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BitTyrant promises rewarding speed, for a price

Written by Dave Horvath @ 04 Jan 2007 5:40 User comments (9)

BitTyrant promises rewarding speed, for a price One of the newest P2P clients to hit the scene is called BitTyrant and comes at the community with a fresh angle. Reward those who upload and damn those who do not. The program has been developed to monitor the swarm and compare upload speeds. If you have a group of say, 10 peers who's collective upload is 15kbps then all of the sudden, someone connects to the tracker with 35kbps upload capabilities, the client will dynamically throttle the lesser uploaders and give priority to the person who's uploading faster. This essentially sounds great... for the person with the bigger up pipe. Sure, if you unlock your upload, you could gain priority and a slightly better download speed from the tracker, but if you're one of the people who cant upload any faster, you get shafted.
While great in concept, it is poor in execution. Rewarding those who share properly in a community P2P application that is all about sharing is a great idea. Just not at the expense of the entire community. What this would create if BitTyrant were adopted on a large scale by P2P users is a general dissatisfaction for the Bit torrent protocol and could eventually lead to its demise. The only positive that can be pulled from this model is the fact that people who intentionally throttle their upload speeds will be throttled right back. However, it doesn't seem like that would be enough to risk the entire swarm suffering because of a few users connecting with a limited DSL connection.

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9 user comments

14.1.2007 6:00

This is stupid, with private trackers you already get rewarded for uploading, anyway. There is no need for BitTyrant to but in, the only reason I throttle my upload whilst downloading a torrent, is because if I don't throttle my upload, my download is affected, and browsing is near to impossible, but I always seed at full upload speed once I have the torrent, this program is just going to be a bother, and I hope people will ignore this 'genius' idea, and stick with BitTorrent. Ofcourse BitTorrent has it's downsides, but thats because of users, that only leech and dont give back, but thats just a few individuals, who decide to be selfish.

24.1.2007 7:19

I just couldn't help myself.... I find it funny to complain about people being selfish by not sharing files that are mainly comprised of copyright violations. Isn't ALL the users regardless of how much they share or at what speeds being selfish by not PAYING for their content in the first place?? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black imo. lol

34.1.2007 9:52

so if you just started downloading something so you have none of the file to upload yet, you get terrible download speeds? who thought this was a good idea?

44.1.2007 11:21

This is crappy when some isp's give their users download limits that effect their uploads too i dont see my slef sharing a big ratio.

54.1.2007 13:01

this is old.. Azureus does this automatically... if u upload more u download faster durr

66.1.2007 19:14

arent all torrent programs based on this principle. Just less to the extreme. This is (BEEP). Some can only upload at xx kb/s. I myself have reached 4 mb dl andcan only do 100 kb/s max. I would give 4mb if could.

78.1.2007 8:36

My lack of using the torrent prog's will show here - but one reason I don't share very much is my concern of exposure. If I have a few programs shared verses 300 movies, and programs I'm nervous I can be targeted for trouble. Am I really safer sharing less? Another point; no matter how i configure my Vonage router - the quality of phone calls detoriates when I u/l any faster that about 10kbs - and Comcast limits my u/l to 384 I think - so I'm not sure why I have to throttle it so much.

88.1.2007 9:17

Another thing that is trying to leech your money!!
Your maximum speeds depend on the health of the torrent, the number of peers, the speed they are uploading at, and the speed of your connection (and some other performance settings you can play with)
Don't pay for anything (programs or site memberships) to do with file sharing. they get all your details that way, and know you are participating in illegal activity.. From what I read in the article it's just a con anyway. There are fast free private trackers and good free p2p applications available all over the place. Don't get involved.

98.1.2007 17:14

My ISP advertises 15 Mbits/s Downstream, and 2000 Mbits/s Upstream, and when I tried to take advantage of it I was promptly capped to 2000 Down/140 Up ! This don't give me a hell of a lot of wiggle room. ...... and now this ? ...... SHEESH !!

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