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Lycos wants to be cool again

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Nov 2006 11:00 User comments (5)

Lycos wants to be cool again The time was the late 1990's and during what seemed like a limitless horizon of digital possibilities. Internet companies sprang up out of nowhere and reproduced quicker than the proverbial rabbit. Overpopulation soon became a problem and many corporations were hit by what became collectively known as the dotBomb.
Lycos was one company that, although survived, felt a huge decline in service after that dreaded event. With popularity gaining for places such as Yahoo! and Google, Lycos fell to the wayside in the wake of the next wave of Internet entreprenuers. During it's hayday, Lycos saw success by rejecting a majority share buyout offer for $4 billion, only to accept a $12 billion dollar offer a year later. Hard times hit and the company was offloaded for a mere $95 million to the Korean Daum.

Fast forward to today and Lycos is announcing they want to take two of the most popular types of Internet interaction and meld them together in what they hope becomes a flurishing community. Lycos says they have a good product in their new Lycos Cinema.

Merging the styles of successful sites like YouTube and MySpace, Lycos Cinema hopes to allow users to view streaming video all the while participating in an online chat community. Executives hope that one potential avenue would be simliar to in which users can go on a virtual movie date before actually meeting each other. One would wonder if they'll provide the virtual slap in the virtual face when someone virtually suggests they have virtual sex after the virtual date.


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5 user comments

113.11.2006 11:25

i remember using tripod alot in the later 90's. i guess its good they are being a little bit more original.

214.11.2006 2:41

This is a little bit different from myspace or any other date site out there on the net. One question comes to mind "How are they going to monitor wjat tjese videos have on them and also on the other hand some can be very private and personal...

314.11.2006 6:38

all i know is this has potential, but if it gets carried out wrong who knows how ittl do.

418.11.2006 18:33

I agree, this does have potential. But, I'm just curious, how does Lycos think they can compete with MySpace? YouTube I can see them outdoing, but not MySpace. And also, I'm a little anxious to see how Lycos tries to get the word out, I mean, this is the first I've heard of it. Oh, well, i think Lycos needs to focus on first things first. Like having a search engine as good as google's. Then maybe they can focus on this Cinema thing

518.11.2006 18:37

UPDATE Lycos also needs to support other OS's like OS X, and Linux. You have to be running MicroShit Windows to view the Cinema. What happened to the good old days when the internet would work regardless of your OS? Hey Lycos, no wonder no one uses your site.

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