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Toshiba uncovers first HD-DVD drive for the PC

Written by Dave Horvath @ 05 Jan 2007 7:48 User comments (5)

Toshiba uncovers first HD-DVD drive for the PC Pioneer of the HD-DVD side of the high definition format war between rival Sony's Blu-Ray, Toshiba has uncovered details regarding its first ever HD-DVD drive for the desktop PC.
Toshiba had taken their time with a desktop implementation of the HD-DVD drive, seeing how the notebook variant has been out for a little while now. The wait will be over in approximately a month when the SD-H903A is unleashed to the masses. The normal fare of options you'd come to expect are in this drive, with read/write capabilities on HD DVD-R media as well as support for DVD and CD read/write abilities. Toshiba claims this drive will have "outstanding resolution, dynamic contrast and vivid colours", provided you have a high definition monitor to reap the benefits. No price has been officially announced, but you can be sure, with current trends, they wont be popping up in the average machine anytime soon.

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5 user comments

15.1.2007 10:20

Sounds like a great piece of technology. But it will be some time before I will get a monitor and a drive like that. Cause for that price i can probably build a pc of some sort. :)

25.1.2007 11:08

What price? I can't see anything mentioning a price on the article. I do expect this drive to much cheaper than any of the Blu-ray drives announced to date (and they are mega expensive.

35.1.2007 11:32

Doesn't look like Toshiba has hinted anything about pricing yet. Here is the pdf from Toshiba's website.

45.1.2007 12:37

When i was talking about pricing i was just saying i figure when it comes out its going to be steep. I know they didn't mention it.

56.1.2007 4:26

Given BluRay DVD players are more than twice what HD DVD players are (at least in the UK) I imagine this should be somewhat cheaper than the 500 BluRay Writers...

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