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BSAA doubles reward to stop software pirates

Written by Ben Reid @ 04 Oct 2006 16:58 User comments (17)

BSAA doubles reward to stop software pirates The Business Software Association of Australia (BSAA), the Australian software industry's "pirate hunters" have doubled the reward on offer to anyone willing to turn over pirates using illegitimate business applications.
The organization, which claims to be "dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world," has announced that there would now be $10,000 reward offered to anyone dobbing in copyright thieves.

BSAA chairman Jim Macnamara said the group realised that the previous $5000 bounty was below international standards, while also conceding that claiming the reward is not a straightforward process.

Those willing to co-operate have to do more than just identify a suspected pirate. Informants are required to sign affidavits and "be involved in a legal process," Mr Macnamara added, a process which can be time-consuming.

Mr Macnamara also believes that Australia's 31% piracy rate is still too high by world standards.

Australia has yet to see any criminal cases for software piracy, but has assisted in some US-initiated actions.

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17 user comments

14.10.2006 17:09

hmm, they are trying to use us against us... great... rat out a pirate and recieve 10 Gs

24.10.2006 19:14

mmmm....I wonder if i rat myself out will i get 10Gs...

34.10.2006 20:22

I wonder if sending in information and knowledge of corporations that are pirating from each other gain you anything other than a glare 0_o

45.10.2006 3:13

Two words...Good Grief

55.10.2006 7:08

Is that $10.000 Austrailian dollars? Thats like um 4000 uk pounds

65.10.2006 8:25

nptwenty whatever it is its not enough to make up for loseing all the free software you'd be getting just to snitch on someone 0_o not to mention they will be watching you closely so they can add another catch of the day to their net.

75.10.2006 11:32

Are they serious? I don't know anyone that would snitch.

85.10.2006 12:34

Assuming the benefactor were to use the reward money to legitimize their own pirated software, is 10k really enough? I think Australia can do better ... the Adobe suite alone is nearly 1/5 that amount.

95.10.2006 14:20

midnightm - There are plenty of people who would snitch. Two words, "Disgruntled Employee".

105.10.2006 14:52

Come on people of the world, let's not turn on each other. The internet would not be as fun anymore!

So many movies, so little time!!

115.10.2006 15:15

With that price offer, millions of people will begin to snitch in hope of getting paid. The govt is out to put ourselves against each other, and money talks to everyone.

125.10.2006 15:46

Kevin726 maybe for 10mill USD I would become a snitch and log all my doings... 10 mill would suffice. to put up with the aggravation of begin of corpate whore...

135.10.2006 17:00

10 k, anyone that would snitch, obviously doesn't know the legal system, and anyone in their right mind, wouldn't want the 10 k, and just mind their own business. Unless of course, they have nothing to do, are desperate for a sum of money, which of course, if you prosecute help prosecute the person, when he comes out of jail or pays a hefty fine, will turn his gaze upon the "rodent" who snitched on him or her, and would probably want revenge, by planting his or her's pirated copies! lol. A soap Opera scenario. But seriously, the legal system is lenghty, who would want to volunteer for something like that?

146.10.2006 6:06

hot_ice Long time no see I hope you are well ^^ I ,like most people have a price however that price starts at 10milloin for small things and 1 billion for large things.

157.10.2006 19:24

i said stop hitting me, ny head is very very soft (and hollow)

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167.10.2006 20:03

Should double the rewards against spammers, reported.

178.10.2006 1:57

first pointless spammer of the day got a boot up the backside, the thread can now continue

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