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Downloaded videos the new target for viruses

Written by Dave Horvath @ 31 Oct 2006 7:24 User comments (19)

Downloaded videos the new target for viruses It seems more and more videos downloaded from the internet are coming with their very own surprise. The days when kids would excitedly dive their hands in a cereal box looking for a toy could be relived in online media. Adware and Spyware companies have devised ways to require online video to require a codec to play that just so happens to contain their malicious software inside. If you act now, they'll even throw in your very own keylogger!
Anti-spyware firm Sunbelt Software was able to track down one of these software bundles hidden in a codec and reveal that upon execution, it would prompt the user stating there are security problems with their PC and demand payment for repair under the guise of a legitimate application.

David Emm, senior technology consultant at anti-virus firm Kaspersky Labs feels that its only a matter of time before these hackers find a way into the, for the most part unregulated, stage of sites like YouTube. With an seemingly unlimited source of potential files, its their playground.

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19 user comments

131.10.2006 8:15

News was completely different from the headline.

Downloaded videos the new target for viruses
require a codec to play that just so happens to contain their malicious software inside

231.10.2006 10:06

I just don't see the point for these crap companies to be started up and all they do is send out spam and now they are sending it in video format. These losers need to get a life.

331.10.2006 11:58

I need to gat a mac.

431.10.2006 13:46

Ummm, 1st, set up your player to prompt you before it downloads and installs codecs. 2nd Keep player updated. 3rd If a video won't play JUST SAY NO to the download. There's plenty more pr0n files out there that don't need a new codec to play... ;-)

531.10.2006 14:41

I need to gat a mac.

631.10.2006 15:19

jaz use vlc player and download the cccp pack of codecs and your set for almpst all video codecs...fromm AVI to mkv

731.10.2006 23:24

I never needed anything more than the Gordian Knot pack at hope that doesn't get me banned, admins edit as needed!

831.10.2006 23:46

this might be the wrong place for this, however, I new this game. When a movie is completed downloading from the net, it jams up my computer ans shuts down stuff, how do I fix the movie after download or how can I get notified during the download that something is wrong.

91.11.2006 10:18

I've known this for a very long time, its just never been much of a concern, 'till now....

101.11.2006 14:20

Hmm... If it's a video player problem, or a codec problem, you just need to be weary of where you get those. I still use MPC, and that never has any unknown updates to speak of. The only thing I can think of that's really an issue is the video sites like YouTube and what-not, because you really don't have much control over that, and that's pretty scary when you think about it.

111.11.2006 15:16

I use video player classic ,if that dose not play it I try VLC if that dosent play it I dumb it and find soemthign else...

121.11.2006 21:30

ZippyDSM, Do you mean Media Player Classic? 21Q I need to gat a mac. ROFL! Agreed, never download stupid codecs. VLC ownz.

131.11.2006 22:08

Hell, I've fallen for this 'download the codec to view porn' trick more than once. It's a favorite on the hentai movie clips sites that I go to, that when I see a link with no .mpg file it is directing to I say "NOOOOOOOOO!" and open the page source and get the REAL file. Most of those porn viewer that you need to download a codec for are piggybacking off LEGITIMATE porn or hentai sites, just putting their own player in as a middleman and telling it "If they don't have X installed, don't show the video." That needs to stop, and they need to find the people who are doing this and put them in jail for LIFE, in my opinion.

142.11.2006 2:15

cart0181 Ya that would be it 0_o

152.11.2006 7:55

The poor porn addicts...

162.11.2006 8:39

Just Install a codec Pack like K-lite's Mega codec pack or CCCP and it dont matter what player you play it in,its gonna work VLC and Media Player Classic are good Players The BEST IMO.....

172.11.2006 13:47

This sh1t has Microsoft & M.A.F.I.A.A. written all over it. Don't you agree? solution to this problem: use Media Player Classic or VLC Player, and K-Lite codec Pak. Just another reason to switch away from Windows Media Player....which has the codec option enabled BY DEFAULT!! Windows Media Player 9 > Tools Menu > Options > Media Library > Update my music files.... Make sure to uncheck that box Just another reason why Windows = Hitler's Gestapo + The Matrix, all rolled into one. Go open source, get a different OS, and scr*w these hundreds of Windows updates, viruses, malware/spyware

182.11.2006 15:21

down with windows, lol

193.11.2006 7:24

You can use MP10 with no problems but as mentioned prior install KLite or some other all-in-one codec pack. Typically the virus isn't in the mpeg video it's in the, or part of the codec you agree to install. The only problem I typically run into is with (QMOV)Quicktime player videos so Quicktime can be a problem if installed but a good popup blocker and spyware tool will save you. If your brain dead get a MAC. If you have A LOT of spare time learn open source. For everyone else just stay with Microsquish, at least until Vista hits the market then go open source or MAC. Vista is an adminstration nightmare and if you have problems you won't be able to fix them.

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