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Microsoft sues FairUse4WM

Written by Dave Horvath @ 27 Sep 2006 17:30 User comments (21)

Microsoft sues FairUse4WM One of our diligent readers (xhardc0re) stumbled across a nice update to the FairUse4WM software reported a bit over a month ago. The software was released to the internet community to combat the DRM encryption put on digital media by Microsoft Corporation. In recent news, Microsoft has been tracking these people down in an attempt to file a lawsuit claiming the developer of the software somehow illegally gained access to their very own encryption source code.
Microsoft attempted to patch the source code to prevent FairUse4WM from doing what it does so well, but the developer of the software, known by the pseudonymn "Viodentia" updated his own code and was back in business. Microsoft's lead attorney, Bonnie MacNaughton was quoted in saying, "Our own intellectual property was stolen from us and used to create this tool. They obviously had a leg up on any of the other hackers that might be creating circumvention tools from scratch."

Viodentia quickly posted a web submission stating, "FairUse4WM has been my own creation, and has never involved Microsoft source code. I link with Microsoft's static libraries provided with the compiler and various platform SDK (software development kit) files."


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21 user comments

127.9.2006 17:43

lol! when will MS learn

227.9.2006 18:13

Ha Ha Ha so microsoft provided the guy with the code in a indirect way, lols, hilarious

327.9.2006 18:23

I don't think Viodentia would be stupid enough to use M$ source code. He created a perfectly legal tool that is used so consumers can have their Fair Use rights on the stuff they buy over the internet that is crippled with DRM.

427.9.2006 19:50

drm is just not doing anyone any good. its easy to get around and only creates more problems for legit users. peopel who are gunna steal the music are going to find a way no matter what, but everyone else has to deal with their actions.

527.9.2006 20:44

M*cro$oft is very hot about this issue, they responded to this a Hell of a lot faster than the WMF virus that threatened every computer on Earth. It took them a week to even respond to it. I wouldn't be the least surprised if they sued DOOM9 to get at the server logs & find out Vio***ia identity. This has all the major players in the M.A.F.I.A.A. very concerned. The best way you can help is spread this file to every person you know, and give M$ a huge P.I.T.A. with the media companies that are breathing down their necks.

627.9.2006 23:03

the infringement by Defendents constitutes interference with Microsoft's goodwill and customer relations
ROFLMAO..... what customer relations? What goodwill? I think the case should be thrown out for this blatant lie listed among the allegations....

727.9.2006 23:41

FairUse4WM is in my emule, Micro$noft can kiss my a$$. One google will find a download...

828.9.2006 1:25

Well maybe this bloke was an Ex-employee and got the boot and now hes taking he's revenge. :) If more and more of us get up and take a stance on this issue maybe it can make a change.

928.9.2006 1:55

If more and more of us get up and take a stance on this issue maybe it can make a change.
the best stance is not to buy DRM at all whether it be apple or windows or whatever. bypassing the the DRM to transfer it one way or another is not exactly taking a stance... just avoiding the problem itself which is the DRM. people moan and groan so much about DRM but it's obviously selling well. just like any other product on the market- if it doesn't sell they quit making it.

1028.9.2006 5:37

He should release the code on the internet. That way, production should never stop!

1128.9.2006 10:49

People should just use tunebite, it isnt illegal at all since it does not in any way change the original file. It also works with any kind of file structure.

1228.9.2006 12:26

Hey peeps! Firstly, why is everyone blocking out micrsofts name with stars and things? Am i missing something? Also, i dont really know what DRM is, but this stuff intrigues me. And, is this program officially illegal or something now? Someone said that the best thing to do is spread the program around and give to as many peoples as possible, thats why i asked if it was illegal. Otherwise you could just upload the install file on something like or something. Excuse my ignorance, but kindly fill me in.

1328.9.2006 13:23

I for one don't have DRM infested music. I've got Viodentia's little file as a 'rebel yell'.

1429.9.2006 5:13

I don't have DRM because I don't have it turned on in my player, because I didn't used the defualts when setting up MediaPlayer for the first time. The only way I would need to deal with this is if I downloaded music from one of the various sites, not going to happen, or if a friend wanted to play there DRM on my PC, but why would they DRM their music. This is a great tool and I get a kick out of the biggest thiefs in the industry getting upset becuase someone else has stole from them, if that is true.

1529.9.2006 7:30

haha im glad that DRM crap has been hacked!!! microsoft cant stop us!!

1729.9.2006 9:49

i love it, microsoft caused themselves a headache and that now it backfired, you are all fools.

1829.9.2006 16:20

i have a question about DRM. is that when you go to use media player and it says you need a certificate to play this media? I +tried to play an mp3 a friend downloaded, and it said I need a certificte to play this file. I siad no to the download. Or is this something else?

1930.9.2006 14:44

If the guy or whoever can do this off his own back I think they should leave hime alone. How much money do these companies need anyway.Monopolies Baaaah! Anyway at least he's shown them that there are still some flaws in their coding.They should thank him.

204.10.2006 9:12

@kevinv, Yes indeedee... Download the tool above and you should be OK for the most part. You will also need to get some DRM samples from one of the WEB sites online to decrypt though unless this has been changed in the new release which I haven't looked at yet. RIAA/MPAA - I wouldn't call them a Monopoly they are a Union but these days that is the same difference unfortunately.

219.10.2006 12:26

Is there any way that anyone can find out about my friend (cough) using this? I sure wouldn't want him him (cough) to get into any trouble...

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