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Nintendo Wiijoices over launch sales

Written by Dave Horvath @ 28 Nov 2006 5:30 User comments (29)

Nintendo Wiijoices over launch sales Sales figures show that Nintendo's newest console, the Wii have been racking up high sales numbers since its US launch just two days after rival Sony's vulnerable PS3.
Launched on November 19th in the North American market, Nintendo reports that some 600,000 units have flown off shelves, trumping the 400,000 units supplied by Sony. The third player in this console line-up is that of Microsoft and their Xbox 360 which launched a full year ago. Sales figures also show that Microsoft received strong numbers due to limited supplies in stores of the PS3 and Wii. Looks like greedy gamers "settled" on an Xbox 360 just to have a next generation system. Although, I'm none too sure just how much of a settling that would be.

Nintendo hopes to ship some four million units to the US and Canada by the end of the year which dominates Sony's figure of only one million units. Additionally, the Wii sells for a mere $250; half the amount of the stripped down PS3 version.

Nintendo will launch the Wii in the UK on December 8th retailing at 179. In contrast, Sony has stated that the European audience will not see its console until March and has yet to confirm a firm price point.


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29 user comments

128.11.2006 8:15

go Wii GO! Nintendo all the way! NINTENDO. I also like Sony, as long as it is not an XBOX I am fine with anything.

228.11.2006 8:50

"so wait... when you ship enough systems for demand and price them within the reach of normal people you make money!?!?!?! why didnt we think of that!?" -sony executive

328.11.2006 10:19

^ " And make them so they don't have bugs out of the box and break like the last-gen version...ZOMG!" *head explodes - Sony

428.11.2006 12:31

*L* Ya Sony dose not get it. the 360 is looking up take a look at the games coming out next year its better than the Xboxs was 1 year after launch ,the 360 is becoming a decent choice the PS3.....only when the price goes below 300..... I must get a WII MUST!!!MMMUUUSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!

528.11.2006 12:35

Man im glad we did the six axis bull$hit, now when we come out with ps4 we can take everything nintendo did for control and we wont look like such jackass's. Sony.....

628.11.2006 13:57

lol the sixaxis controller is so funny. "Lets take Nintendo's idea, only fuck it up completely" -sony

728.11.2006 15:06

I played on a Wii, its really fun!!! Even though some of the characters did not have legs the controllers make it a blast.

828.11.2006 15:46

It goes to show that its not just graphics to be "next gen". Its ok though, Sony should still make a profit...starting around mid 2008!!! LOL!!!!

928.11.2006 16:33

Man, I wish i had the wii. Too bad my bro wasted 500 bucks on the 360.. Damn 360, damn you! You suck lol.

1028.11.2006 17:14

I bought a Wii... and I can say it's really different, and pleasantly surprising. The graphics are somewhat disappointing, and don't look much better than the GameCube...but if I wanted superior graphics, I would play games on my PC and forget consoles altogether. I think this is the greatest problem with next-gen consoles- they don't offer anything that rivels the PC, besides exclusive games. I think Nintendo has done it right--don't make a PC-clone game system, make one that can do something the PC can't. In this case, it does something very different, and it does it well. The controller and nunckuk are very accurate when translating movenments to on-screen, although some calibration is in order at first. For those of us with mediocre-sized TVs, it still allows for a full range of motion; it's not restricted by scale, as I feared it would be. When playing on a big screen, though, it does seem to translate better. After borrowing a projector from the MIT Math Department, I found that the controls seem even better on huuuge screens, making your smallest movements render perfectly on a 100"+ screen... which is something I enjoy greatly. Besides the obvious innovations, the console also seems to have other pluses going for it- price is definetly one, as well as size, power consumption, etc. Living in a dorm makes it a wee (no pun intended) bit difficult to set up space for a big nunchuk swingin' multiplayer game, but I think this is the exeption, rather than the rule--multiplayer seems like it would be amazing, given adequate facilities. And it looks as if Wii Online will be available (and free) soon enough, adding yet another dimension for the innovative gameplay. Overall, I think this console was a great idea. Like many, I was wary of Nintendo's deviant choices on their console design at first, but now that I'm playing it instead of reading about it, I have no qualms about buying one. Is Wii better than ps3 or Xbox 2*pi? This seems difficult to compare, since the styles and design are so different. I'll still be an Xbox fps fan; I'll still love Final Fantasy on the Ps3, but the wii offers a new, refreshing gameplay that seems to suceed in something that the video game industry has been lacking for a long time--innovation and creativity that works.

1128.11.2006 17:27

CiDaemon well I basically compare the PS3 and the 360 to PS2 and 360 they are basic upgrades the PS3 might have power power/storage but tis still a over the top PS2 and the 360 is still a over powered Xbox without a innovation in play control and game play there is not much moving on from 5 years ago. the WII has Graphics that are better than the GC but not by enough for some people who think power and graphics are everything and thats where the industry has found itself (graphics FTW ....gameplay? GFY)and thats why I love the WII so much while the power of the system saddens me some the innovation has not ^^

1228.11.2006 19:10

Got my Wii on Sunday and I can't get enough of it. I got Zelda too but so far Wii sports has been fantastic.

1328.11.2006 19:54

Too bad that the Wii doesnt have that much power in it. It doesnt hurt to be lil more advanced in hardware or better graphics then the GC. But basically, if you think about it, the Wii is like the Gamecube (hardware wise) with motion sensing but none the less, its creative alright.

1429.11.2006 6:45

tehjoker they can squzzze out another 20ish% on power but really nintendo usealy doesn't find much power in coding optimizations they kind already already know what the system can do,while the PS2 and Xbox got mini boosts in power useage over 3+ years,usealy theres up to 40% power being hidden this power translates into less loading times and everything other thing but it all adds up to better performance and/or better graphics. the WIi is nice gotta love a WII... 0_o

1529.11.2006 7:26

YES NINTENDO DOES IT AGAIN i would have to say if my choice was between my ps3 and my wii and i could only save one in a fire i would choose the wii the reason sonys console has major problems there are hacks cracks viruses and other nasty things out right now for the ps3 while the wii is doing great after just one firmware update where it takes sony 3 to fix the console damn

1629.11.2006 18:05

That's the thing--Nintendo dosen't want pure processing power, they want a better overall experience. Big innovation is better than grinding that last 5% out of your CPU.

1729.11.2006 18:22

Did MS have many/any frimware problems? I know of the hardware they really should should have waited a few months and got that fixed altho I still would have backed away from it the BWC is what killed my interest in the 360,its revieieng a bit but meh not quite yet I have spite toward the PS3 but its future seems almost perfect >> the WII is only one to do soemthign more than ooo look breast physic's and ooo look high def female CGI models >>

1829.11.2006 19:21

That reminds me. Doa x2 is amazing :O

But then, so is Twilight Princess, having just beat it. My shoulder hurts.


1929.11.2006 19:24

meh if the hair didn't clip thru them the illusion would be near perfect...well add nudity and then it would be *L*

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2030.11.2006 5:47

stupid bloody name weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (piss)

211.12.2006 13:18

i want a wii-but cant get one !!!!!!unless go buy online and overpay:(.hopefully we get the big shipment .go wii

221.12.2006 13:42

well I dotn have a nintendo wii....heheheheh yet :P

231.12.2006 18:49

Come hang out, we'll do some wii-ing.

I hope you live near Boston.


241.12.2006 21:04

Originally posted by CiDaemon:
Come hang out, we'll do some wii-ing.

I hope you live near Boston.

the only big city I lvie near is Chattanooga and thats 40min away 0-o I a in rural vile..why else would I pay 100 a month for sat net >>

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

252.12.2006 5:37

Hey Zippy where in Tenn do you live, are you by the Smokies. I am spending X-mas in Gattlinburgh we rented a house up in the mountains. I missed my Wii by 10 min at Target. I talked to a guy at Best Buy thursday in Merrivile Ind. asking about the Wii and He was trying to sell me the Ps3 60gig they got 25 in that day. I dont want a Ps3 yet, if ever I want a Wii is what I told him and he said they will have no problem supplying the Wii for X-mas they are promised a big shipment. I almost bought the Ps3 but I will wait and see which format takes the lead before I go Blue Ray or HD DVD. I live in the subs. of Chicago and here its hard to get any system except the 360.

262.12.2006 11:40

UHALL By Chattanooga which is not by the smokies *L* I am by a dot on the road(DUNLAP) 40 minutes over the mountain (they put a highway in 10-20 years ago from 1-2 hours to 50min *L*)

272.12.2006 13:44

After I posted I remembered It's Knoxville I am thinking of. My blonde hair is showing.(no blonde jokes).I am on a mission to find a WIIIII I seen previews of a fishing game that looks fun as hell.

282.12.2006 14:11

UHALL give me 400$ I am will have one shipped to you :P

292.12.2006 14:13

Just because my hair is blonde it doesn't meen I stipud-stupid.

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