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Xbox 360 HD movies help to outperform rivals

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2007 4:13 User comments (5)

Xbox 360 HD movies help to outperform rivals According to a report on, the movie download service for the Xbox 360 is outperforming rival services like Amazon's Unbox service. It appears that consumers prefer ease of use over the broad availability of content offered by retail giant Amazon.
Since the Xbox 360 console is directly connected to TV sets, it leaves out the hassles of having to burn movies and other in-between processes that are necessary with downloaded movies. The availability of high definition copies of movies is even driving customers to download box office flops, with studios reporting a noticeable preference for HD versions of movies.

"If you look at our sales charts, movies like The Perfect Storm, Unforgiven and Swordfish are all doing disproportionately better than you would expect, and the only explanation is that they're available in HD," said Ross Honey, senior director for media at Microsoft's content and partner strategy group.

Apple is also trying to bridge the gap between PCs, Macs and your living room with the iTV gadget set to be launched within the next few weeks.


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5 user comments

14.1.2007 11:26

There is a general lack of selection when it comes to downloadable or streamable HD Movies. For example, Comcast's free movies on demand in HD has less than a page of anything, and only crappy movies available. HD aside, check out "Zardoz" under "Free Movies" on demand. It is one of Sean Connery's best works. :)

24.1.2007 16:05

If the XBox 360 became the all-singing and all dancing HD movie player along with it's HD-DVD drive and was capable of playing .mkv .ts x264 h264 .XviD HD .DivX HD etc etc it would kill and I'd have no hesitation in buying one tomorrow. But...... Whilst it's getting closer but it's still not quite the kiddy yet. Sorry, still no sale, not at current prices (and not with that tiny & expensive hard drive either). Here's hoping things change soon as it could be a very cost-effective, capable & neat package. .....& btw I'm not shelling out on that grossly over-priced PS3 either.

38.1.2007 5:36

I learned with my PS2 to never buy a high priced video game system to watch movies. The first thing to fail in nearly every optical media based video game system is the optical reader. Within a couple of years after the first PS2's came out, you had $50 dvd players. I decimated the life of my first PS2 using it as a DVD player. Now that PS3's are $500-$600 it would be completely stupid to use it as a player. This really applies more to movies on physical media rather than download services, but the point remains that you will degrade the life of your video game system doing something that could be done on a cheaper player.

48.1.2007 5:57

Originally posted by IguanaC64:
Now that PS3's are $500-$600 it would be completely stupid to use it as a player.
The fact is the PS3 is one mighty fine BluRay player and holds its own against the standalones from Samsung, Panasonic, and even Sony. It's not the best choice for standard DVD's but the PS3 is an excellent BluRay performer.

"The emergence of a single, high-definition format is cause for consumers, as well as the entire entertainment industry, to celebrate."
-Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Home Entertainment Feb 19, 2008

512.1.2007 10:56

Perhaps remembering that there are ppl not in the u.s. who would also like this!!! mr gates... us brits have no hd download.... get with the times..

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