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UK wants to build gaming academy

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Jan 2007 18:05 User comments (2)

UK wants to build gaming academy In a recent interview, UK Minister for Creative Industry and Tourism Shaun Woodward stated that in order for the UK to remain the third largest video game industry, they need to develop an academy for training future developers. Woodward feels that if no such academy exists, the UK will lose its foothold just behind the US and Japan in the video game industry and lose out on many creative minds or ideas in the video game market.
Woodward told the magazine Financial Times, that the "best way for the video games industry to have the talent and the skills it wants is to move into the hot seat itself; to come to the government and say 'we want to put some money into an academy.'" He sites similar academies such as those developed to inspire burgeoning musicians or film makers as a good model for his video game academy.

Woodward hopes that such and academy with government backing could add a sense of legitimacy to the video game industry that is somewhat lacking. He also hopes that the focus of video games can be turned from just regurgitated mindless shooters to deep, thought provoking stories that give a true impact to the gamer.

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2 user comments

17.1.2007 12:37

Very unique idea for a college. After graduation hopefully all of the companies will be happy to hire them so they can repay the outrageous school fees.

28.1.2007 23:19

This is interesting outlook for the future geeks out their in the field. :)

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