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100GB hard drive lined up for 360

Written by Ben Reid @ 20 Oct 2006 13:19 User comments (23)

100GB hard drive lined up for 360 Software-making giant Microsoft Corp. on Thursday confirmed that it is planning on delivering a 100-gigabyte hard drive add-on for its Xbox 360 console.
The current premium version of the console comes with a 20GB hard drive which clips directly onto the console, and the 100-gig model, is of a similar design.

The additional space would certainly give Xbox Live users more space to store XBL downloads, and also pave the way for possible music and video purchases in the future.

It appears that Microsoft is aiming to give its next-gen console more of an "entertainment hub", or "media center" image, rather than just a game player -- the 360's Media Center PC Extender functionality is a clear indication of this.

Although the new peripheral is anticipated to arrive in Korea next March, launch dates for North America and the European market - as well as pricing - are still yet to be revealed.

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23 user comments

120.10.2006 13:39

So buying all this stuff will just equal to a PS3. Might as well just stop trying Microsoft

220.10.2006 13:39

This has been denied by microsoft here is a link the article on xbox scene

320.10.2006 13:40

ten bucks says $199-249 usd. their 20gb hdd is $99. i wish they would allow any 2.5" hdd like sony does with the ps3.

420.10.2006 14:28

why do I see buying downloads to complete a 50$ game is the new IN thing 0_o

520.10.2006 14:59

denied by MS

620.10.2006 17:28

now im happy i didn't keep one of the 5 360's i had and sonys wait is gonna pay off especially with everything built in and an upgradable hdd.

In fact I think we would be fooling our selves if we have a community this large, and did not realize that there are some enemies present.

720.10.2006 17:38

give it a year befor you can get a kit and buy a HD to "build" you a 360 Hard Drive,if MS will not make it someone else will

It seems to me MS would make hd tool where you can format and upgrade your HD I guess since they are not active in doing it they will want a the od culture to take over and grow..

Its like the PS3 and regoined movies so I imported a PS2 and now I have to import movies they just managed to NOT stop people from moding their system...

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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821.10.2006 0:42

yeah, the denial hit xbox scene quite some time ago, funny this just hit afterdawn.

921.10.2006 9:04

Funny all these add-ons coming from mircosoft but people say the PS3 price is high..Your a joke Microsoft thxs for saleing everything in pieces to make it looks like your system was truely cheaper.

1021.10.2006 9:17

Why is it a "joke" letting people buy a basic system and letting them upgrade as, when and where they see fit?

1121.10.2006 10:03

Exactly. MS didn't cram hd dvd down our throats like sony is with their blu ray.

1221.10.2006 13:17

bhetrick at least sony is not fcking us over with a poorly made system... 360 Long run $700 plus cost of net 50$ a year? System:250$ HD 100$ for 20GB HD upgrade: non supported mod kit 50-150$ HD DVD 200$ Wireless networking extra 50-100$ MS understands about upgrading and choices however they held the HD back.... 1.rebuying downloads(because they are that evil) 2.fear of the mafiaa 3.fear of copying PS3 short run $500 System 225$ HD:50$ BR DVD:225$ Wireless networking:50$ 2 all in one systems the main down side is a whole 100$ diffrance when the system is 600$ is blindfuly arrogant and they should built the system to be more upgradeable and more cost effective for the consumer the low end should be dropped by 100$ and the high end raised 50-100 bascily its as board as it is long ,however MS has messed up so much who can tell where thoughtfulness for the consumer starts and stupidity begins,Sony is as bad just in other ways.

1321.10.2006 17:16

Well who can say? The ps3 isn't even out yet. And for the amount of $$$ sony's claiming their losing on each ps3, do you really think they're using top quality blue lasers? It's well known about the ps2's laser problems. All launch systems have bugs. At least MS extended the warrenty on the launch systems. Gotta give them that much. And the 360 starts at $300 (not $700). Don't get me wrong... I'm not out shit talking the ps3. For the longest time I was a sony fan. What I'm getting at is atleast with the 360 the consumers have the choice of buying a core package, then getting hardware as they see fit or buying a premium package. That's what sony should have done. I'd buy a ps3 for $300 then get the blu ray player down the line if I felt the need for it. But as it stands now, they've lost my business. I'm not dropping $600 because it has a blu ray player.

1421.10.2006 20:04

I agree, the Ps3 isn't out yet so nobody can state for pure fact that the Ps3 isn't a piece of crap. As a matter of fact, nobody can state any actual hands on facts about the Ps3...yet. Whats wrong with giving the consumer a choice on what you can add to your system. If you don't own a 360...fine thats your choice, but I'm here to tell you there is alot of 360 owners who would like the choice to what size HD,or DVD player,WIFI they have,not everyone can afford the biggest or best system. Sony will do the same thing, there in business to make money just like MS.

1521.10.2006 22:25

bhetrick Neither am I they have their prices ass backwards the low end should be 400 thats right there with tax and shit is reasonable anything more than that is screwing up,the high end can be 50-200 more for all I care I wont touch it regardless of anything since its more than half a grand not with the buy add on plots and the lack of a genuine interest on the part of the industry to revive gameplay. UUUUY (Uhall) how u been man? :3 Anyway I think the PS3 will be a bit better off than the 360 there will be issues of corse but not as bad as the 360 was/is. with that said and the rate at witch HD DVD is growing I wonder what sony will do if they lose. frankly its in their best interest to lose and keep BR burners at 600+ oh wait..they don't really lose that much money from pirates anyway *rolls eyes*

1622.10.2006 11:57

We will have to see which format and which company comes out on top. In todays world, mondays tech is tuesdays garbage. I won't be buying either format until the jury's in. Look at plasma Tv's they were going to run Lcd's in to the ground,but as we have seen LCD's have taken over the market. Kind of reminds me of HD DVD vs. Blue Ray. ZIppyDSM-- Working out of town I don't have much time to read,work,work

1722.10.2006 12:08

UHALL pretty much I cant even aford DVD DL *L* be greatful you have work in this fcked up economy! well as long as its not in the food industry...LOL

1822.10.2006 16:51

Why is it a "joke" letting people buy a basic system and letting them upgrade as, when and where they see fit?
Yeah it is a joke because they are ripping you off that the funny part.By the time you finish your upgrades the 360 will already surpass PS3 price.There isn't anything next gen about the 360.Still use DVD-9 format disc which is old tech.Also if they wanted to get in the High Def field they should have use a new format because you can only compress games on a DVD-9 so much before you run out of space or have to cut out content on the games.Lets not forget that this is gaming consoles not PC's.

1922.10.2006 19:25

DamonDash so you would rather spend 700 a once than 700 over the coarse of 2 or 3 years? A coherent upgrade plan is not bad its just MS fell VERY short of one.

2023.10.2006 6:40


PS3 short run $500 System 225$ HD:50$ BR DVD:225$ Wireless networking:50$

360 Long run $700 plus cost of net 50$ a year? System:250$ HD 100$ for 20GB HD upgrade: non supported mod kit 50-150$ HD DVD 200$ Wireless networking extra 50-100$
Now, I know there's a discrepancy in the way you've displayed your data. Because there are two ways you could be doing it, and neither of them will apply to both systems correctly. The cost levels are.... off, on both of them. First off, no one who has wireless networking would ever suggest wireless networking for gaming purposes, while in their right mind, lol. It's TERRIBLE. Even boosted G equipment creates lag in the same room. A standard is fast, but not distance/obstruction effective. 360 w/20gb $400(Rip off) Wireless adapter $0, because it ruins broadband gaming Online Service $50/year(If you're smart, and don't do the monthly.) About one week later, exchange it if you got a launch system, for a new working one. HD DVD $200 that doesn't do 1080p, due to system restrictions Total after one year $650 and some of your sanity PS3 w/20gb, w/blu-ray that can do 1080p $500 PS3/PS2 memory card adapter $20 Wireless adapter $0, because it ruins broadband gaming Second PS3 one year later w/20gb, w/blu-ray $500 Total after one year $1020, and none of your sanity So, really, the PS3 will cost more (lol @ replacing in one year); but the 360 launch took away from some people's sanity. So it's kind of a trade off, more cash for more reamining sanity. In reality though, it comes down to what your needs are; most users don't need Blu-ray or HD DVD yet, because like I've said before, a majority of users have yet to get HDTV for their home. It's getting there, but still has some way to go yet. Both systems are expensive, and each have their trade offs; but really, nothing's changed. Sony has RPGs that XBox doesn't. XBox has a few shooters (Yes, more than Halo) that Sony Doesn't. It's a trade-off; and it's which controller you prefer, and a couple(literally) games/series that you 'must have'. Oh, and for the record, I'm not here to say that either manufacturer is junkier than the other, but it sure is fun to instigate, isn't it?

2123.10.2006 11:17

handsom Was tryign to break them down by price o parts and to show they could more or less for 10-30 more a aprt make the PS3 upgradeable and see the core system with 20GB Hd and Blue tooth for around 400 and make the people chose a net adapter be it wireless or wired for 50 more. there are otherways to make money of it without making people pay 500+ up front. MS has the right idea but its poorly planed out.

2227.10.2006 17:00

I believe you are correct on your assesment of MS. .

2327.10.2006 18:01

UHALL you can read that? gaaaaa I need to double check me posts better 0-o *L* they would have better spent their time making it hard to play copied movies and games and let people upgrae the systems they way they want from simple and cheap core systems. dude051 And you can only tell it on some setups since quality is still kinda all over the place. in time it will be just right now its not worth it unless you have the money or know what you are getting.

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