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PS3 Japan launch cut by 20,000

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 31 Oct 2006 8:46 User comments (39)

PS3 Japan launch cut by 20,000 A Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun, "a leading Japanese economic newspaper, also known as the Nikkei," has reported that the Japanese launch for PlayStation 3 will be cut by around 20,000 units. The story doesn't reveal cuts on other regions, neither does Sony.
The original number of consoles for Japanese launch, 100,000, has been cut by Sony because of "component shortages," and even though the original 100,000 was "more of a target", Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment America vice president Jack Tretton has recently admitted that "Clearly we've had production issues."

Japanese retailers have obviously had problems with their preorders. The Japanese Nikkei claims that Tsutaya Online ended preorders after only six minutes and Amazon Japan after 20 minutes.

North American PS3 launch on November 17 hasn't been cut, and the "more of a target" 400,000 consoles remains untouched.


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39 user comments

131.10.2006 10:18

quote: "Clearly we've had production issues." Oh oh, that kind of make yoyu think "buggy Ps3 shipping on 1st gen." not that it wasnt expectec as usual with first gen. anything, its november 2005 all over again and the many xbox fayling on first use will be the same story here, all because thy`re way too hasty with the $

231.10.2006 11:56

i hope its not too buggy. im sure they could have had more units but they keep chopping the number down because they are only using good working and efficient parts. they know a mistake like ms had with the 360 could be really harmful, they dont need another recall. im sure their will be faulty systems but at normal levels, not in any abnormal levels like the 360 went through for months.

331.10.2006 12:44

I hope so too, not because i feel any empathy with sony, but because i would hate to see the Video Game Fans get screwed just becuaes they had to release it in christmas, when even if they release it in march like everywere except america the console will sell like mad.

431.10.2006 13:04

a spring release would have been optimal in my eye, but that could not have been done with such a finalized product. it would have alowwed early adapters to get the system at any time, and would allow stock to be much higher for the xmas demand. shame it was delayed. ittl work out well in europe though. i hope there is more than a 90 day warrenty just in case, but im confident they will fight problems as hard as they can. there has been plety of test and development time.

531.10.2006 14:29

God damn, they're rushing it even more than microsoft rushed 360, just to release it for christmas. I think it'd be better to release later with quantity, it will still be sold out. Just less pissed off people.

631.10.2006 14:33

I'll say it again: Sony is going to use the cheapest parts available to give the consumer the lowest price possible. And these so-called "shortages"? I think its a great way for Sony to create hype for their system, and make people want it even moreso. Buyer Beware!!

731.10.2006 14:40

i couldn agree more with you limelight, but not only this, but every step in this so called console wars, i dont recall so much trouble when sega nintendo and sony where competing with theyre consoles, and i do recall i still enjoyed them, maybe even more than now, maybe because in those times they really had to make a good effort to make games because people just wasnt used to buy video games, now, it looks like is a must for every kid to have a videogame, even if they dont enjoy a game for more than a week theyll be willing to do anything to get it, just because it has the name of the lates disney crap

Its a shame where everything has get to

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81.11.2006 1:30

No wonder Sony has been going nuts over importers they cant meet demand.....

91.11.2006 10:06

Even if Lik-Sang hadn't gone under, it sounds like at this point, there wouldn't have been anything left for importers anyways. lol. I love the "More of a target" statement though. That reinforces confidence in the number of units per store. I really believe that they'll meet the limited number of pre-orders before Christmas now! Regardless of one's opinion on the system's potential, I feel bad for parents who pre-ordered for Christmas gifts... Ack. I remember a lot of parents who were upset about the shortage on 360s, and I'm sure that even more parents will be searching for a PS3 for little Billy. I'm figuring the Wii and 360 will sell out too, simply as alternatives, just not nearly as fast as the PS3s will fly off the shelves. This will be an interesting Christmas...

101.11.2006 12:12

i dont recall so much trouble when sega nintendo and sony where competing with theyre consoles
That's because we didn't have teh intarweb back then.

111.11.2006 21:44

Poor little Billy......

122.11.2006 20:51

they are rushing there console so much that is why the consoles release in the uk is held back so all the bugs in the japanese version and us version can be fixed before the uk launch

133.11.2006 12:09

I'll say it again: Sony is going to use the cheapest parts available to give the consumer the lowest price possible. And these so-called "shortages"? I think its a great way for Sony to create hype for their system, and make people want it even moreso. Buyer Beware!!
The problem Sony is having is not cheap parts.There are not cheap parts in this system so you point of view on that i find funny.The system is new & first Gen so there are not going to be alot of parts just laying around.Microsoft had this problem and so has Nintendo.You guys should exepect things like this to happen What console or hand-held maker has every had a good launch????????

143.11.2006 21:32

Sony is having trouble with parts that are not cheap and easy to make *L*

154.11.2006 0:34

the only component shortage the ps3 has is they cannot produce the dumb blu ray laser as fast as they would like because it is such a fine cd lazer to read data they have to be built slowly to make sure they work this is why sony is having to cut consoles down it is not to create hype it is because sony is using a really expensive blu ray system in there console and it takes longer to assemble this is why im going to wait to get a ps3 because blu ray dvds range from 40.00 to 70.00 right now im fine with my 30.00 for 3 dvd disk movies versus single blu ray disk for 70.00

164.11.2006 8:08

it could play to their adantage. telling people they cant have something makes them want it more.

174.11.2006 13:55

anubis66 Sony is good with that corporate mombojumbo like shutting down a random company to drum up advertising...

188.11.2006 9:00

A random company? I'd hardly call Lik Sang random...

199.11.2006 16:33

If Ps3 launches 400,000 units by november I will Kiss your Culo, no chance in hell. Everyone should buy a 360 and become a MS fanboy.

209.11.2006 23:07

Or how about the former, but not the latter? Being a Microsoft fanboy is like being the devil himself, being an xbox fanboy I can almost understand, but for the fact that I can't understand fanboyism. Whatever happened to good old fashioned buying what was best at the time?

2110.11.2006 2:41

UHALL AAHHH!!! Where did my smart and savy UHALL go?!?!?! ;_; Sony is evil yes ,would it be best to avoid it for a year yes,but MS is as screwed up and as uncaring and MS has just fcked them selfs with the new streaming/downlaod movie deal! They keep makeing a new hole to get out of ,crist fck that get WII you will have 2!! (I am no longer going to say get A wii,but GET WII!!!!!)

2210.11.2006 2:52

Lol and the post is corrupted with empty space so it draws attention to it! The wii is by far the best value and least corrupt of the consoles corporate-wise, as Nintendo intend people to have fun, Sony and M$ are primarily after profit. After being handed third place in the arms race, Nintendo have decided that the best strategy is to be most in touch with the consumer, since sony and Microsoft are losing sight of that more and more... Pay for this, pay for that... As far as I'm concerned? The Wii is worth a look, I'll see how it turns out before buying one. Me and a couple of my mates are going to get a 360 between us and then if I become rich I'll suggest a PS3. I'm not buying one however until you can get one with two games for under £400 net. That could be a while away with a March 07 launch...

2310.11.2006 3:04

sammorris Pretty much thus sildeing into hell for buyable mods to "complete" games is not good,corperations are trying to further prop themselfs up my god it seems its to hard to just make whole coherent games no thats to hard to make games better than they are right now >>

2410.11.2006 6:52

Just being a smart ass, I am tired of all the sony #!*#. I actually believe the game systems are getting ridiculous in price and gadgets. I am not letting MS off the the hook either, I like my 360 but if I had to do over I would wait or upgrade my PC( I think I have heard that someplace). I upgraded my PC anyway and I will look at the WII.

2510.11.2006 6:58

UHALL Sony is a smart ass and they are the worlds worst game maker to sue things. :P

2610.11.2006 7:07

if systems ever come more than the ps3 and dont have enought reason to buy them to meet the price, then count me out of consoles. that will be some time though, and im sure if there is a ps4 is will include bluray if its the winner. even if its not, they probably will because it will be established as a good gaming optical disk, used even by nintendos next-next gen beef machine with innovation? (they gotta be raking in the cash from day one with the wii..)

2710.11.2006 7:13

Unless it's as marked as VHS/Betamax I expect they'll both still be about by next generation, either still as separates, or with hybrid drives widely available. Sony aren't about to utilise a rival format to the one they themselves engineered.

2810.11.2006 7:24

i hope this doesnt go over like beta. beta was superior in quality and durability, i dont know why it didnt take off. bluray is superior in both ways again, but im sure this time around they saw some mistakes and corrected them. umd went under for movie becuase movies dont have much replay value and they had no other players to play them outside of the ps3.

2910.11.2006 7:43

Thing is, I don't predict either format's obsolescence, since Bluray has the backing of Sony and Dell who are two major players in the technology, and the PS3 isn't likely to quietly disappear (not to mention being a low cost way of playing BR media, despite the unit's price), whereas HD-DVD has the backing of microsoft, so is practically immortal! With luck you will eventually be able to buy a dual playback drive, and you can buy movies in either format depending on the publisher, and just ignore whatever format it happens to me. Not very dignifying for either medium is it?

3010.11.2006 7:46

anubis66 UDM went under because they were 5-8$ below DVD price...if they sold them at 4-8$ a pop,rampt up game support they could have done something with the PSP instead of letting it rot....

3110.11.2006 7:50

In one way, Corporate greed equalled corporate failure. In another way, the discs needed to be expensive to recoup losses on the PSP hardware, which probably wasn't cheap. Either way, corporate greed will never disappear.

3210.11.2006 7:53

sammorris True but they can make a profit off it if they put effort into it,if no effort it fails thus no money....thus they sue people to recoup that never ends dose it? 0-o

3310.11.2006 7:56

Not with companies like Sony it doesn't. Big firms have realised how much profit there is to be had in lawsuits. if they have a chance of success, then they'll make a lawsuit to rake in that extra cash, and as you see with Lik Sang, it ruins people. Sod expensive products, that's the real unfair strategy!

3410.11.2006 15:24

Sony has backed alot of losing formats, have you forgotten betamax.

3510.11.2006 15:40

UHALL Mmmmm well with sony suing people and the PS3 being over priced they made THIS a losing battle....

3612.11.2006 12:03

Someone hasn't been reading very many posts.

Unless it's as marked as VHS/Betamax
Written by yours truly only a few lines above! Dell are also backing Bluray, and some movie studios, not to mention several other tech groups like Samsung...

3712.11.2006 12:22

sammorris Ya BR is not sonys alone,sony is a part of it.

3812.11.2006 12:26

This is true, but They're part of the technology, rather than just endorsing it like Dell or the movie studios...

3912.11.2006 12:36

sammorris forgive if I am wrong but beta,md and umd are sonys own little format schemes to conquer the world that pretty much failed because they did it like a scheme and not a "natural" format change. HD DVD is the same with MS more or less being sonys oppsiste?

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