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One cable to connect them all

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2007 8:07 User comments (15)

One cable to connect them all XCM is releasing a new version of multi-component cable for consoles. The upcoming XCM multi-component cable supports PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. With a single switch users can change the source console and enjoy their games without a hellish cable jungle, however it doesn't allow PS2 and PS3 to be connected simultaneously, other setups are viable. The cable can be pre-ordered and costs an affordable $29,99.

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15 user comments

15.1.2007 8:17

No offense but how is this news. There have been many, many cables just like this. I don't even see how this constitutes as news. I mean come on.

25.1.2007 8:26

I take it that the Xbox and Xbox360 use the same cable type...? ? ?...or will it only work with xbox360 ?

35.1.2007 8:27

@thekingo7, one of our editors saw it and thought it was interesting so he'd post it on our gaming site and mirror it here, i tell you, this is the worst site i know of where ppl actually complain when you provide them with something......

45.1.2007 8:45

[quote=Dela]i tell you, this is the worst site i know of where ppl actually complain when you provide them with something......

This is true, thats why I take a month or two off every year from the site, usually in the summer. :p This is cool though, I know they have a GCN, PS2, and XBox 1 all-in-one cable out and its cool to hear of a Wii, PS3, 360 cable being released for those who have too much money, aka can afford to spend ~$1200 on the consoles just so they have all 3 of 'em. (not including games, controllers etc.) One thing I can see this coming in handy for is people that have friends with one of the other consoles (i.e. you own a Wii and two of your buddies have the other two with one owning a 360 and the other a PS3) so that way if they come to your place with the console you don't have to make a trip if they forget the TV cable.

55.1.2007 10:22

I'm sorry for bitching at you guys, I love this place, please forgive me, I was in a sort of irritated mood. If a mod wants to edit my first post out, please feel free to do so.

65.1.2007 10:27

I like this idea it does get rid of the jungle of wires you have to put up with different consoles. If only they can do something similar with PC's. :)

75.1.2007 10:49

not bad.. i think i remember hearing something abotu this before. my component switcher is completely full, as well as the two on back of my TV.. anyone know how the quality is on these?

85.1.2007 10:54

"The sheer quality of this versatile cable will optimize any textures and gaming visuals, making it a must-have for all gamers." Quote from

95.1.2007 18:22

Thanks but no thanks.

105.1.2007 21:34

same problem the cable heads are not far enough away to connect all consoles at once to the cable so not only do you have to disconnect the cable and reconnect the cable to every console but it gets very annoying build a cable that truly works

115.1.2007 23:52

that cable is good for those who have more than mone console... i own just xbox 360 and broken ps2 so i dont need this :)

126.1.2007 4:38

It's a nice idea and doesn't deserve all that criticism. Simple and useful. Shame there's no HDCP over component though...

137.1.2007 14:34

i a good thing that this has been made because i have an xbox360 and a ps2 so this is just what i need. but there is one down fall if you brake 1 thing you barke it all.

147.1.2007 14:35


158.1.2007 6:08

Video is common. A fiber switch for digital sound added to this would be perfect.

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