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Azureus turns 3.0 and raises $12 million

Written by Dave Horvath @ 05 Dec 2006 8:05 User comments (29)

Azureus turns 3.0 and raises $12 million Java based P2P client Azureus recently released its newest version, 3.0, thanks in part to its own adventure into venture capital financing. Funding was raised in partnership with Redpoint Ventures, Greycroft Partners, BV Capital and CNET chairman Jarl Mohn.
These efforts have not been all for naught with Azureus, being one of the more popular downloaded P2P applications. Some of the 130 million people who've downloaded the client will be able to treat themselves to the upgraded 3.0 version, dubbed Zudeo. Zudeo is geared towards digital media sharing and can allow publishers to distribute HD and DVD quality media at no cost.

"Today, content owners and publishers can use Zudeo to freely promote and distribute their digital creations, without length or quality limitations," said Azureus CEO, Gilles BianRosa. "Furthermore, content creators and publishers can use our social networking tools to expose their content throughout the Web, including blogs and social networks."


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29 user comments

15.12.2006 8:27

im still using the old version =]

25.12.2006 8:46

use uTorrent, its smaller and uses less resources. plus, no java garbage

35.12.2006 9:12

Bloated + crap video distribution system with MPAA involvement. Those who like Azureus, stick with v2.5.0.0 I'll stay with utorrent

45.12.2006 11:05

bit torrent is useless for anyone whos ISP has a strike limit for nasty letters from copywrite holders because anyone who uses it is also sharing, big no-no. i use shareaza version 2.3 its gotta be the nastiest p2p prog out there. the only thing that would make it better is an encryption option. gnutella 2 is just as fast as bit torrent (for me at least, on my 6mbit connection) and has all the latest movies and tv shows and songs with the added benofit of no sharing, has an extreemly low rate of fakes because of its hashing system, can be used with gnutella 1 or edonky or bit torrent. and it uses almost no resources.

55.12.2006 14:13

georgeluv shareaza? that thing has more adware in it than gozilla dose 0-o Azureus is a solid feature rich BTC it is a bit of a resource hog but what it offers balances it all out. Bit torrent is the best of the rest the file priorities within a file so you can stagger large files within downloads its small sleek and works great I would like to see better scheduling options (10,30min blocks) and more bandwidth and file priorities (queuing for files inside a torrent).

65.12.2006 14:15

BTW I hope azus has a good leagle defince fuand...the media mafia are drooling over to let sec hounds on them...

75.12.2006 17:50

please name the adware that comes on shareaza, because in my 4 years of usuing shareaza i have never seen any evidence that it comes packed with adware. you might have gotten a bunk copy, it was being repacked by a lot of places with ad and spyware. it was being repacked as kazaa lite for a wile by some people(???). make sure you get your legit copy from, prety much the only way to know it aint a bunk copy.

85.12.2006 17:54

georgeluv MMmmmmmmm that I did not know.

96.12.2006 5:42


use uTorrent, its smaller and uses less resources. plus, no java garbage

-- csm11

I agree that uTorrent is a lot smaller and uses less resources. But Azureus having been coded in Java isn't just a bad thing. For example I can not use uTorrent because it's windows only program and propably done in C++ or C so porting it to any nix-os would be some searious work (and what about the updates?).

Also I do have to say that I have Azureus running basicly all the time I'm using my computer (and when I'm not..) and it doesen't make my computer lag at all. Sureley that can't be a real problem for anyone having atleast decent computer. If it is causing problems then you can just by some more memory to make your computre roll ever better. If you use much Java-programs I would recommend that you have at least 512MB+256MB memory.

The good thing about Java is that it abstracts away much of the more complicated programming problems that other languages do not. It is also very strict language and because of this qualities it is easier to notice bugs and errors in code, it's easier to plan programs and easier and faster to code them and they work on any computer that has the java virtual machine installed.

Then again the other side of the coin is that you can't control registers, memroy control or lot of other things. You can't even directly control the JVMs stack register (well I suppose you coulde code in bytecode if you wanted but..). Thins means that you can't tweak and tune you code to work as fast as possible. It works just as fast as the Java compiler optimizes it to work which in general isn't that fast.

Ok i got a little distracted form the topic.. sorry about that. To be more precise I have to say I haven't tried the 3.0 version of Azureus just quite yet. After a quick googling I came in to conclusion that Azureus 3.0 has not rally been released yet. It is an alfa or a beta release.

...anyone who uses it is also sharing, big no-no.

-- georgeluv

big no-no?? Dude I think you have misunderstood some basic principles behind p2p (peer<->to<->peer). It's not p4u (peer-->for-->you).

BTW I hope azus has a good leagle defince fuand...the media mafia are drooling over to let sec hounds on them...

-- ZIppyDSM

I don't see what they could accuse Azureus for. Oh well I suppose you can do anything if you have the bucks to back up you accusations.

EDIT: quoting... quoting...
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106.12.2006 8:06

Alcareru they don't have to have a leagle standing just drag the to court in 10 places..... I have faped to death satilite net and while azu has a megaton of feutures Uts basic shcealder seems to handle y faping better 0-o

116.12.2006 19:09

Ayone know if Azuhas a plugin that lets you run in every 5min or so? 5 on 5 off or soemthign like that?

126.12.2006 21:38

they don't have to have a leagle standing just drag the to court in 10 places.....
Isn't this what I just said?
I have faped to death satilite net and while azu has a megaton of feutures Uts basic shcealder seems to handle y faping better 0-o
faped to death, handle y faping, shcealder? Do you mean that: Your satellite connection has faded to death? Your saying that uTorrents basic scheduler handles your fading better? What exactly do you mean by fading or faping? What is it and what causes it? I can't answer your last post as I don't know what you mean by running in nor by 5 on 5 for that matter. All of the sentences have a lot of typos and in addition grammatic mistakes and at least for me (who isn't a native englsih speaker) it is pretty close to nonsens. So you could try to put just a little bit extra attention on what exactly are you writing. I don't mean to offend or anything but I'm just saying that at least I can hardly make any sense from what you have written.

136.12.2006 23:13

Warning! Getting a "little" off-topic.. again. :D

I got an idea what you migh mean by fading. I think it could be that you actually mean chocke. Your connection can chock due to too many connections established. Genreally p2p software establishes a lot of connections and often doesen't properly close them. I don't see how the torrent program being used could have any significant affect on this if their maximum amount of simultaneous open connecions is set to same. So if this is the case I assume you had different settings in Azureus than in uTorrent (as Azureus chocked uTorrent did not).

This kind of problem occurs when your router can't handle the amount of connecions required and/or some of the routers settings limit the amount of simultaneous connections and/or the router doesn't discard "bad" connections quickly enough (remeber that the p2p software doesen't always close connections properly).

1. Change your routers settings. (This is the best solution, but might not be possible for your router).
2. Limit the amount of simultaneous open connections from the software. (Might be a good idea even if you did change the routers settings).
3. Don't have too many active torrents at the same time. (Shouldn't make any difference unless the maximum amount of simlutaneous open connections is set per torrent instead of all active torrents).

147.12.2006 11:01

Alcareru if you don't know what FAP,fair user access plan is you better ISPs are slowly starting to use them more and more to control bandwidth and satitlite net dose it the most,after I download abotu 300-400MB constantly I an put on dailup mode for 4 hours or so. I need to have more control over my bandwidth I want to try haveign it on for 5 min and off for 5 min or try other ways on an hour and off an hour dosent seem to work it dislikes long connection times.

157.12.2006 13:42

I don't really know anything about satellite connections so that's naturally why I didn't know what you meant by getting faped. I don't think I have actully ever seen anyone who would have a satellite connection. Everyone in Finland have ADSL or Cable. And I certanly have not heard of any that kind of restrictions in bandwidth usage by anyone.

The Fair Access Policy is a policy that allows everyone over a satellite connection to have access to the same bandwidth. Generally, the limit is 200 MB/day, and after that the speed of the connection is reduced to dial-up levels. The ban lasts for one day, and after that the speed is restored to normal.
-- wikipedia In comparisson to this you ISPs FAP is absolutely FAPulous. But seariously how can you live with a connection like that? You download a couple of hundred megs and then your sent back to year 1995 for 4 hours? Do you live in such a remote place that there's no other options awailable? back to the "subject"... why/how does uTorrent handle this faping better? Also I didn't quite understan why do you want to close your bandwidth for 5 min and then keep it open for 5 min and close it ...

167.12.2006 13:56

its either dailup for 11-25 a month or satilite for for 50-100.

take a guess as to why I I am on sat net in all satilite internet is like advanced dailup its better than dailup but tis not board band becuse of all the limits they put on it,and yes Cable and DSL do fap you however they either have the FAP written in uber fine print or you your bandwidth gets adjusted 10-40% of its full speed.

anyway I am looking to better deal with what I have till DSL shows up this time next year.

Sat net heavily plays the throttling game even when I am not under fap it can drop to 6KBS and not go above it,I would like to try sending data in "chunks" over large periods of time 4ish hours and see if the faping bot likes it better.

I have U torrent go by the hour and throttle speed to 4KBS down and 1 up or off altogether it can config limits by the hour either by the speed you want, full speed or all downloads paused for that hour.

I would like to control speed by the minuet,mostly because to stay out of the mini fap and skirt around the main fap.

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178.12.2006 1:09

50-100 as in $? wow that's a lot of money. But I do have to say that i have never noticed any FAPing done by ISP:s but ofcourse they can do it in such a fine scale that it would be almost impossible to notice. Then again if I can't notice it then it doesn't really bothre me.. One thing the ISP of our student net/connection is that thei periodicly close the connection. Though that happens rearly (2-4 times a month) and you can open the connection right away. I suppose they do it so that they don't need to reserve bandwidth for peopel how don't use computers and their connection so much or don't have one for that matter (the internet connecion comes with the studen apartemnt and is "free", meaning you pay for it in you rent). So I say 10% maybe for short periods of time (like jsut for a few seconds). But no way they could reduce the bandwidth by 40% and get away with it. Fine print or not peopel would change their ISP if that would happen.

189.12.2006 0:23

We've got a mild version of faping with some deals in the UK. You can get unlimited non-peak usage, then say up to 4Gb during a month peak time, then your speed is cut (the one I'm using goes from 8meg connection to a 6meg after the 4meg peak limit - not really too much hassle). I do make the effort to stay under the limit though (not that successfully most times!). You can pay a little more & get fap-free (say 5 a month extra), but I tight with my ca$h :-) Back on subject I use Azureus, I've tried Utorrent, but I prefer Azureus it works in a way that makes more sense to me, utorrent just didn't? I actually found shareaza clogged my bandwidth more than any other P2P I've tried, Azureus is a bit resources hungry, but my machies got enough "oommmfff" to run without a hitch. As for the guy (girl?) downloading without uploading, don't you just hate leeches! It's supposed to be a community online here, we share, that's how it works, leeches don't belong!

199.12.2006 3:40

Alcareru 50-100 USD cash money credit they don't care they just want it, *L* I live off the net and begin a tech person well sucks if you live in rualness,I am forced with sat net and its absurdities or dialup with its amazing ability to dry paint and grow grass at the speed of growing grass and drying paint I much collect my stupid fan subs before the dissperaer into he night and I am used to getting alsmot to use to getting 1-6GB of data in a 2 day time this crap is well crap *L* I don't mind the ebs and flows of the "network" whena SIP adjusts users speeds acordering to the bandwidth of alot of users within that you can spikes and drops but they don't last for long you are never out of service but soemtiems you can be slow 50ish KBPS but sat sat kicks you in the shin or balls depending the mood there in and runs off the count thier money I have been surprised over the power of the hardware its great but they keep fudgeing with it and they have been known to disconnect people for 3-10min at a time to preserve their "service" Hell I been thinking of getting DSL asap and jsut dealing with it over the 90$ a month sat net has me contracted into.

209.12.2006 17:26

RE: Azureus resource hog do you mean memory or CPU time? it is a larger program than most but the extra allows plugins to be used *opinion* You know that if Micro$oft made a P2P program it would be 10 - 100 times the size of Azureus *back to facts* as for CPU time, when working correctly, I have never seen Azureus use more than 10% of my 3.2 Ghtz P4 and usually that is just a peak from an average around 3% there have been a few occasions that I saw Az using 49% and the system locked up but I write those times off to incompatability and mis-use of other programs... since a reboot of the computer, which removes stray memory usage, ALWAYS sent Azureus CPU usage back to 3% or less and when I Identified the incompatible program (manually restarting the other programs, Az always starts up on startup) I got rid of identified program and the problem... until another minor program runs and az acts up again... oh, and I couldn't do this until after I deleted all references to MSN and AOL (and cleaned my registry from their entries) I cannot identify any specific problem they created, but I couldn't Identify minor programs creating errors until I deleted those resource hogs

2110.12.2006 13:25

What I meant by saying Azureus uses more resources is that it uses more memory. I don't konw what csm11 meant by originally saying that. And ofcourse I don't know how much uTorrent uses CPU. It might use a lot less in comparison to Azureus but I don't think that is of any significance unless you have a reeeallly slwoooow cpu.

2210.12.2006 13:39

qazwiz yes and no,Azus requires more little things it all adds up then add java that can be bad if its damaged in all Azus is nice but it has more quirks than other programs.

2311.12.2006 13:22

I bought two gigs of ram just so programs can have all they need... I am currently in transition so Az is down probably for the rest of the year, but as I remember it, it only used 50 or sixty meg, ... more than others but not excessive and certainly not too much for any machine that isn't already under "powered" .... I am not sure exactly how much, but I am sure it wasn't over 100 megs in fact, only memory problems I have ever had was when I tried to get GIMP to create a super huge and high quality pix but none with Az

2411.12.2006 23:54

For what do you need 2 gigs of memory? I have 1280 megs and I don't think that I have so far ever used more than 700 megs at a time. Anyways.. about Azureus. On my system it takes this very moment 90 megs memory. I have 33 active torrent which might explain why it uses more memory. Though ofcourse I can't know if you actually had more torrents in download/upload.

2512.12.2006 8:59

I won't disagree with 90... as I said I won't install Az on this disk image as I am about to go Linux... my brain plays games on me and so seeing 95372 K (or some such) might register as 68257 (or so) I often have fifty or more torrents that I am keeping alive and I like trying a lot of plug-ins (Suduko plug-in rocks) but as I mentioned earlier, I am sure it didn't hit six digits so I know it has always been less than 100meg as for why so much memory... extra memory can speed up programs that know how to use it so, as I said, I got it for any programs that want it if anyone has a system that appears too slow, you can try to increase your memory to reduce page swaps... a very big eater of real time though it doesn't increase the CPU usage much since memory swaps use a different buss on the newer machines (CPU just waits until memory is transfered) and memory is quite cheap these days I paid $120 a gig(or less) and that was a year ago... I would bet you can get each gig for less than $100 now... Google the type you need to keep the offers under a couple million sites :)

2612.12.2006 11:46

Alcareru XP is a resoruce hog and it dose not manage memory that well the more you have the less XP can...lose? so 1GB would be good for basic gaming and stuff 2GB is maxing out what XP can use effectively I have heard to many mixed reviews of going above 2GB its not worth another 200 altho this was acouple years ago. In all for the best build 2GB is the best balacne of price and preformacne for a DDR system,I need to get better memory for my computer but its a AGP 939 so its pointless to spend 100-200 on it I will just wait and sepnd 200 EACH on a CPU,VIDCARD,RAMM and other 100 on a new mobo. and if I wait 2-4 months it will drop another 30 each *L* going DDR2 with PCI-e

2717.12.2006 3:24

Well I'm using linux (Fedora Core 5) so that if widows XP is a reource hog I wouldn't really know. Then again Java on linux and on windows might have some differences which could explain the differences between the memory usage (one way or the other). Though being such a minute differences they are rather irrelevant.

2817.12.2006 3:29

Alcareru I haven't tried lunix yet and even I know lunix runs "better" :P

2917.12.2006 23:18

I highly recommend that you do :D It's time/tweaking hog of your own time when you first time install it and try to figure out how it works but it's fun to configure it and get things running. Also you generally learn a lot along the way. And then when you have relly learnt to use linux theres no coming back. I'd say that an easy start would be Fedora Core or Ubuntu.. then again I suppose the ultimate linux experienc would be to install Slacware. I think I've been using linux for 1,5 years now. Using it has become pretty smooth and if there's something I can't figure out there's a lot of forums where to searc for info or post your problem for linux wizzies to figure out. I hardly ever use windows anymore. Maybe about once in a couple of months for some weird reason.

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