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Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 Nov 2006 13:52 User comments (35)

New features added to We have been working on a lot of improvements to for the past few months. One of the improvements went online today as switched our software section to a new version. It now allows, among other things, offering older versions of software items, as well as stable and beta versions on the same software page.
During the seven years we've been online we have gathered quite a large archive of old versions, and we'll be adding some of the essential ones to the archive. If you have a specific old version you would like to see added, please send us feedback and let us know!

The software listing pages (for example the latest updates and additions) have an improved layout.

Another, smaller change that was made was the addition of a [ + quote] button to the forums. The button allows you to automatically quote a specific message when replying to a thread.

Despite extensive testing the new features caused some problems that affected the entire site. For that reason the site was very slow or unresponsive. We are very sorry about the inconvenience caused by the downtime.

If you are experiencing any problems with the new features, please let us know by sending us feedback. staff

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35 user comments

13.11.2006 14:01

Yay! Look forward to the upadates :) -Mike

23.11.2006 16:33

looks like browsing through filepedia.... But I like it. It is nice to see whether it is freeware or not by looking @ the icon on the left.

33.11.2006 16:40

Great to see the new improvements coming in to place here. Well done and keep up the good work. :)

43.11.2006 18:14

I love it. unlike the new search

53.11.2006 18:22

Great job with the new improvements.

63.11.2006 18:33

it looks good but where as in the old layout you had convert x above DivX to dvd, now you only have DivX to dvd the freeware version.Can you tell me where convert x's download is.I did yhe search and it seems you have plenty of threads but no download.So do i assume that this is another glitch or just a miss

73.11.2006 19:04

ditto..nice improvement

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83.11.2006 19:11

i agree with ninvin, the new search is possibly the worst thing ever, but i like these new little features.

93.11.2006 21:41

great more improvements for the best site on the net!!

104.11.2006 0:41

I think that the addition/maintenance of the older versions of proven software is a terrific idea!

I zealously guard certain older versions of software by permanently archiving them to disc. As so often happens in the rapidly-changing world of software editions, an established PROVEN piece of software may be gone 'tomorrow' -- for any number of reasons -- to be replaced by something far less attractive (the addition of ad/spyware for example, or a new 30-day-only trial restriction, perhaps).

So when something comes along that actually works, I tend to grab it while the grabbing is good. NEW does not always equate to BETTER!

Thank you for holding on to the better pieces of software that make all our lives easier! :-)

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114.11.2006 2:42

Hate the new search!!!! :( :(

124.11.2006 5:58

I love the feature, thanks, just make using the forums easier.

134.11.2006 6:08

hate the new search but everything else i great

144.11.2006 8:17

Originally posted by sleepele:
hate the new search but everything else i great
You can use the old forum search by simply clicking here:

Enjoy :-)

Yours Truly; Rav
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Free Security Software:
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154.11.2006 8:19

Cool thanks..

164.11.2006 8:43

What's wrong with the new search..?

-Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

174.11.2006 9:36

with anything i guess it takes time to get it perfected, even the new search function............

184.11.2006 12:06

the new search is great, as is the new quote button, top stuff, cheers

194.11.2006 13:22

you would say that rich.....did you by chance design it

205.11.2006 14:21

Love the new quote button. Great Job!

215.11.2006 15:37

Don't know what the deal is with the search, since I don't use it, but one thing I -would- like to see is a global option of whether or not you want to subscribe to a topic you post to. Rather annoying having to click the checkbox for each and every topic, every time I make a comment, just so I don't get hit with spam.

225.11.2006 19:12

spel-check wuld be nice :) hahaha I'm a pritty finny giy ,eh?

235.11.2006 19:52

In regards to the spell check feature I would want this too but the new version of Internet Explorer and Firefox have spell check both in them as a feature.

246.11.2006 2:54

For spell check to work you have to be close to the correct spelling and from what I see around here a lot of it doesn't qualify as close!

256.11.2006 4:44

FF spell checker is not great I wonder how IEs is if they are smart they will use words.... Anyway yet again quotes and edit don't work in news comments.....

266.11.2006 4:49

Search dose not work....I put in PS3 and let it load and it shows NOTHING....

276.11.2006 7:02

How can i get internet on my psp

286.11.2006 8:01

@Michell23 - erm, that has what relevance to this topic ???

296.11.2006 8:09

Michell23: probably tried the search function and couldnt get it to work, but forgot to mention that in there response to the

306.11.2006 14:05

I don't have as much time on the site as i once had but it looks as though the new layout is great!!! Keep up the good work and thanks to the staff.

316.11.2006 17:27

looking good ad keep up the good work

326.11.2006 23:08

ZIppyDSM, Various adblockers block iframe content from Google's syndicated search. You might want to try and adjust the settings of your adblocker to allow the iframe to be passed through.

337.11.2006 5:32

I just got on this morning (10:31) and saw drastic changes on the home page, Its awsome but I do think the news should still be up top.

347.11.2006 18:04

I searched the world over and I thought I found true love... she met another and -poof- she was gone!

search don't worky. dangit!


Yuk Yuk... If only I was half cow...

358.11.2006 1:38

adblock blocks it.

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