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No PSP price cut this year

Written by Ben Reid @ 06 Oct 2006 0:37 User comments (19)

No PSP price cut this year Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the US price of its Playstation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming system will not be lowered, at least not this year. It also said that the library of available games will double to around 230 by the end of the year.
"We don't necessarily see the need to cut the price," said John Koller, a product manager at Sony. "We need to offer broader value and introduce new consumers to what the PSP can do."

The PSP, which Sony began retailing last year, is currently priced at $200 without some original add-ons, or at $250 as a bundle which includes the device, a movie and a memory card.

But Koller says there will be around 110 new titles available by the end of 2006, which will bring the total roster to around the 230 mark.

He also added that the company will soon reveal details of how the PSP is to integrate with its eagerly awaited next-gen game console, the PlayStation 3, which is penned to hit stores in November.


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19 user comments

16.10.2006 1:20

I'm not a fan of hand-held video-gaming machines, nor do I know very much about them, however, I just don't understand why anyone would want a (regular) PSP, IF Sony delivers on it's often-delayed promise to release it's newer PlayStaton 3, which - despite it's likely ridiculously-high initial retail price - will also probably be light-years ahead of the older PSP in what it can do. In other words, why would anyone want a PSP if in fact the PlayStaton 3 is just around the corner? Are these, two, fundamentally-different machines in terms of what they do? Another thing I don't understand...

He added that Sony would soon detail how the PSP would integrate with Sony's highly anticipated next-generation game console, the PlayStation 3, which is due in November.
My question is, WHY would anyone want to "integrate" the older PSP technology with the newer PlayStation 3 technology (???) That's sort-of like hooking up a small, battery-operated monaural audio-cassette player to an extensive 5.1 surround-sound home theater audio system. It just doesn't make any sense to me. In the gaming-sense only, don't the two units do pretty much the same thing anyway? And if you *had* a sparkling, brand-new PlayStation 3 machine, why would you want to 'integrate' it with something older, unless the older PSP machine can do something that the newer PlayStation 3 cannot. (??) Like I say, I know very little about gaming consoles, and perhaps it shows. <gg> My only interest in the PlayStation 3 relates to it's Blu-ray movie-playing capability. And I'm glad that Sony (if only in the USA and/or Japan) is finally going to release the PlayStation-3, so that poor Dela can stop pulling his hair out in frustration. ;-) Hang-in there Dela! The European shores will be awash in overpriced PlayStation-3's before you know it! Regardless of where the PlayStation first gets released, the *sooner* it goes on sale the better. That will give all those early-adopter-types (shades of Dela) a further opportunity to pull some more of their hair out as they cope with all the bugs, glitches and early problems that the unit will probably have, while the rest of us read about your woes, take studious notes, watch as the various patches, hacks, firmware upgrades and work-arounds materialize, and just wait for the price to go down-down-down. Might not be so bad if the Blu-ray system in general wasn't so as-yet un-finalized. There's still a lot of unanswered questions about Blu-ray technology in general. [My observations from an admitted non-gamester].

26.10.2006 3:46

Another 100 odd games aye? and heres me thinking the PSP was a dead system. The whole PSP integration thing will be very minor for most games, i believe the example going around is it being used as a rearview mirror for racing games and stuff like that, nothing major (yet). probably will have unlockable content like games like Socom do, were you link them together and stuff is unlocked on both systems. The Ps3 has been finalized, and game designers have their dev systems (meant to actually run really smoothly, not to noisly and no over heating issues yet) so the BD drive has actually been completed, but some more details would be good.

36.10.2006 5:38

The Play Station Portable(PSP) was made to compete against Nintendo's Dual Screen(DS) console in the hand held market, as well as portable media players such as the Ipod. The PSP and PS3 are not comparable because they were designed for different segments of the gaming market. The PSP is not "older technology" it is actually on top in terms of hardware compared to its competition in the portable hand held market. The PSP and PS3 are completely differnt machines in terms of size and hardware, it would be impossible to fit a Playstation 3 in your pocket. The PSP has a screen that is apporx twice the size of an Ipod Video, it is able to play movies, MP3s and Games. The PSP's weakness is the amount of top selling games that it has produced compared the DS, that is why Sony is focusing on the quality of games instead on cutting the price. It is not like connecting a cassette player to a THX system. It's more like connecting your Ipod to a brand new Mac. Hope This Helps.

46.10.2006 5:44

I have to admit that I'm starting to dislike Sony more and more. They had the lead in the gaming market a couple of years ago. 'Nough said.

56.10.2006 6:36

the PSP is dead and its Sonys falut they didnt put any effort into its line up it was a bit pricey to start with and they didnt get enough 3rd party people on board,that aid the PSP is a great gadget once you remove their handicapped firmwre I swear they could have had a 30-60% boost in all sales if they just didnt kep fcking with the firmware and let people have their homebrews and midea palyers....

66.10.2006 8:04

this pisses me of moreso because how f**king long has it been since the psp has been out? [***EDIT***] ?!!!?! [***EDIT***] omFG! they say "oh we cut if to 200" but no they did not. now to play anything you have to get reemed up your wallets arse for a new memory card and a good game. the price needs to be 200 for the value-pack and 150 for the sh!t-pack, because its almost 2 years later. i got my psp stolen and told myself i'd wait for a price cut to get another. well low and behold sony [***EDIT***] in their a$$es still to recover from such a huge hole made by the ps3's illiterate planning team. cut the price by spring, increase battery life, and get some good!t.

(pent-up anger ranting over.. anyone else feel with me?)

Yes, I can feel your anger, anubis66, but please, .... go easy on the expletives, ok? (thanx)-- A_Klingon --

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76.10.2006 8:15

anubis66 *hugy* *L* well they have to chrage twice what tis worth because the system is dieing and they are bleeding money ^^

86.10.2006 10:03

Price cut or not, I'm still not interested in playing a bunch of rehashed PS2 games. And I still think the DS is way more fun and innovative.

96.10.2006 10:29

the ds is ugly, inferior, and pointless. it makes you look like a child to hold that chincy look grey block. i dont wanna use two screens and a stylus, hows my hand supposed to use the dpad? im left handed.

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106.10.2006 10:37

anubis66 They always forget lefties and they are starting to forget southpaws. I have a DS its not that bad and the touch screen makes a nice analog pad its not perfect could use more deving the PSP just lacks another analog nub and they could make a killing not trying to cripple it frimware wise.

116.10.2006 10:38

Achilles3 thats why the PSP sucks the games if it had solid game support 2 analog nubs for better porting of PS1/PS2 stuff it could live in the DS shadow but as it is its a half assed system with half assed games the only up side to it is it can be easily moded into a portable multi emulation and media playing player. aww shoot I wrote this then my sat net was out for 5 min.I took a walk and see it was not psoted....ah well I will psot it still...

126.10.2006 11:42

the psp rules.... if your 12.

136.10.2006 11:45

georgeluv but but the DS has better games for 6-12 year olds 0-o

147.10.2006 1:55

* anubis66 :

I (briefly) edited your post above. Too many 4-letter words, you know? Please be nice. You're getting spittle all over your keyboard. <gg>

* diabolic :

*Thank you* for the machine explanations! They do indeed help a lot for newbs like myself not familiar with these devices.

Quote: would be impossible to fit a Playstation 3 in your pocket.
Excellent! (I wouldn't want to). The more substancial in size the Playstation 3 turns out to be, the more I will like it. (More robust).

I just hope it will have a decent, not-too-restrictive (DRM'd) output for a hi-res monitor. Despite it's high initial cost, it still appears it will be cheaper than the initial sparse lineup of stand-alone Blu-ray players I've been reading about.

Kool ! :-)

If I'm going to be scarfing-up the high cost of new hi-res Blu-ray movie discs, it would be nice to have something (relatively) inexpensive to play them back on.

157.10.2006 12:49

pardon me, its just a heavy issue i have with sony. i censored, but i guess not enought.

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167.10.2006 19:19

you big fat meanies

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177.10.2006 19:51

^^people really are stupid, spammer reported.

188.10.2006 1:59

first pointless spammer of the day got a boot up the backside, the thread can now continue

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198.10.2006 16:58

Oh well, I don't think Sony is going to live up to releasing over 100 games by the end of the year, but you never know. The thing is, all these games that are getting released for the PSP are no good at all. I've only noticed about a couple good games like Tekken, Monster Hunter Freedom and VP: Lenneth. Most of the good games are the ones that just came out when the PSP was just launched. I think if they want to increase their sales of games, then they better lower their prices on the PSP along with the games! The games suck and the PSP is slowly going downhill due to no one wanting to buy PSPs that can't play pirated games. To heck with it I hope you're right Diabolic about Sony focusing on quality on the games because I'm not seeing any so far.

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