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Apple offers 8GB red nano

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Nov 2006 8:23 User comments (14)

Apple offers 8GB red nano Apple Computer Inc. has added an 8GB version of its red iPod Nano to its line-up. The player costs $249 and is advertised as being able to store 2,000 tracks. It has double the capacity of the next Nano in line, the 4GB model which retails at $199. As with the other red iPod, $10 is donated to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa per sale.
Apple launched the red iPod Nano in co-operation with Bono last month. The players have a 1.5" screen, and are advertised to have 24 hour playtime on a full battery. The announcement of the iPod Nano Red is a cross-brand campaign dubbed (PRODUCT) RED.

In cooperation with this campaign, several other companies are making their own offerings. For example, Motorola is offering a red RAZR and The Gap is ponying up their own red leather jacket to help the cause.


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14 user comments

14.11.2006 10:02

gee, what's next 20Gb nano. and 300GB ipod?

24.11.2006 12:04

you can only hope or was that sarcasm? my 80gig is full

34.11.2006 13:01

well. it could be true. Because 5years ago the regular ipod was 4gb and now it's 80gb. that's 20 times larger. So 5years later it could be higher than 400gb. because no one ever thought that 80gb was possible when it first came out. They thought that 20gb was impossible. But look at us now. BTW how is your 80gb full? i'm only using 8gb of my 30gb video ipod.

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44.11.2006 13:12

60gig music, 13 gig movies
The 80gig = around 73 gig formatted. i leave mine in the car, havnt listened to the radio for a month :)

Antec Plus View Case w 5 fans, Asus A8N Sli, Athlon 64 3500, 2gig PC3200, 7600GS x 2 graphics, 2x 120gb Sata2 Raid0, 2x 320gb Sata 2, 2x 250gb USB External, Aopen Com4824,Pioneer A08, Polyview 17' lcd x2

54.11.2006 15:01

yeah i know what you're saying. I leave my 30gb ipod in the car. who needs radio when you have all the music you need in your finger tips. I use video to watch shows like lost or CSI when i ride the bus. ha ha you heard of ZUNE right. wow microsoft is making a big mistake there. who would buy that over ipod? The thing i don't like about ipod is that when you're watching like middle of the movie and than turn off the ipod or listen to music and try to resume the video it starts from the beganning. But other than that ipod pretty much rock my world. I use itunes which is very easy to organize music,video,games,shows for my ipod.

64.11.2006 21:13

When they add tv out,cam recorder,audio recorder,game player and DivX suport(archos gmini camcorder) maybe Ill think about it.For now,go archos!

74.11.2006 22:36

tv out and audio recorder are available via third party. As for DivX support, i use jodix free ipod video convertor to convert my movies. The archos is a good player, but has nowhere near the support or style of the ipod. My only gripe is how sensitive the scroll wheel is when im driving, pain in the arse trying to select something on a bumby road

85.11.2006 6:13

yeah, ipod have everthing you said expect cam recorder. But I think they're coming out with iphone so it'll have camera on it. Only crap. I just had the worst dream. My sister drop my ipod. It was very creepy.

95.11.2006 7:00 it can fight aids but stil cant play videos without podzilla. i wonder if this new nano has a more powerful power plant so a newer version of podzilla could alow it to play things other than totaly uncompressed avis.

105.11.2006 8:03

I have 2 mp3 player. One is 30gb ipod which i use almost everyday. and i have a $30 128mb mp3 which i use this for extream sports. I don't want to use my ipod when playing extream sports because it'll die. But i barley use my 128mb mp3 player. since you don't go bike hiking,snowboarding and pogo stick everyday. I think it's good idea to have ipod and maby have flash mp3 player like ipod nano for non careful usese.

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115.11.2006 10:15

Actually,I have an Ipod nano and really the style and the support from Archos is a hell of a lot better,Third party? yeah talk about style and support.DivX converter? when i said DivX "support" I mean i dont have to convert anything i just drop the video in the player and voala! and what third party can put a camera in the ipod again? It's not that im an Archos fanboy but its obvious that The Gmini camcorder its a better player in every aspect.Now if they only made a 40gb or a 80gb version. :)

125.11.2006 11:03

well if you don't like the ipod, no one said that you HAVE to get it. Get whatever you like dude.

135.11.2006 14:23

Just stating the obvious. :)

146.11.2006 5:45

As a decent audiophile myself, with nearly 1000 albums (I can tell some previous posters here have MUCH more) I still can't understand paying over $200 for a device to play them portably. I've got my PSP, my PDA, a Razr phone, my pc, and multiple consoles capable of playing my media already. Maybe it's because I already have so many devices, but it just seems to me like a toy without enough uses. Although the storage factor is a huge draw, that much I wouldn't pretend to argue.

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