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PlayStation 3 hits North America

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Nov 2006 9:42 User comments (18)

PlayStation 3 hits North America After queuing for as much as a few days, gamers in North America have finally gotten their chance to buy a PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. The machine sells in two models priced at $499 and $599. Approximately 400,000 consoles have been made available for the North American launch. "We're going to try and get as many units into the North American market as possible." Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony's American games division said.
"Usually most companies would boat the product in, but we're actually chartering airplanes to bring them into the North American market to try to shorten that lead time, so we get as many units into the hands of consumers as possible." he added. In Japan last week, less than a quarter of the North American figure of the consoles went on sale.

While some consumers lined up for days to buy a PS3 for themselves, some others have turned the launch into a business opportunity, lining up to get a console to sell later. James Salterio, 27 is an example. "I'm gonna sell mine," he said, estimating he could fetch up to $4,000 for it.

European gamers will have to wait until March 2007 to get their chance to own a PS3, prompting many PlayStation fanboys to look for any import options they can find.

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18 user comments

118.11.2006 9:52

all i can say is why would people waste a couple thousand dollars on a buggy product i can wait for the next couple batches to come out for improvements. We all know theres gonna be glitches or some problems on a bunch of the models hittin the US. I dont mind i'll wait just like european gamers for a console or i should say more reliable console figuring why would i waste 500-600$ for something thats gonna fall apart on me.

218.11.2006 10:02

A pll have ore money and thn brains b to be frist I know acouple people jsut buying it to resell it thier looking at a 200$ profit at the least. In all the PS3 dose not thrill me at all,mere 360 dose not thrill me at all but I get a belt of of WII 0_o *L* Not really the 360 is a mess the PS3 arrogance gilded and the WII seems to be more we dont want to try to hard but we still manage to be inovative. In all the WII looks to best the best choice of the lot for right now. surprisingly the 360 is looking better and better. Altho I wont bother with it til a action repaly is made for it...

318.11.2006 11:00

LOL...At one point there was 60,000 + systems on ebay and they on average are only going for 1200. Still 2X more than cost but no where near the expected 4 grand.

518.11.2006 11:11

Sorry for the double post but I can't find an edit button

618.11.2006 11:29

TheJoxter the edit and qute buttons are hidden in the forums,the comments section lack them untill you go to forums and edit a post then they work...its a silly and annoying glitch no one wants to fix...

718.11.2006 13:33

Someone i know is getting loads imported and selling them for a good profit...not interested in ps3 at the moment personally though...

818.11.2006 13:44

ofolion get im to send me a wii or even a 360 :P LOL lucky sod ><

918.11.2006 15:33

Give this system time and the bugs will come forth in waves. No one builds a perfect system unless you build your own PC and have no limits on money. These people buying these systems overpriced are no different than the Xbox 360 dumb@&&s who payed 1000$ for a 360 with bugs. Zippy , Have you heard about how the Ps3 will not down convert to 1080i but down convert to 480p if you don't have 1080p tv. I feel sorry for all those people who bought 1080i TVs on sale.

1018.11.2006 15:48

UHALL the only bug the GC had to my knowagle is the DVI port they then removed after 4 years *snickers* I will admit so far the PS3 launch is ok but the retailers and Sony themselfs should be held accountable for not having some form of crowd control.... still tho in all they should have waited till feb to launch the damn thing,whats the point in only releasing 10K consoles? this feels like a beta test like MS did with the 360 >> I wonder how f'd up the hardware will be.... all I can say pll are screwed left and right with both the PS3 whitch si to costly and to new HD TV wise and the 360 that was/is a mess. safest bet a wii.

1118.11.2006 16:18

That info came from a sony article can't remember where but I know I read it someplace.

1218.11.2006 16:24

UHALL the PS3 dose have soem odd up/down scaleing issues but can fixed via frimware. theres a PS3 BR movie thread in the BR forum I think here it is

1418.11.2006 20:37

Thanks ZIppyDSM it still isn't working though so I'll just have to take more care to think before I post.

1518.11.2006 21:33

Not really a fanboy for any brand since all ve failed me, but keepin it real, i know many afterdawn users are sony fanboys, so coul we please have some feedback from afterdawn addicts that bought a ps3 have some feed back, What is your experience after buying ps3?

1619.11.2006 4:08

sony is losing a ton of money on each of the ps3's they should have just sold them at their cost cause people still would have bought em. i wonder if sony gets pissed when they sell em for 600$ and then most people end up buyin em for 1000+ anyways who cares if sony loses money though

1719.11.2006 7:19


prompting many PlayStation fanboys to look for any import options they can find.
Cmon the commet was not need if you writeing a story you should edit that....

1819.11.2006 20:22

@DamonDash, why did you post this here and then also send me a Private Message? Simply put, I didn't mean any offense but for anyone who wants to check, the term fanboy generally refers to an individual (typically male, the term fangirl is also used) who is obsessed with something. Now I'm no expert, but if you waited for days in the cold to get a PS3, I think you might qualify for the term, and there's nothing wrong with, it's you hardcore gamers that have put a negative spin on the term, not me. And of course, not every person who buys a PS3 can be called a fanboy, but if you look at my article properly I made the comment about European gamers who will go out of their way to import a PS3 form another territory instead of waiting a few months to buy one in a local store. Simply put, there's nothing wrong with what I said...

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