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Ford Motor Company to redefine BSOD

Written by Dave Horvath @ 02 Jan 2007 6:27 User comments (11)

Ford Motor Company to redefine BSOD Although automobile giant Ford refuses to comment right now, Microsoft has announced that they inked a deal to enter project Sync where Ford models will have an integrated version of Windows inside the car.
A recent report shows that Ford is expected to reveal details about Sync in the CES show on January 6 and North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 7. What Sync appears to be all about is integrating computing into your daily life. Since most of us spend much more time in our cars, it only makes sense to integrate the other part of our life into it. It's expected to pave the way for further GPS projects, media downloads, navigation updates, traffic conditions, email and the like. This technology is expected to be available in select models later in 2007 and further available to all Ford models by 2008. Partners Lincoln and Mercury are also slated to get the same treatment.

All of this sounds like wonderous technology and a fine integration, however I'm not sure if my insurance company will cover me if I'm attempting to download porn in my car and smack a tree browsing screencaps. Then comes the famed Blue Screen of Death. Lets hope that Ford doesn't plan on using this computer integration to control any aspects of the vehicle as a normal automobile ECU does. Imagine the horror when you go to apply the brakes and you get a STOP error on your windshield.

Of course that last paragraph was pure exaggeration. Microsoft founder Bill Gates had this to say, "To set apart car companies in the future, vehicles will have features such as HD screens, voice recognition, electronic calenders, cameras and navigation systems that include road and traffic conditions. The upcoming Sync project will provide a platform to centralize and standardize all of those functions."

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11 user comments

12.1.2007 6:53

"Imagine the horror when you go to apply the brakes and you get a STOP error on your windshield." ~Lmao!~

22.1.2007 7:27

Haha good one Rav. Blue screen of death when you hit the emergency brakes :) -Mike

32.1.2007 7:48

yeah, so if you can't log on, your going to need to restart your car.....

42.1.2007 9:53

What about a phone-home version that sends a speeding ticket to yer door, ( like a digital tachograph ) OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNOOOOOOO thats my licence gone. The new Mercedes can apply the brakes for you when your closing in on the car in front ( anybody else see that in top gear ) so I say down with this nonsense before Big Brother is all over it like a rash.

52.1.2007 9:54

Thats what we need more hardware problems when we drive. And it brings new meaning to add new hardware to a car, e.g. keyboards, mouse. So does that mean we need Anti virus and Anti spam software for our cars. :)

62.1.2007 11:05

I had my vehicles electronics die and/or act possessed when an "expert installer" put a remote starting unit in my truck. I must already be using windows because it didnt play well with 3rd party hardware at all, and I ended up paying in the end for modding my machine. I wonder how much worse that episode could have been under this new proposal.

72.1.2007 12:39

Personally, I'll wait for automobile Linux ;) I've had enough of Windows at this point.

82.1.2007 17:14

will we need M$ critial updates and if we have quicktime will my car be vunerable? ;)>--<

92.1.2007 21:41

For no reason while making a left turn the car will stop. All the windows will have to be rolled up and then the car will be able to reset. We the consumer will get used to this and just take it for granted. I am just looking forward to see when all my electronic equipment finally starts working with everything. Maybe this can be it maybe we may just be lucky.

103.1.2007 2:30

With all the "security holes" MS has the reputation for, and all the "Defective Products" Ford has the reputation of making, and the conspiracy of the two companies to attack US citizans, the two companies ought to be named as "Terrorist" and executed ASAP. Has anyone asked Toyota’s chief, Fujio Cho, weather or not it would be good practice to quickly settle all currently pending lawsuits against Ford Motor Company so as to reduce ongoing litigation costs? Especially since Ford Motor Company lawyers have a know reputation of waiting until the last minute to offer secret settlements costing several millions just to keep documents hidden from the public? That ever increasing litigation costs would be reduced to near nothing if quick settlements were done? Go read the web pages at It tells of a guy who was gypped by Ford Motor Company (FMC) and how his research has uncovered intentional making of defective products by Ford Motor Company. Kfluna has generated a lot of people to wonder just how much Ford Motor Company has lied to the public. Check out AOL’s Blogging Stocks, and Frank Barnako:predictions 2007. See Yahoo-answers, and search for kfluna, and Ford Motor Company. Look at some of the answers. One statement made has give the white-shock face to many Ford Motor Company employees – “This kfluna may be the tip of the iceberg that sinks the Titanic we call Ford Motor Company.” Another says, Ford should give coffins with every vehicle sold. Look at the monthly stock charts for Ford Motor Company for the past 12 months. Luna filed his papers in Federal court on 7-3-06. Look at July’s charts. Numbers don’t lie. Insider says other insiders began slowly selling off their Ford Motor Company stock in July 2006, so as not to devalue it more than eventually will happen. Numbers don’t lie. Another insider high up in Ford Motor Company, said CEO Mulally’s efforts to reorganize Ford Motor Company is actually his attempt to hide documents valuable to Luna’s court case. Also Mulally’s buying off employees’ time to retire is actually his buying their silence. Mulally is hoping no Ford Motor Company employee or former employee will go forward to the Court and ask to be given immunity from prosecution as Luna’s Motion To Grant Immunity from Damages and prosecution to any Ford Motor Company employee or former employee who gives substantial evidence against Ford Motor Company. A very high up employee that consults to Ford Motor Company has said if Luna gets the documents he is asking for in his Discovery Motion, then those documents will doom Ford Motor Company. WestLaw research has revealed Ford Motor Company has been sued in Court over 4-thousand times in the past 2 decades. Each time, they rush to get a secret settlement, also called a “Mutually Agreed Consent Order”, just before the jury returns its verdict. This is so they can get all those damaging documents back from the Plaintiffs’ attorneys before it becomes public record. Another attorney familiar with the industry said the Luna case might be bigger than the OJ case once it gets out in the public domain. You most likely have more resources to check out things better than most people. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. And let the public know what you found. Is it time for the public to be made aware of Ford’s illegal making defective vehicles and letting innocent people get murdered by a Ford vehicle. KF Luna has said the bad yet truthful publicity about Ford will not stop until Ford completes a fair settlement with him concerning his lawsuit against Ford. Luna will not give up nor wear out until a settlement is completed. He follows in his father’s footsteps in persistence of his cause. Luna’s father continues fighting in the courts for over 19 years to operate a racetrack; see US Dist Ct at Winchester, TN case #4:06-cv-38.

117.1.2007 10:30

Microsoft has enough problems making programs for computers, for them to make programs for cars.... But you know someone is going to get into a crash because windows had an error and the car stopped working properly.

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