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LG touts Blu-ray burner & HD DVD reader combo drive

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2007 4:00 User comments (18)

LG touts Blu-ray burner & HD DVD reader combo drive With news of the company's upcoming dual-format player to be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just fresh, LG is again using the shotgun method to somewhat unify both blue-laser, next generation formats by releasing a Blu-ray writer / HD DVD reader combo. The GGW-H10N drive will playback Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD & CD discs and can burn to dual layer 50GB BD-R / BD-RE (re-writable) discs.
The burner also doubles the industry's standard rate for 25GB single-layer BD-R recording with 4x speed. It is expected to ship around March in the United States carrying a hefty price tag of about $1,200, which going by today's prices is considered a bargain since all the features are packed in to one drive.

The GGW-H10N is also the first to support "SecurDisc" technology co-developed with Nero. SecurDisc gives users the option to protect their burns with password encryption, digital signature & checksum integrity checker.

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18 user comments

15.1.2007 7:15

It doesnt burn HD-DVDs so its useless. Also I guartee that 1000 of those buck are going to the Blu-ray side of the device.

25.1.2007 7:41

Well not useless, at least they've started. I won't be burning to either format very often, if at all. The discs are too expensive for data storage, I'll use external hard disks. They come in use for what films are released on either format without having to buy both drives. Thanks LG!

35.1.2007 11:29

$1200 and no HD-DVD talk about risking choosing the early 21st century betamax! HD-DVD drives are now begining to appear, no prices as yet but anyone care to bet they're nowhere near these crazy heights?

46.1.2007 9:32

Heres an idea of prices here in Holand
Thats anywhere between 799-850 Euros about 1000-1100 Dollars. Only utilises blue ray, pretty expensive. When I bought the first dual format single layer dvd burner ( sony DRU500a ) it cost 350 Euros which was really expensive ( roughly 3-4 years ago ) and now you can get a good double layer burner and @16x or 18x single speed for 20/50 Euros. I wonder how long it will take for the blue ray-hdd price to drop cause I cant afford that. The days of buying the new gear have came and gone very quickly

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56.1.2007 11:03

soon the price of the Blu-ray will be dropped and the availablity hit the markets.......

66.1.2007 11:18

Whoever writes these articles needs to go back and take some English classes.

76.1.2007 17:23

first and 2nd gen drives are always lacking in something,the fact it can do a bit of both is great tho!

86.1.2007 17:35

I could list several uses for it in fact, including but not limited to burning, DVD`s & BD disks..... .........and on the slightly less picky and sarcastic side bluray has a larger capacity and is "slightly" better supported by both movie studios & software houses, bearing in mind that this is a PC perephiral and will most likley not be the player device that you atch use to watch your movies and the burning of movies "yourself" is a dubious thing anyway then i think that larger capacity makes sense at least until the holodisk becomes available. ...and on the subject of "choosing the 21st century betamax" that assumes that HDDVD will win out and thats not a given and the prices that arent there as yet are for HDDVD drives NOT combo`s like this one is so one would presume as opposed to assume that they would be cheaper as that would only make sense.

97.1.2007 12:45

Whoever writes these articles needs to go back and take some English classes.
Anything valuable to contribute here rather than just insult the staff?

107.1.2007 15:24

Whoever writes these articles needs to go back and take some English classes.
Thanks mate, I'll consider that, GFY.

118.1.2007 1:31

I couldn't even find anything wrong with the article...

128.1.2007 2:45

All i found was one typo, "New" instead of "News" - the kind of typo that obviously isn't picked up by a spell check.

138.1.2007 2:55

Whoever writes these articles needs to go back and take some English classes.

148.1.2007 10:21

It's funny how people like to post useless or intentionally offensive news comments, what's even more funny is we've been given the green light to boot anyone out who intentionally screws up a news comment thread or is acting like an asshole, regardless of status, post count, contribution etc. I've given a lot to this site, over 10,000 forum posts, 80+ guides, half the bloody glossary section and over 1100 news articles, while i do get money from afterdawn for official content I write, I'm _far_ from rich and still work fully outside of aD and for a long time, writing this stuff was simply done because it was a hobby and I felt like contributing as much as I can. Everywhere I turn on these forums people throw shit in my face and I've just shrugged my shoulders and even defended those same people when they got in trouble with moderators and admins (something any mod will back up), but now it seems on a daily rate someone has to step on my toes just because they fail to make any noise in their offline life and crave attention. The rest of the administration like Dave, Ben, Agent_007, Ankle, Siggy, dRD, Ketola & Jake all get the same stupid idiots trying to make themselves feel good while by putting them down. If that's the kind of person you are, then quite simply; "fuck off" - we don't want you here and eventually we'll kick you out anyway, and you can keep coming back and being an idiot if you want hassle from your ISP instead. We dish out no bullshit to anyone on this site, offer some damn good content and all for free, we don't bombard with pop-ups advertising or send you PM spam or anything that you can find on a lot of sites, and still sites that DO all that stuff get more respect. So if any of what I mentioned above applies to you, then either cop on NOW or go away. </rant>

158.1.2007 11:53

Well said, Although I can't claim sticking to the forum rules 100% it sickens me when people turn up to the forums with no other intention than irritating us.

168.1.2007 12:10

I might have sorta been a bit extreme earlier but I feel like it had to be said. The problem I have is this is a great community, the forums are just full of literally experts in their fields and a wealth of information is available via the forum and on the site. I just get fed up when people's efforts are put down and for absolutely no good reason other than somebody wanting to be a complete idiot. AfterDawn is not easy, its tough to keep running, near-impossible to keep clean, just ask the moderators - all their work is voluntary and without it this place wouldn't last a day. Always behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on, I think the AfterDawn team of administration is about 14 people, the moderators there are about 30? maybe 10 that are really active now - it takes a LOT of effort from a lot of people to keep it going strong, and our alexa rank and our rates of new posts and users reflect on the effort put in. But I just don't get why people have to come here, where everyuthig givenm to them is free at the expense of others and look for any way they can to put something down, and its getting really out of control, so much so that some forums might even be on the chopping block VERY soon so we can move their regulars away from here and have peace. Still though, those kinds of people represent a very small portion of our users and generally our userbase is filled with great people.

178.1.2007 17:17

It was about time, thanks dela.

189.1.2007 12:44

Dela: You guys are Rhodes Scholars compared to some sites. Your site is excellent and you people help us so much. Just ignore those remarks. As an example below is a post I read on DSSRookie. I have a basic idea of the question but surprisely no one has answered this post. ********************************** dt teairworks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dose enebody no the hi low fore ppv wide opep thanks *********************************** Wow!!!

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