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Microsoft opens official Zune site

Written by James Delahunty @ 04 Nov 2006 8:45 User comments (9)

Microsoft opens official Zune site Microsoft is preparing for the launch of its new Zune music player by opening its official website and starting to downgrade its MSN Music service. MSN Music will no longer sell music tracks after the Zune store has launched according to the company. While does have some Zune-related content from Microsoft, the official Zune site is actually
MSN Music has started pointing towards the new Zune site, and on November 14th, the buy button will be replaced by links to the Zune store and Real's Rhapsody service. Just like on Xbox Live, users will buy "Microsoft Points" and use them to buy tracks and albums. The points work across the Zune Marketplace and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Individual tracks will cost around 79 Microsoft points (around $0.99). There will also be a Zune Pass subscription service allowing users to rent unlimited amounts of music for $14.99 per month.


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9 user comments

14.11.2006 14:07

Microsoft's name for its upcoming iTMS-like content download portal. Microsoft will offer two options for the Zune Marketplace, allowing users to either purchase songs one by one like iTunes, or subscribe to a "Zune Pass" rental plan like Napster and Yahoo! Music. so how suxy is yahoo/napsters rental plan?

24.11.2006 16:55

I'm going to convert all my money to Microsoft points.

35.11.2006 12:56

lolrofl! If I ever do that, I know the world must be coming to an end.

45.11.2006 12:56

what the hell does renting music mean?

55.11.2006 14:43

means you dont own it and cant play it after a couple of days. i am a big fan of xbox but microsoft is screwing over their products like they do everything. i thought the zune would be awesome when i first heard about it. but the more they released about it the more downhill it went.

65.11.2006 16:49

I don't like how this sounds. I am not a big online music shopper i rather download it off other ways or just buy the CD.

75.11.2006 18:55

Renting music is more aptly called a subscription service. You pay a monthly fee for which you can listen to not only whatever you want but however much you and whenever you want as well. Think Netflix without the 3 at a time DVD limit. So for $15/month you can have as much music as you can cram onto your mp3 player (or hdd) free space. In theory this really isn't a bad solution. MANY people pay about this much to listen to XM radio. MILLIONS of people pay this much for HBO or Showtime. For about 50 cents a day you can have access to a million songs or so to listen to whenever the mood strikes and at your hearts content! BUT... is the quality of the music good enough to pipe over your home stereo via your HTPC or whatever Zune adapter MS offers? That depends on who you are. Audiophiles will balk at 128 or 192 bitrate as being worth listening to over a good home stereo. My group prefers our virtual jukeboxes to be all wav or lossless but settle for high bitrate mp3's ourselves...but many people just don't care about the difference. Now the catch... most service, and I assume MS's will as well, will require whereever you store you music (mp3 player, pc) to connect to the net based service at set intervals to insure you are still paying your fees and if not... there goes your music. Which in reality is more than fair. If you want to keep the music then pay 99 cents per song of better yet, buy the CD and rip it! And yes I know someone out there is thinking just to record the song via the soundcard lol. If yolu think about it like this... To go out and buy 2000 cd's say at an average cost of $10 means you spend $20,000. If you take that cost and divide it by $15/month you get the equivalent of 1333.33 MONTHS of listening time before buying the CD's becomes 'cheaper'. Thats <B> 111 YEARS </B> by the way! And thats only for 2000 CD's, for about an AVG of say 140-200K songs not the million that yahoo advertises... now if they will have that many songs you want to listen to is another discussion all together. :-) Anyways, hopefully MS will allow you to share your collection across multiple mediums (e.g a player, a home pc, maybe a second or third player due to a wife or kids).

86.11.2006 00:29

damnit I thought I posted... the TIME LIMIT IS ONLY ON SHARED MUSIC,you own the rest of it. it has a wireless connection to "share" music thos shared files are limted to a amount of palys r a set amount of time a few days.

97.11.2006 14:43

There is a Zune theme for xp that MS released last week so if you want to get rid of that blue xp theme just google for "zune theme for xp" ,you don't need any special software to apply it as it's an original xp theme,the wallpaper that comes with it is crap but the theme is a nice colour,if you want a selection of free wallpapers for it i usually go to or webshots

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