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Piratebay takes on AllOfMP3-blocking ISP

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Dec 2006 2:44 User comments (29)

Piratebay takes on AllOfMP3-blocking ISP The popular Swedish BitTorrent tracker, The Pirate Bay, has blocked subscribers to ISP Perspektiv from using the site in response to the ISP blocking its subscribers' access to The intentions you would guess, is to encourage subscribers to switch to a different ISP. "After careful consideration we have, for the first time ever, decided to block an ISP because of their management," said a statement from Piratebay. offers digital music downloads for a fraction of the price that other stores such as iTunes charge. The company has been called illegal by the US and European record industry but it claims it complies with Russian copyright law. The Pirate Bay believes that Perspektiv is fulfilling the interests of media companies over those of its subscribers.

"As one of the larges websites in Sweden we will not sit silently and watch some of our basic rights be restricted," said the Piratebay statement. "If we want a working and good society even on the internet we must stand up for one another and show courage when it is needed."

"Perspektiv Bredband has every right in the world to block whichever site they want on their own net," it said. "And their customers have every right in the world to change to a new ISP which does not take upon itself the task of ensuring collective conscience."

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29 user comments

113.12.2006 14:51

Excellent move from piratebay.

213.12.2006 15:31

that's right. bite back, HARD!

313.12.2006 16:08

you can change long as you dont have a contract with them....

413.12.2006 20:26

It's great to see that some people will actually stand up to the RIAA and their backers.

513.12.2006 20:40

now it means they can't get cheap music from allofmp3... and they can't steal music from piratebay... sounds like the RIAA will like this... =[ they better all switch

613.12.2006 21:26

gotta love sweden, the REAL land of the free (at least when it come to internet laws)

713.12.2006 23:48

georgeluv dont they also sale the extra army supplely to the people as well and have"interesting " gun laws? it is the home of porn is it not? *L*

814.12.2006 02:25

sweden is the home of porn ? i take it you have never been to L.A. ?

914.12.2006 02:35

WOOWWOOWWEEEEWAAAA this is the way!! love it.

1014.12.2006 03:07

domie well before the US made porn thier bitch in the 90s :P

1114.12.2006 06:08

sweden has some of the most liberal laws in the areas of: ~the interweb ~drugs (swedens marijuana laws are more liberal than even holland, a lot of the breeders and growers moved operations to sweden when holland cracked down on them a few years ago. lsd was first sythasized in sweden and the first ever acid trip took place in sweden.) ~ banking where swedens laws are definatly lacking: ~personal freedom (they are one of those countries where gorry american horror movies are banned, and its also one of those countries where every male has to do 2 manditory years of military service.)

1214.12.2006 06:14

georgeluv and have nice gun laws and sale old army stuff to the populace,can you still import gorryness? frankly the US needs its kids to go thru some army training.....our kids are dumbarses ><

1314.12.2006 07:53

The military service in sweden in nowhere near being mandatory..

1414.12.2006 09:52

The Pirate Bay is great! Highly recommend watching "steal this film" about them. I wouldn't mind heading up the Pirate Party here in the US.

1514.12.2006 09:58

The Pirate Party's views are strong, but I welcome them above those of the MAFIAA. I think this is a superb move.

1614.12.2006 11:32

i herd you can deffer your military service for school or job reasons, but they still make you do it at some point, right? i remeber reading about swedish pro snowboarders always trying to find ways out of it. as far as selling army things back to the public, america does that all the time. army surplus stores. you cant buy tanks or asault rifles, but pretty much everything else from old jeeps to jet engens. and as far as importing gorrynes to sweden, i think its illegal but whats going to stop them from just downloading them from the pirate bay :-)? its weird but a lot of americas ultra violent movies become cult classics in europe simply because they are "banned" and its not just horror movies either, its anything with lots of bloody violence period like pulp fiction or basicaly any other quinten tarentino movie. america has the most liberal laws for gun ownership (on the books). the other day i saw a flyer for a raffle a local fire department was having for a shiny new mosburg 12 gauge. it said absolutly nothing about a background check or anything, pretty sure if you won they would just hand it to you on the spot and say "enjoy!".

1714.12.2006 14:03

georgeluv we don't sell shells and mortor rounds,machine guns and such to joe pubic *L* general rifles and such yes .

1916.12.2006 14:08

Is it just me or is it ironic that to protest companies blocking access to websites, they are blocking access to a website?

2016.12.2006 14:55

I just want to say ever since piratebay got raided they have not been the same.

2116.12.2006 21:46

Zippy, I wouldn't call a Semi-Automatic Rifle a general rifle....I'd call it terribly overpowered and inappropriate. I seriously question the validity of semi and full automatic weaponry for hunting. As Robin Williams said once, "America, the place where we have the Right to Bare Arms arm Arm Bears!" :P

2216.12.2006 22:21

DR34MER :P I am not a huge fan of guns but I look up gun laws now and then and sweden is kinda a odd ball,they have almsot lack gun laws and little gun crime compared to others,and the more I look at it the more it seems tis a cutrual thing and not a gun law thing. alto in the end I am sure its a bit of everything but you get the point.

2316.12.2006 22:36

Hmmm... I only support this move if ISP Perspektiv subscribers can switch with no additional costs. Otherwise, it's hitting them much more than it hits the ISP. My own ISP grabs subscribers for 1-3 years, and breaking the contract means more costs than I could ever afford.

2417.12.2006 06:39

I think TPB have been on the up and up since the raid, personally!

2517.12.2006 12:31

So glad my ISP blocks nothing. Go Pirate Bay!!!!

2617.12.2006 12:33

yeah, my university's ISP blocks TPB (the websites, not just use of Bit torrent itself), but fortunately my home one doesn't... yet.

2722.12.2006 01:49

Whoever posted that Sweden has liberal drug laws: I don't know where on earth you get your information from but you are waaaay wrong. I live here and I can tell you the general attitude towards drugs here is basically that if you ever smoke a joint you will end up one day dead with a needle in your arm. The legislation reflects this attitude.

2830.12.2006 19:03

DR34MER You, and WAAAAAAAAYYYY too many other people, have the wrong idea about the 4th Amendment. It has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HUNTING. Read the Preamble & maybe you'll unnerstan. The only reason the framers felt citizens SHOULD "keep & bear arms" was to KILL THE GUBMINT if it ever got too big for its own britches. Nothing else crossed their minds. Also, they put it in very simple terms: "...SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". Period. What could be easier to understand? So in keeping with that purpose, US citizens should have mortAr shells, machine guns, heavy artillery, and anything else needed to DEFEAT our own government. Why do you think it's so out-of-control right now? Because they know they've buried that amendment so many times over that it might as well never have existed, and we're right back where we started: the laws that apply to the people DON'T apply to the government, and we're paying taxes without having control over what they're spent on.

2930.12.2006 19:07

Sorry - typo. 2nd Amendment

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