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YouTube fails to implement promised piracy software

Written by Dave Horvath @ 02 Jan 2007 6:57 User comments (5)

YouTube fails to implement promised piracy software During 2006, Google's newest plaything YouTube was hit with multiple lawsuits and threats from record labels and other media providers interested in protecting their intellectual properties online. In response, YouTube had promised that it would implement its own anti-piracy software by the end of the year that would filter content on their network and seek out copyrighted materials. This could, in-turn, keep both parties happy and record labels wouldn't feel their artists are being exploited through an Internet community without paying their "proper" dues. Regardless of the fact that a social network would be the best place to get lesser known artists into the limelight by allowing users to put a clip of their music on their personal site.. but I digress. YouTube seems to have dropped the ball.
YouTube has announced that it will not be deploying its content management system anytime soon and has refused to comment on details as to why they were unable to launch only saying that they've been testing with media companies since October. This may not sit well with some companies such as the Japanese firm who stated they will pursue legal actions if they did not impliment something by the end of the year. This action could be viewed by them as yet another way for YouTube to dodge requests to respect their intellectual property.

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5 user comments

12.1.2007 7:24

go youtube! thats all i have to say (1st post :])

22.1.2007 12:42

I don't know if this is "sticking it to the man" or just plain laziness. Also, I bet they know what'll happen if they ever implement this kind of protection; bye, bye traffic! I mean really, who uses You Tube for the public domain content? Mabye 1% of their users?

33.1.2007 7:43

and because of this they will be destroyed by the media mafia before november .....

47.1.2007 3:16

as far as im concerned youtube is a public community and stopping people from putting certain content on it ( within reason ie pornography , graphic content ) is against what youtube is all about. It's not as if we make money from it or use it to degrade the work of the artists who produced the work. Leave youtube alone beauro's its our last point of free speach around the world!!!!

57.1.2007 5:28

crof27 I cant see them not wanting full tv shows on it but frankly at the quality sucks,corperations are the real threat to humanity *L*

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