) for a nunchuck, and £14 (19 euros) for the classic controller.
This to me is a reasnable price for a console. I would really like to go out and check this console out in person too see how good it is. I mainnly look at ease of game play and good software titles and good to excellent graphics. So far ps3 is on top of my list.

716.9.2006 14:57

borhan9 Mmm if your going for a PS3 save the 300-400 you might spend on a WII and use it for Sonys monster 0_o

816.9.2006 15:11

@ZIppyDSM I just bought a new 30g Ipod Video and it will be at least another 12 months before i buy something new in the hardware department. I have a ps2 that i dont use at all now. I really need to get it mooded and havent found a place to do it for me. So I just stick to my PC at the moment and the main thing i do is DVD Backups.

916.9.2006 15:21

borhan9 ^^ well even in 3 years the PS3 will be 500 with acouple games and the needed acc's. ah well pick what you want and go for it ^^ I just got a Xbox and 6 games for 120 ^^ plus I am still going thru DQ8 on the PS2 I am drowning in games at the moment..altho I a thinking of getting a keyboard/mouse adapter for the Xbox becuse one of the games I have is dimly thouhgt out and use's the right thumb to aim with ><,its a action RPG with some fps modes,Sudeki is the game I am getting so tired of devs not putting in control they just forget that 20-40% of gamers are not right handed or disabled in someway >< Or I can get buy the PC version of the game the game is not bad persay it just suffers from play control issues.

1016.9.2006 15:27

ZippyDSM I know wjat u mean about the disability thing. I have mild CP. but i like playing consoles and coputers cause it works on my hand and eye coordination. I am also left handed. Well nonne of these consoles have hit aussie yet well besides the Xbox 360. Ill wait for all of them to hit our shores and then compare.

1116.9.2006 15:34

borhan9 I am not left handed I am a south paw(Nintendo 64) add learning disablities and I jsut cant fcking grasp how to use my right thumb to aim with it just is not happeneing. I mean my god what are these idoits doing crippleing games left and right and not puting in options,nintendo dose it to now adays ....sigh I am looking for a simple pad remapper that can remap a pad but so far the only way to do that is via emulation.....

1217.9.2006 12:37

Looks like a promising idea. I'll end up not saying I'll buy one, but buying one anyway!

1319.9.2006 7:53

I may or not buy this. We'll just have to wait and see...

1419.9.2006 7:57

I jut found out they broke Zelda TWP into 2 games one for the GC and one for the WII,the GC one will run on the WII and only use a GC pad..thats rather annoying and pointless..... it would have been cheaper for everyone to just add a bonus disc if the GC disc couldn't hold all the content but now its 2 whole fing games....

1519.9.2006 8:00

So it's split into two parts - the first part for GC and the second part for Wii????

1619.9.2006 8:08

sammorris Nintendo is not that evil,so far I can only find out the main diffrance being WII for WII remote and GC for GC pad...that however is evil...

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