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Sony Ericsson joins digital music market

Written by Ben Reid @ 19 Sep 2006 15:36 User comments (5)

Sony Ericsson joins digital music market Cellphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson on Tuesday became the latest in a long line of companies to enter the digital music download market by announcing its new offering, M-BUZZ. The main goal of the new service is to promote fresh and up-and-coming artists.
Two phones will initially offer the service, the W850 and W950 Walkman handsets which were announced earlier this year. Both phones will debut European, Asian and Latin American markets later this year, however, the the new service will not be available to North American consumers - at least not to begin with.

"Today's announcement is another great example of the cooperative spirit that exists between Sony Ericsson and other Sony Group companies, which gives us a unique opportunity to bring appealing, innovative content to our mobile phones," said Miles Flint, president of Sony Ericsson.

The offering is a development of the company's PlayNow service, which previously allowed customers to sample and purchase ringtones using their handsets.

Material available through the new service is set to include music videos, songs, biographies, tour schedules, as well as other content.

M-BUZZ, which is expected to go live October 2, may eventually expand to offer a more commercialized library, however, it is not in Sony Ericsson's immediate plans.


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5 user comments

119.9.2006 17:29

How about designing a phone that gets a better SIGNAL??!!!

219.9.2006 18:12

limelight: How about designing a phone that gets a better SIGNAL??!!! hahhahaha

321.9.2006 13:19

To me it looks like another one jumping on the band wagon of this digital music world we are in now. What a company should come up with is a program that is flexible to let the user transfer music files from any device and the software should be freeware and use windows engine to transfer the files to the different devices. That would be my dream.

421.9.2006 14:34

thats everyone's dream, but cuz its freeware it would not be made by a company. rather some random person

510.10.2006 18:12

I do know that sony walkman phones are free to transfer music to and you dont have to have any software. Just a computer a with a usb cable or bluetooth or IFRed.

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