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Sony VAIO releases cute living room PC

Written by Dave Horvath @ 08 Jan 2007 8:21 User comments (6)

Sony VAIO releases cute living room PC Sony revealed at CES today that it would like to further integrate its way into your living room with its new VAIO VGX-TP1. The aim of their latest product is to merge the capabilities of your TV with the capabilities of your PC.
This tiny, round, new device from Sony comes packing decent internals given its rather minute size. Sporting an Intel Core Duo processor rated at 1.8Ghz, 300Gb HDD, 2Gb DDR RAM, TV Tuner, integrated graphics, 802.11g wireless and loaded with Windows Vista, its clear to see that its rather competant for multimedia duties.

Its main responsibilities will be to record, pause or rewind live TV, including high definition or standard definition broadcasts. In addition, with it's wireless capabilities, you will be able to stream media across your network and broadcast to your TV and access various Internet features such as email.

The PC will ship with a remote control, wireless keyboard and retail for $1600. Look in stores during the month of March for this product to hit the shelves.

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6 user comments

18.1.2007 9:54

Some pics about the cuteness of this thing would be nice =)

28.1.2007 10:58 It looks like a little vegetable steamer or waffle maker. :) Not a bad set of specs on that but one can put something like that together for a little bit cheaper. Looks cool pretty cool, though.

38.1.2007 11:13

Yeah, you can probably build something with the same or better specs for like half that price. I'd bet this thing poisons its recordings with DRM too...

48.1.2007 13:06

Unfortunately for Sony, and in their own words, "It's a Sony". I think that little phrase alone is going to stop a lot of people even thinking about buying one... I know for one I am not going to ever touch another product of theirs.

58.1.2007 16:31

Cute but probably runs hot and can't upgrade much. For the price Ill take the bigger but better machine.

69.1.2007 0:30

Thats not a bad price for this product i like the features and specs of this Sony product.

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