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PS3 sold out, PS2 and PSP patch

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 28 Nov 2006 13:11 User comments (27)

PS3 sold out, PS2 and PSP patch Sony officially announced what most of us considered obvious, the first wave of PS3 was sold out. No exact figure has been given, but some sources estimate not more than 200,000 units. The "small" number of PS3 launch units was however assisted by company's flag-bearing handheld and current gen console.
The sold-out PS3 had obviously more demand than supply, and the 15,000 PS3 units sold on eBay for an average price of $1,200 speaks for itself. Luckily for Sony, they have a pretty strong lineup with PS2 and PSP, the first-mentioned increased sales more than 100 percent and the latter almost tripled the sales.

The second patch for PS3 is out, the patch updates PS3 firmware to v1.11, but no details have been shared. Some speculate that the patch affects Music settings, others that it adds an icon to Account Management, yet no clarifying information. You can download the patch via PS3 System Update feature. Sony also set a limit of 500MB for the downloadable PS3 games, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica director John Hight this was done strictly "to keep download times reasonable."


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27 user comments

128.11.2006 13:43

wtf?! you can only dl up to 500mb for demo's? that's really gay. i just dl'd nba 07 which as 800+mb and all i couild do was play 1 game with 3 min quarters and next to none options. wow that really suks

228.11.2006 16:16

Sony is a stick in the mud. First they have an extremely expensive basic, no-options console (with the exception of the included HDD). Then they don't offer background downloading. Now they still don't offer background downloading and they limit the download size to "Keep download times reasonable"? This, my friends, is a poor excuse from Sony stating they can't keep up with the superior service of XBox Live. The 360 may or may not be better then the PS3 but its online service sure kills Sony's online offering.

328.11.2006 17:26

It's also not free. Take this into account when considering the PS3's online service--if someone handed you money, you would take it, regardless if it were a $1 or a $100. If someone offers you free internet, what are you losing?

428.11.2006 18:16

i heard some1 got shot lineing up for 1 ps3 in canada. before i even woke up for school one mourning all i saw was my class empty and all my friends were out trying to get there hands on a ps3.. guess wat. no one got them

528.11.2006 18:25

As you flame remember that XBOX 360 has a limit of 50mb for downloaded files. So wow..... that sucks so much more. BTW 500mb is freakin huge for downloading demos. Much that I highly doubt many games will be higher than that for demos, or could be rather. Ludikhris

628.11.2006 19:39

people just wait and see. just like the psp. we finally got the good update now that ps3 came out. all u need is time. other than that the ps3 is great. what else do u want. i mean it cant wipe ur ass. some people just can see that all this is money and stuff. if it all came out at once it wouldnt be fun for us cause we would just have the same old ps3 with out any new stuff to it. just give it some time.

728.11.2006 19:46

Theres no way theres a limit on the 360 concidering I just got done downloading 3 demos 900mb-1gb a piece. Also what do you mean 500mb is huge for game demos and you don't see how they could be much bigger. On 360 the demos are almost all atleast 500mb normally always bigger quite a few are around 900mb. And also this is with normal DVD-9 not Blu-ray, so I imagine Blu-ray game demos will be alot bigger.

829.11.2006 0:05

I can hear the gnashing of pre-pubescent teeth and wailing ("no way, dude, that suks, that's so gay")from across the Atlantic Ocean. Get over it and try going to school until these temporary measures are withdrawn and Mommy and Daddy fill your christmas stockings with real PS3 games ;)

929.11.2006 1:17

The 500MB is only for PS3 titles distributed via PS3 online service. Which is comparable to Xbox Live Arcade games that have a maximum of 50MB. Neither of these limits include game demos. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

1029.11.2006 3:57

Well I'm not sure either but I would say that your right because it makes since and as I said, only 500mb downloads for demos would be pointless becase the ones for 360 were mostly 900mb and that was without Blu-ray.

1129.11.2006 7:21

wow sony sucks limiting downloads to 500 megs damn that means some really lame content i mean take a look at the xbox 360 yes it takes about 1 hour to download a 1 gig file but look at the quality of that file wow sony is really going to lose out

1230.11.2006 5:49

hey sukhvail don't dis gays, go suck something

1330.11.2006 11:07

Pop_Smith Live has had how mnay years to perfect itself at a premium no the less? A new console needs 6months to 1 year to be fully judgeable the PS3 is a bit lack luster for the 600+ price the online side is NEW so its like comparing the DC to the Xbbox

141.12.2006 8:37


151.12.2006 16:16

Wow, you're really old school with your Atari. I thought I was out of date playing my NES and SNES games while everyone was out spending hundreds of dollars on PS3 and Wii consoles and games. (BTW, those games are just more fun than the crap that came out as launch titles for the "next-gen" systems, besides the new Zelda and Resistence you guys got a whole lot of nothing for your money.)

161.12.2006 16:25

wetsparks after finished the games 2 or 3 times I would rather play a newer C class game the exp is about the same as replaying a A++ class game to death. and sometimes you find a B class game,as for the PS3 and the 360 meh....the WII however is a must get!

171.12.2006 16:38

Zippy I have beaten those games more than 2 or 3 times. I have beaten Zelda: A Link to the Past at least 30 times, along with other games for those systems thought not quite that many times. But for as you put to buy a $250 or a $600 system (not getting the cheap one, all or nothing) I need more than a C game. That goes for the 360 as well, its taken a year for a game to come out that is good that isnt also found on the PC. Sad thing is the best games for the 360 and PS3 are shooters and IMO those are funner with a keyboard and mouse.

181.12.2006 16:53

wetsparks I agree 100% they simply give you no customizing options of fps any more look at the hay days of the n64 and almsot full button config WITH full sensitivity control now you are lucky if they give you 3 or 5 levels of generic sensitivity control... I been palying Halo 2 on the Xbox and am annoy no full button config but the ood thing is the Xbox pad I got seems to have a gap in sensitivity where as anyhtign PSX/N64PS2 I have played had a smooth sensitivity from center to any direction this thing is just off and I cant tell if its the game or the pad or me..I got a joy frag for the PS2 I fcking LOVE IT I am getting one for the Xbox as well there is no reason not have that choice anymore... the PS3 and 360 can stew riped and becoem reasonable for what shiny rotten apple type games they have (most look great but play badly). I have tried the WII and ove the controlls I NEED METROID PRIME 3 :3

191.12.2006 18:42

What more can be sad there? Metroid prime always finds a way to be fun and Halo is the result of the blowing up aliens = fun idealology. but like you said you cant controll worth shit with the xbox but that is probably something to talk about on a different forum.

201.12.2006 18:54

wetsparks well after playing Halo 2 with a PS2 pad on 1 its still like playing with a xbox pad on 6,the sensitivity is just to much I need to try MOA red sun riaseing (the only other fps I have) see if it still has that odd drop out in sensitivity. Halo 1 PC with clear un buggy and well done a 7-8,Halo 2 Xbox is buggy and off balance 5-6,(qauke 4 is a 3-4) Metroid prime was good but frankly the adventure style fps controlls annoyed the hell out of me sure its noob friendly and easy to controll... MP1 6-7 (enemy and weapon balance) MP2 5-6 (CRAMP complex level design,weapon balance) Besides its hard to match a Adventure fps with a RPG story with nomral fps that has a gun and run theme. In all Halo is ok its not bad or horried its ok,Metroid prime is better but winds up as "OK" as well 0-o (its the weapon details that really pissed me off on MP2 missiles have no radius damage and other things that are not right or poorly balanced). Currently I am trying to get off begin a south paw its hell >< I really need to get the joyfrag for the Xbox and have some control over the controls >< I played Darkwatch on the PS2 with the joyfrag....OMG its wonderful... I hope they can make these for the 360 and PS3!

211.12.2006 20:59

I say save your $$$$$$$ and look for a Wii you have a hell of alot better chance of getting it and it plays great.Let all the chasers do all the work and then just swoop in a little later and get a better system with all the updates and patches fixed.This is only a thought but for me I will wait it out and not rush out to pay twice what they cost on ebay or etc..Why b1tch and comlain about the cost then pay a scalper price and feel like you got a deal for double or triple the going price all because of demand.I wont pass jugement but I will wonder about your choice to do so.Gl in your quest.

221.12.2006 21:02

Also I would like to say I still love to play my PS2 and enjoy the system and game's and online play is great no cost to me means great value and lots of fun.

231.12.2006 21:09

Zippy You are way more in to fps than I am. RPGs are my thing even though fps do make a fun alternative. Also, playing xbox with a PS2 pad would be....interesting....since your missing the black and white buttons on the right side. Also rrmk37 forums rules say no double posting, use the edit feature, since your a newbie not many people will care but moderaters tend to frown on the behavior.

241.12.2006 21:10

rrmk37 360 is not fixed yet the new revision slated fro store till feb waiting for it ripen is a good idea I do like the some of the games is getting next year it will be 200-300 in year or so. the PS3 is evil(main reason to costly) the WII is great. The PS2 is ok the only real reason its "better" rivals is it has more games the Xbox/GC is pretty much the same a few B titles alot of C titles with A title games that I feel is a A title game is a rarity.

262.12.2006 11:50

UHALL I know I know I just am so annoyed at sony the PS3 has had a luke warm lunch main reason lack of titles,the glitches are annoyances they don't add to it but they don't hurt it much either,so far the gmaes that have come out are well like any other over the top graphics wise game its better than the 360s launch but the 360 as it it is right now is in better shape even with the iffy hardware sony needs to get off tis arse 1.CHANGE THE GODDAM PRICE 50-120 price drop would show you get it. 2.get thos glitches fixed and amke sure any hardware issues in the first wave are not there in the 2nd wave you are chrageing top price glitchs are a no no for extra premium things.

272.12.2006 14:11

I here ya, I have my sony p2, I have a sony Lcd 60", I have a sony 36", I have my wifes sony VAIO tower, I have a sony internal DVD burner for my wifes computer,(all i use is Plextor and Pioneer). I never relised how much sony crap I own. Right know I plan on BOYcotting sony for awhile. Anything I buy in the near futer will not be a SONY Product. I already have a 360 and a modded Xbox I can live with that for a while

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