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Xbox Live and iPod traffic surge this season

Written by Dave Horvath @ 05 Dec 2006 8:22 User comments (4)

Xbox Live and iPod traffic surge this season Analytical network equipment provider, Sandvine released a statement recently citing that ISPs should proactively be on the lookout for increased online gaming and online video downloading in the very near future.
In recent studies, Sandvine saw an increase of 80% of traffic for the Xbox Live servers just following the release of several highly anticipated game titles. One of the latest releases, Gears of War gave Xbox Live a tremendous jump in network traffic, proving to ISPs that network gaming is not just a passing fad or craze.

Additionally, Sandvine saw an astounding 140% internet traffic increase following Apple's release of iTunes7 which enabled users to download full length feature films directly to their video iPods. This once again should show network providers that they need to better suit their networks to handle this type of traffic as it is clear that these are things the consumer wants and needs.

Dave Caputo, CEO of Sandvine said, "The effect Gears of War and other games are having on networks indicates to service providers that online gaming is not just a craze. Their networks must be equipped to protect this increasingly valuable traffic from the effects of a best-effort network. Other multimedia applications like video downloads onto iPods are increasingly becoming popular, so service providers need to identify these trends early in order to proactively ensure there is adequate capacity to support the extra bandwidth usage."


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4 user comments

15.12.2006 13:00

I think ISP's should create 2 seperate networks - one for gaming and file sharing the other for normal internet use and buisness. That way isp's wouldn't have to worry about gamers eating up their bandwidth and gamers would have so much lag. I'd be willing to pay for a network used just for gaming and file sharing as long as it didn't cost to much.

25.12.2006 20:21

Well I have to say there pretty silly if they don't realize that network gaming is big business. When technology improves the isp's have to imporve also. The only thing that gets to me is the fact we don't have many isp's that have unlimited uploads and downloads. It will eventually come to that anyway. When is the question :)

36.12.2006 8:16

geee no you think DATA steaming in on the rise,and bandwidth limits are sadly on the rise to I get a kick out of how satilite net handles data when you stop and think this is how corperations want to handle bandwidth for all the net. I dotn think thigns will get that bad..I hope not but its easy to think they can.

49.12.2006 9:46

FlakMNKEY You realise that if ISPs did what you suggest that the network for normal internet would just be used for business, porn, and chat rooms (though there would be plenty of porn going through the file sharing). That isnt very much traffic, meanwhile the gaming one will probably pick up traffic from what it is right now because of less lag to the point that there is lag again because playing against real people is just plain funner than beating the compter over and over and over..... PS: Your supposed to laugh at my commments :D

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